The Dark Meadows Brings Console Quality Survival Horror To Tegra Devices Early Next Year [Video]


Mobile gaming is having a revolution of sorts, bringing console quality titles to devices never before imagined, like your smartphone or tablet. We’re starting to see a shift from cutesy casual games like Angry Birds to more serious titles like Shadowgun — and I’m all for it. Take “The Dark Meadow,” a new survival horror game from Phosphor Games Studio that just popped up into the Tegra Zone. Aside from the creepy trailer, not much else is known. The game puts to full use the Unreal Engine 3 to create a terrifyingly haunting atmosphere with creature designs taken straight from the depths of your worst nightmares.

Gameplay looks like an on-rails first person shooter featuring gesture controlled melee attacks for some close quarter hack n’ slash fun. Full movement control is overrated anyway. I want to shoot. I want to slash. Everything else is a bonus.

According to the listing on the Tegra Zone, The Dark Meadow should be available early next year and will, of course, be compatible with all Tegra devices. We expect there will be the usual “enhanced” Tegra 3 version as well. Check out the video trailer below and prepare to be spooked! After watching, don’t forget to leave your thoughts. Would love to hear what you guys think.

[Tegra Zone]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Soo, I hear the 15th is looking mighty fine for the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Getting reports that Verizon stores who never received their shipments are getting boxes full of ’em. Street date: Dec 15th =)

      1. That’s great news. I was lucky enough to get my hands on them in Columbus Circle, and I can’t wait to own one.

        1. I got mine yesterday and it’s awesome :D Upgraded from the Galaxy S2 and have no regrets so far.

  2. nice game =) 

    1. No way. Trailer looks boring. 

  3. I want it. I figured it was made with unreal just be looking at the screenshots.

    1. Funny, I could tell too! :)

  4. I hate it when people say console quality. It can refer to anything from the NES to the PS3 and having NES graphics in a new game doesn’t sound that impressive. Having PS3 or 360 graphics in a modern smartphone is also impossible.

    1. i agree, instead of saying console quality, tell me what console. xbox graphics? ps2 graphics, wii graphics? gamecube? n64? SNES? NES? PSX? PS3? ATARI?!??!?!!?!!

      WHICH CONSOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. The general consensus seems to be that “Console quality” in a context like this always refers to the current generation of consoles.

        I’m usually a stickler for specifics to keep misunderstandings to a minimum, but even I have no problems with using a term like “console quality”. As long as such an extremely subjective term as “good graphics” can be accepted, why not this?

        1. If it’s referring to current generation consoles, then it’s just a lie. That pile of poop up there does not look like anything the current gen consoles can put out. I doubt the gameplay will be anywhere near that level of quality either.

          They must mean the Nintendo Wii when they say current gen.

          1. True. Like any other term it can be misused and I would not be impressed by these graphics in a retail title on my 360/PS3.
            It is, however, incredible graphics for a mobile title.

    2. Oh, cheese and rice — you know what we mean =p

    3. I agree that console could be anything, but it’s also obvious, that going by the times, that they were referring to the current choice.

      And the Tegra 3 — which will be in modern smart-phones and tablets shorlty — throws your impossible comment out the door. Tablets have 1280 x 800 screens and the new higher-end phones have 1280 x 720 screens.

      Besides, It’s not like the PS3 and 360 are even remotely a power house now days. Their outdated hardware and limitations makes them rather feeble when compared to a modern PC.

      1. there both rather feeble compared to a modern laptop 

      2. You think resolution alone constitutes a console quality game? This game looks like shit when you compare it to anything from a current generation console.

        It’s not just important to have a high resolution, you need a high resolution with lots of high quality items on the screen (at the same time.) Furthermore, you need to have complex gameplay, open worlds (no rail shooting, or rail swinging).

        From that trailer, this just looked like an interactive movie. And, i use interactive lightly, because tapping to swing at a stationary target isn’t very interactive, it’s repetitive and stupid.

        1. Whoa Ellianth,
          You’ve read beyond what I’ve actually written and have made some assumptions.
          To clear things up, my comment about resolutions was only for “reference.”  The only reason I even mentioned it, is because I’ve encountered too many console-only peeps that thought that t’E’h HD was really the only important factor to gaming; and my views on gaming are more inline with what you’ve mentioned btw.
          My comment in response to the parent post, outside of being posted in this article about this game, was only pointing out that the TEGRA 3 does push what the mainstream marketing-tards refers to as “console-quality.”  So we’re not talking about controls or gameplay, just the overall visuals and a TEGRA 3 is certainly capable of matching the best that any current console can offer and even best them — since it doesn’t have the same memory limitations.
          And on the game in this article, it’s targeting the current mobile devices that aren’t as capable as some of the current consoles. The game looks really dated to me, but none the less, it’s still impressive when one considers how far mobile devices have come in the past 3 years alone; and note that prior to this comment, I made absolutely no reference to the game on this article in my original post.
          Just for reference, I own consoles, several tablets for development,  and always keep my PC gaming happy. I’ve been a happy gamer since the Fairchild Channel F days. Anyways, there’s way more to this, but it’s a different discussion.

  5. i doubt the gnex can push 720p on this game with a 540, jus sayin

  6. DO NOT GET THIS GAME, IT SUCKS… Not only are you on rails, the same damn monsters behind each door gets super old really fast.  I warned you.

    1. I think I would go for games with zombie attack theme. Those games would keep my adrenaline rushing.

  7. so… i need to buy that device to play that game? 

  8. At first I was like, “That’s not current gen console quality graphics!” But then I remembered, “Oh right, consoles are 6 years behind PCs now.”

    1. This is smartphones and tablets we’re talking about, not 400W PC’s. That they have similar graphics to even games from a few years ago on PC’s is a big achievement.

      1. Haha, it was meant as an underhanded comment toward consoles. Smartphones are kicking ass :)

  9. Did you do any research?

    1 – Its not ‘on rails’

    2 – Its been out on iOS for months. 

    1. wtf are you talking about.  Did I do my research? Did you play the fuckin game? IT IS ON RAILS. You have circular points laid out on the floor and those are the only points where you can click to move.  ITS SUPER GAY.  I have it on my ipad 2 and it still sucks.  OKAY?  Sheesh, you work for this company or something?  Cause this game, the graphics only look good on the screenshots. And maybe the intro screen when you play. The ingame level grahics are horrible.

      I’m telling you folks, things get old real fast in this game.  You can’t even save when you wwant to.  When you die, or leave before a checkpint, you have to check all the BILILION rooms again and fight the monsters again.  This game sucks.

  10. Looks lame an uninnovative

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