Dec 12th, 2011

As a Google-made OS that ships with a suite of Google apps, you might expect Gmail or Google Maps to be the favorite service Android users have running on their handsets, right? Wrong. Once again proving its level of ubiquitousness, Facebook has been ranked by Nielsen as the most used Android app among users aged 18-44. OK, technically it is the second-ranked app after the Android Market, but considering the fact that one necessarily precedes the other we will ignore this for now.

Google’s apps rank shortly behind the Social Network, followed by Pandora, Angry Birds, and Words with Friends among others, though their positions on the list vary by age group. One entry we would liked to have not seen is Advanced Task Killer, which ranks fairly high on the list no doubt thanks to the misinformation surrounding the way Android handles running applications. It has been proven time and time again that task killers may do more harm than good, and Google engineers even denounce the need for such apps.

So, did your favorite apps make the list? Do you agree with Nielsen’s rankings? Sound off below.

[via Nielsen]