Motorola DROID Bionic Maintenance Upgrade Now Rolling Out


The Motorola DROID Bionic was revealed to be getting a pretty massive maintenance upgrade but at the time we didn’t know when we’d be getting it. We knew what we’d be getting (check below) and expected an update within the next couple of weeks but we didn’t expect to get it this soon. The soak tests are now over and the upgrade is confirmed to be rolling out to users everywhere. Be sure to check your phone if you haven’t already automatically pulled it down over-the-air. Head to Verizon for more details and instructions on upgrading. [AC, AndroidForums.com]

E-mail, messaging and data

Improved stability of data on 3G and 4G
Fixed lockup that could occur while browing during the handoff from Wifi to 4G
“Data roaming” pop-up message will display once when roaming in CDMA internationally
Jump to the most recent message after changing the device orientation while in message list view
Device features

Mobile hotspot now supports up to eight devices
Black screen of death fixed
Improved stability to avoid power cycles
Fix lock up and power cycles when connected to Bluetooth headset or HDMI cable
Improved cold SIM card activation speed
“Low memory” warnings when using the Laptop have been reduced
Improved camera autofocus for better shutter response time and better imagery
Location privacy message will display when using location based service setup
Fixed issue where device would power back up after being powered down

Improved stability
Display will not turn off after use
Calling screen will no longer be recreated
Reduced frequence fo the “Low memory” warning messages

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  1. Got it

  2. same here. hoping it will fix the occasional connection problems i’ve had.

  3. Make sure to unroot and then reroot, as this update will unroot you. No info, yet as to what meathods will work to reroot, will try superone click this evening

  4. So I have to UN root? Or can I just update and it will UN root me automatically? Unsure what to do…..

  5. I’ve had a leaked update, and I didn’t notice a few of those things fixed. But the main thing was camera and network stability, which do work.

  6. Gah nothing yet but my friend got it..did the manual check but nothing still. Wonder how long it’ll take.

    1. Try it again. I am downloading it as I type this.

  7. Motorola seems to be doing well in updating their devices.

  8. I received the notification this morning but when I tried to install it, it failed because I had frozen some apps.  I tried to unfreeze them with Bloat Remover but it has been removed from the market for some reason.  I am also rooted but that doesn’t seem to matter.
    I am going to do a Factory Reset and see what happens.
    I will let you know later if that works.  Right now I am trying to a sync to Dropbox on Titanium Backup but that keeps failing too after a few are synced.  It  does not appear to be a good day, so far.

  9. I get Check for updates unavailable at this time.
    Anybody else getting this?
    Anybody know how to fix?

  10. Got my update last Friday. It has drastically changed my opinion about the Bionic. After buying this on day one, this was my fourth phone. They all were terrible. Disappearing apps, Black screen of death, connectivity problems between 3G/4G/Wifi, constant low memory warnings and the camera….just sad.
    Now by Bionic is flawless. All of those problems have been totally resolved.


  11. It finally came through.
    Working good.

  12. Got it but the apps installed to the SD card still have missing icons.

  13. 5.7.893 is better.

  14. Shutter speed is half what it used to be, quality still sucks.  Can’t fix shitty hardware I guess..

  15. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this update since the phone came out in the first place! Downloading as I’m typing :)

  16. If this update does not fix the connection problem I will be calling verizon next week to complain.

  17. Says system update its unavailable….I hate this phone

  18. You can sometimes force an update by dialing: #*#*checkin*#*#

    1. What?  How do you dial “checkin”?

  19. Got the update Monday and I can now say this is the best phone ever.  My data connection problems are gone and the disappearing apps have been restored.  The camera works much better.  They finally got things fixed and I’m happy.

  20. Received the update with the “fix” for connectivity issues and my phone was off service more yesterday than before the update! What is the deal here? Is it the phone, the network, the chip? I’m about ready to switch devices but if it’s an issues outside the phone itself I’ll just be wasting my time (and money). Is Verizon allowing phone swaps for something else because of this issue?

  21. I’ve had no problems at all with my Bionic except that the shutter speed was abysmal — actually slower than my OG Droid.

    Now it’s about the same as the Droid. Still not great, but finally acceptable and usable.

  22. Seems more buggy now, many times today i am trying to fill in a field while on line and it will not fill in.

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