Nielsen Finds Facebook Most ‘Liked’ App for Android


As a Google-made OS that ships with a suite of Google apps, you might expect Gmail or Google Maps to be the favorite service Android users have running on their handsets, right? Wrong. Once again proving its level of ubiquitousness, Facebook has been ranked by Nielsen as the most used Android app among users aged 18-44. OK, technically it is the second-ranked app after the Android Market, but considering the fact that one necessarily precedes the other we will ignore this for now.

Google’s apps rank shortly behind the Social Network, followed by Pandora, Angry Birds, and Words with Friends among others, though their positions on the list vary by age group. One entry we would liked to have not seen is Advanced Task Killer, which ranks fairly high on the list no doubt thanks to the misinformation surrounding the way Android handles running applications. It has been proven time and time again that task killers may do more harm than good, and Google engineers even denounce the need for such apps.

So, did your favorite apps make the list? Do you agree with Nielsen’s rankings? Sound off below.

[via Nielsen]

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  1. Most used, perhaps. Most liked, definitely not. The Facebook app for Android is terrible.

    1. I like the new interface a lot.  WAY better than the old one.  I like having the top notifications bar visible to me at all times instead of having to dive out back to the home page to see them.

      1. I agree. They seem to finally be taking Facebook for Android seriously. The most recent update (8.0 I think?) is pretty good so far. Layout threw me off for a minute because I kept trying to backout into the menu like you said, but I like the new layout a lot more. You can also tag pictures now which was a huge complaint before. Not sure what other “wanted” features were added (if any).

      2. I also lyk how they took notifications away. So now Facebook doesn’t notify me when someone comments. I always forget to check. -_-

        At least it shows messages though, so I can chat. Hmm…

  2. Is “Browser” excluded from the study? Because if it isn’t, this is a very disturbing list.

  3. I’m wondering if the reason that Google Maps is so high is because so many apps use it when doing mapping? If so, then G-Maps is artificially boosted. 

    1. same argument can be made about facebook integration with other apps. Nothing artificial about that.

  4. On the flip side Google Search is used more often.  You know…  Because a search takes 1 second while using Facebook takes at least 5x times that, if not hundreds of times more.

    Same thing with well managed email and maps usage.

    The first app you really can compare is YouTube.

  5. I don’t have FB installed, never will.

  6. I don’t think you can just dimiss the fact that Market is the most used app, only
    because you need it to install apps. Facebook for example comes pre-installed.

    1. Maybe on your phone, but not on mine.

  7. First comment. Kindle fire plox

  8. It isn’t time spent using the app it’s which apps are actively used, no matter how much time is spent in them.

    ” by the percentage of Android owners who used the app within the past 30 days”

  9. What about the web browser. Is that not considered an application? Or was it ommited to prove a point that Facebook gets more attention than even android’s core apps.

    I guess even in the case of iOS, it would be the same story

  10. Why does d post title say most liked while the data sheet says most used?

    Facebook for android can’t be most liked as it’s pathetically slow n cumbersome until last update while it certainly maybe the most used or most time spent on application due to the very same reasons

  11. Maybe they got their Nielsen volunteers from Facebook in the first place.. ?

  12. I think the post is a bit misleading or I am.
    A smaller text says: mobile application reach by age

    So data is about what percentage of android users Hv used an application even if once rather than which application has been used the most

  13. I think that this survey was junk.  Its showing very little change between apps based on demographic age groups.  I’d expect a lot more volatility.  And its ALL the same apps for each group; I’m guessing they picked the apps for the survey and then ranked them making it near worthless for non-bias stats.

  14. Until recently Facebook was incredible frustrating to use. It has gotten a lot better but its far from perfect, the bugs and lack of features are incredibly frustrating. The experience is very different from the desktop experience, simply liking a photo or removing a post is impossible. I think these numbers are based on who has it installed. Everyone has the damn app installed, doesnt make it my favorite, by any means.

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  16. Hmm… Google+ isn’t on here. That’s right. Because no one is on Google+ except bloggers. -_-

    G+ should compete against Twitter. :P

  17. Surprising that Google Search isn’t higher. It’s litteraly a soft-key on 99% of devices.

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