Day 8 of Google’s 10 Billion Promo Includes New Offerings and Repeats


It’s day eight of Google’s 10 billion promo where they celebration 10 billion Market downloads by offering select premium apps for $.10 each over the course of 10 days. A lot of nice apps have been offered and we have a few new ones today:

As you can tell, the last five are repeats. Unfortunately we’re not always getting new apps each day but we appreciate all the apps Google’s offering for this dirt cheap price – I don’t even know if you can buy penny candy for a penny anymore. Check them out if you want. [via AP]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Actually, seven of them are repeats. Google seems releasing with a diminished return scale.

    Based on telemetry, tomorrow should be all repeats ;)

    1. google probably paid of the devs in advance to offer apps at such low prices and now google realizes they aren’t selling like they thot. :)

      1. uh, no. I imagine it’s more like “not everyone wants their app sold at 10 cents (since amazon will screw them over), so google is making due with those who are cool with that” among other things.

  2. All of these don’t look that great, plus I already own more than half of them. (And don’t feel the need to buy HD Widgets, since Beautiful Widgets is so much better.)

    1. Yeah, agree on beautiful widgets.  I bought hd widgets because it’s only 10cent, but it does not come close to beautiful widgets. 

  3. appreciate the offer but kinda getting boring now

    1. Disagree! NOW I CAN BUY FLICK GOLF W00T

  4. I looked on the Google market it is advertising the 10 Million apps as 90% off, not 10 cents any longer. At least on that huge banner at the main index page.

    1. for me it still says 10 ¢ (but have to pay 12¢ for every ~2nd app), though they probably changed it to 90% off because of different currencies

    2. my prices were still 10 cents each app 

  5. this is the first time I saw Flight Track and that seems like a decent app.  I fly a few times a year and this could be useful – at least worth $.10.

    I also picked up HD Widgets.  I use Beautiful Widgets but like having options.

    On another note, does anyone else get random foreign charges on their credit card?  My CC company told me it’s from an application I purchased at some point but I don’t know which one and they can’t tell me.  They always take them off but I hate going through the hassle.  The last one was $5.99.  I rarely purchase an app for more than $2. 

    1. i’ll skip the chance to make fun of you. go cancel the credit card or change the #. that shouldn’t happen.

  6. I was hoping HD Widgets would hit the 10 Cent deal. I have been wanting to play with it but not pay full price for it. I use Beautiful Widgets but like to have as many play toys as possible. Android is all about choice…

  7. Most of these are from previous days…

  8. golf is fun

  9. How accurate it the heart pro?

    I cannot believe it … using only camera?

  10. How about some useful applications instead of a bunch of games.  Not complaining, just a suggestion.  Something like LogMeIn, or RemoteDesktop, something along those lines.  Yeah, they are expensive, I know.

  11. I’ve ordered 2 of the 10 cent apps.  Paid full price for each, no lower price.  In my experience it’s been a rip-off.  After that I ended up not liking the app.  Refund time is way to short for any trial.

  12. Day 2 of disappoint.

  13. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these offerings. I check in here daily just to see what is being offered. I missed Shazaam Encore the other day and see it listed again today and I went to grab it and although when I click on the Market Google 10 billion downloads banner it does show Shazaam Encore listed for .10, but when I click on it on the next screen it is showing $4.99. :(

    This is on my phone mind you. Clicking the link above does take me to the .10 purchase link

    Ha! Just after I posted this they fixed it on the Market now :)

  14. Im good on theses 10 cent apps waiting for GTA 3 on Thursday 4.99 seems just right for a 20 hr plus game

  15. repeats and english-only kids app again. what a fail

  16. We need to see SPB Shell 3d on there.  It’s popular as a launcher replacement, I guess, but 50-100,000 downloads when there are hundreds of millions of us is nothing…spb shell 3d should be on so many more devices!

  17. Bought flight track today. I fly often so I figure its a good investment. Been averaging one app a day of the sale so ibe been enjoying it. Seems to me like they are trying to ease up a small bit on the games. Kudos google. You know the way to my cheap heart

  18. Why does everyone feel the need to complain. 10cent apps is a promo for how well they are doing. there are only SO many good apps in the market, and it isn’t google that picks all the apps that go up, but i’m almost positive its a collaboration with the developers. if you want that 5 dollar app, go buy it.

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