Rogers Expands LTE Coverage, Aims to Reach 30% of Canadian Population by Year’s End


Rogers is expanding its 4G LTE network to more of the Canadian population, bringing new coverage to cities in the greater Toronto and Vancouver areas. New network areas include Mississagua, Brampton, Vaughan, Port Coquitlam, Langley, and Maple Ridge.

The carrier is hoping to reach 30 percent of all Canadians with 4G coverage by the end of the year, and if they continue their aggressive rollout they should make their mark. The entire list of new locations can be found over at the Rogers Redboard site.

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  1. oh man. I know Verizon already has it, but i am waiting for sprint to have LTE. It will just be a cascading cycle after that. Sprint -> Clearwire -> Virgin Mobile.

    I have clearwire running on the WiMAX tech. Its fast, but not as fast at LTE =D
    And Virgin Mobile still using 3G. And since VM uses sprint tech, i can only hope for VM to release a LTE phone to use on the new network.

  2. To do that, you only need to cover aboot three or four large cities, eh?

    1. Yeah most of Canada is wilderness and most of the population lives near the us border.

    2. I’m just glad that it covers the area my igloo is. This way I can check on the internet and upload photos of the polar bear family that lives near by,

      1. LOL! Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing.

  3. Good sign that it’s exams week: Quickly read the headline, saw “Rogers expands LTE coverage, aims to end 30% of canadian population”

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    1. How do we flag this stuff?

  5. Mississauga

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