MUST WATCH: Here Are Some of Friday’s Holidroid Video Challenge Runner Ups [Videos]


Okay, so being the runner up for our Happy Holidroid contest doesn’t exactly win you anything… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have your moment in the spotlight, especially when your video/songs were this good. I couldn’t even tell you how much of a joy Friday’s contest entries were to watch/listen to and I felt the need to share it with the rest of the world. We truly have some of the most talented readers in all of Android-dom and to prove it, here are just a few of our top picks for Friday’s video challenge.

Which ones did you guys like the best? Were there any not listed here that you found particularly amazing? Link to them in the comments! Happy holidays, everyone and a special thanks goes out to all the entrees. You guys are truly a bunch of talented Android nerds! Glad you’re on our side. Cheers!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. what about the siri rap battle?!…I thought that was going to win

    1. Thanks, I thought nobody liked it. I guess it only appeals to trolls like you and me.

  2. Great Videos

  3. Where’s the christmas android? oO@#$?

  4. The Galaxy Gangstarrrs should have won.

    1. That was my favorite!!! :D

    2. Thanks guys! At least I started hooking my little cousins (Who’ve had this stuck in their heads) on Android early!

    3. I think everybody can agree to that. I’m going to learn that song. That WILL be my ringtone.

  5. My votes for The Galaxy Gangstarrs, shit was hilarious. 

    1. they were my favorite too! They should have won!

      1. WTF they didn’t win, who won then?

  6. There really were a lot of great entries; it’s cool to see how talented everyone on here is. Great job, everyone! 

  7. How did none of these win

    1. Did you see the one that did win? Was great too! Was so hard with so many great entries. I wish they all could have won!

      1. Very true everybody did great and i’m sure they even had a better time doing it!

      2. Instead of giving out 10 prizes to each winner, you could spread the loot around.  It would be more shipping costs, but more happiness too.

  8. This was so difficult to do, between work and school I barely had time to write, compose, cast, shoot, edit, produce, and post my video in time. Congrats to the winner, and everyone else who threw themselves at this contest in the name of android love.

  9. Of the ones I saw, I liked this one the best:

    LOL… Just pretend this was my entry and that’s my voice since hers sounds just like mine
    Happy belated FRIDAY’s Holidroid

  11. Congrats to the winner!

    I think the Last Minute Entry was hands down the best lyrically. I wish we had more time to make a video!!

    Maybe have a song contest (non-video)? We would submit another song for sure!

  12. Gangstarrs or Whistle for Nexus are much better than the winner of the contest, in my opinion. Phandroid should throw them a bone and hook up a kindle or something…  

  13. I couldn’t make it through more than 10 seconds of any of those, including the winner. As a professional musician who bought my house & pays my bills writing and performing music, I find it irritating that you can pick up a pirated copy of Reason & fancy yourself a musician. And white dudes, there’s only one white guy who can rap, and you ain’t him. No, I’m not a sore loser – I didn’t even enter the contest because I knew it was meant to be a nerd-rap showcase – though I’m really surprised at the absence of any tunecore. But hey, congratulations to the winner! It’s the most you’re ever going to make by playing music.

    1. You sir, are an asshole. :)

    2. Vin, put up or shut up.  Where’s your music?  I think we all need to see what a real professional musician makes.

    3. I don’t understand – If everyone was expecting amateur hour, why be a bitchy “pro”?

    4. Sounds like SOMEONES got an iphone stuck up their butt!

  14. I like most of them but the second one was horrible

  15. Listen to the radio. Now listen to you. Hear the difference? I’m a studio musician – if I want a kindle fire I’ll buy one. This month long contest is AWESOME for those who can’t just go out and buy any of this stuff. It is wrong on many levels for anyone who CAN afford new toys to enter these contests & take prizes away from those who can’t afford them. Anyway, I understood this to be a video contest, not a music contest. I know as little about making a video as any of the contestants knew about making music.

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