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For all its success, the Kindle Fire from Amazon is not a flawless entry into the low-priced tablet market. A dual-core processor can only do so little when churning through the Android OS and a Kindle UI on top, which has lead to some complaints of lackluster performance. Amazon hopes to remedy this issue and improve in some other areas with a new Kindle Fire update headed to devices starting this week.

The update addresses performance issues and also offers improvements in multitouch navigation. Users will also now be able to edit their recent activities list in order to offer a bit more privacy. The update will arrive as over-the-air, so be on the lookout for a special delivery to the Kindle Fire in time for the holidays.

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  1. I won a Kindle Fire over the weekend at a company holiday party. I was very disappointed that it didn’t have a memory card slot. It was nice otherwise. 

  2. So who won the kindle fire from the video contest.

    This site’s definition for shortly is becoming more and more like Verizon’s.

    1. yeah – same question!

      what happened to official contest rule number 7: “Winners will be selected within 24 hours of each contests ending and will be contacted within 24 hours of being selected” ?

      just anxiously awaiting here :)

    2. Yes, very eager to know who won the music contest…

  3. I really like the Fire. If I didn’t have a Tab 10.1, I would possible buy it. My girlfriend LOVES hers!

  4. Will this update break root?  I believe that any OTA update will break root, but you just have to do the simple root process again, correct?

    1. I am not familiar with the root process for the Fire. However, the compatibility of the original root process after an OTA update generally depends whether or not the loophole/exploit used in the rooting procedure is closed in the update. 

  5. I’m contemplating if I should purchase this or not. The screen is very very nice!

  6. My wife won one this weekend at her Christmas party also. Waiting on Santa to open.

  7. Lack of a SD card slot combined with lack of memory (512 versus 1024) means Nook tablet > Kindle Fire.

    Edit: Kindle Fire is also missing the much needed physical buttons such as volume.

    1. Both features are easy to live without. In fact, the device runs darn good on 512MB RAM.

      1. Plus the nook tablet only allocates 1 GB to non- B&N content so you would have to buy the micro SD or spend a lot of money on B&N things.

        1. You can reallocate that space. SD cards are inexpensive anyhow . Currently there is 8GB for $6 with shipping on ebay. (Same GB as Kindle Fire). IMO I’d rather have something that is going to last and to me 512mb isn’t going to last. Reviews also say the screen on the Nook is clearer.
          The Amazon App can also be had on the Nook tablet.

  8. The only OTA that will fix this is one that updates it to pure ICS….;-)

  9. Are we forgeting about cloud storage??

  10. And also of course the NT will have slightly better specs….it costs more!

  11. If you like Amazon and you’re cool with a $199 tablet that feels like a $199 tablet, you’ll like the Fire. I like mine, but I’m very aware of its limitations (lots of usability issues — but I’m a user experience perfectionist.) As you’d expect, it’s best for reading books and playing media (music, movies) via Amazon’s services. For these things, I love it. But it’s not so great as a general Android device, and not very easy to use for email, document editing, or Web browsing. If you understand Amazon’s goals with the device, its strengths and weaknesses make sense. Despite the inevitable “iPad competitor” comparisons by the media who love to over simplify things, it’s not quite meant to be in the same class as an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. Ultimately, despite the less user-friendly aspects of the Fire, I’m quite glad I got it and I eagerly await the update to see how it improves my daily experience with the Fire.

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