ASUS: Transformer Prime still on Schedule to Launch this Year


ASUS has responded to news that their anticipated quad-core Transformer Prime tablet would be delayed until next year. A customer who pre-ordered the slate through NCIX received word from the retailer that ASUS would delay shipments worldwide to figure out certain WiFi issues. This isn’t the case, according to ASUS, with the tablet still on target to ship the week of December 19th.

NCIX very well may be short on their own stock of the Prime (other retailers, namely Amazon, have canceled pre-orders for the device due to low supply already), we are going to have to stick to the direct word of the company building the tablet. There is still room for a delay — nothing is set in stone until the tablet is in the hands of the consumer — but if you are waiting for your own Prime signs are good that you will have one before the last bell of the year tolls.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Thank the lord, now for the Nexus.

    1. verizon’s nexus page has been doing funny things this weekend. looks like someone has been working on it.

      (yes, i’m that nerdy to check it over the weekend every few hours)

      1. Don’t worry im with you bro. I checked it too and sent the tip to phandroid. I hate the lack of news every weekend.

        1. best buy had them RIGHT THERE within arm’s length. apparently my money is no good anymore. I will just burn it for warmth this winter.

          1. When I’m sad, I just look at this page.
            I’m hoping that Sprint will get there’s when they roll out their LTE network. I’d love an LTE GN. :D


  2. Any word on if there will be a delayed ship date on the 64 gb model?

  3. Thank you asus

  4. Nice to see an announced release date fulfilled

  5. Believe it when it lands. Between this and the Nexus it’s painful to read about.
    Google should be embarrassed with how the BIGGEST UPDATE EVER is going so far.

    1. It went quite well actually. The more important countries got the phone first and they got a chance to troll you stupid americans!

      1. david seriously are you the 1 who ate my dog?

          1. WOW that was original

  6. When will ICS be out for the original?

    1. January apparently.

  7. I’m in tech purgatory (which is hell), I’m waiting of the Nexus to drop to upgrade my OG and I’m getting the Prime for my birthday, which is next Monday, if J&R isn’t so backlogged that they can fulfill the pre-order.  It’s been a roller coaster of emotion…haha.

    1. In a similar boat.  Have the rezound but waiting impatiently for either the nexus to drop, or rezound to get S-off, and my birthday is this wednesday, and I’m buying this for myself as soon as it drops.  the Roller Coaster of emotions has not been fun.  I just want to get off this crazy ride and get my tech!!!!

  8. Perhaps this is a reason not to post that the tablet has been widly delayed because one retailer said it was.

  9. It is good that it is not delayed.  However, the underlying problem still exists:  supply.  They did not plan for demand once again and it may hurt overall sales.  I am in the market for a tablet, but I won’t wait weeks/months for this.  If they cannot get retail supply this year, Apple it is.

  10. By the way…not all Amazon pre-orders have been cancelled. Mine for a 32gb Champagne gold model is still good. I emailed Amazon, and they estimated delivery to me is January 6th. Not that it’s great news…but better than cancelled. Now just to hope that at least the accessories like they keyboard dock drop before Christmas so my wife can get me something.

    1. Yeah, mine didn’t get canceled either and says estimated delivery as January 11th. This only showed up because I changed the shipping speed. I am hoping that is not the case, but I also have a pre-order in with Best Buy just in case.

  11. This was going to be my next tablet. But since the specs of the newest galaxy tab. I must wait for the next generation tablets!!

  12. I had previously commented on the story of the delay that my Amazon order now showed a comment that they would not arrive until after Dec 25th.  That is now gone…..???

  13. Quick thought, if the WiFi range issue is software related they can send a software fix as an OTA update and they don’t have to miss out on all the Holiday revenue.  I’d be happy to deal with limited WiFi range for an added 2+ weeks of usage.  If it’s a hardware issue, we’re screwed and won’t see this until March…

    1. Dude. You’d probably be sitting so close to your router that you’d be better of using the LAN. Unless you’re goig to tether. :P

      1. Yeah, I actually do plan to tether to my shiny new rooted G-Nex (if/when I get it).

  14. Oh  ASUS Transformer Prime, just go out to the market already.

  15. I’m getting a kindle fire, but if I had the loot I’d be getting a transformer prime, in 2 years time the average Indian villager, will be able to afford one. Wonder why my sammy gs just put itself on vibrate, price of living on the gingerbread bleeding edge I suppose.

  16. Hey, I just got an email from a guy who knows a girl whose brother works at Best Buy in Missoula Montana and he said his manager told him that he spoke to a worker at the official Best Buy primary tablet distribution warehouse number one, and the Transformer Prime is already in their hands and was scheduled to ship TOMORROW as an early christmas surprise because they know how badly people want to get it. But then ASUS called and started recalling all the units because sometimes the rubber plugs that keep the ports protected during shipping can come unseated in transit causing moisture to get inside the housing which short circuits the battery and sets it on FIRE. Asus said that each unit will have to be shipped back to Taiwan on a slow boat and retrofitted with new rubber plugs by hand before they can go to consumers. Due to uncertainty in shipping times and the rate of manual rubber plug swapification, the release is delayed indefinitely. Sorry to all of you who wanted one of these for christmas. Please pass the word on to every other tech blog on the interweb as fast as you can! People need to know! Oh, and don’t worry about checking into this… I’m a TOTALLY reliable source!

    1. Thanks for the chuckle. Point taken. As I was scouring for articles on the Asus Prime I kept coming across many tech authors who just “lifted” articles from other blog posts and pasted them into their own tech blog “forgetting” to mention that ASUS conformed there was no delay. Go figure.

  17. Let’s hope so, cause as the old saying goes seeing is believing! Especially since I’ve sold my TF101 and have been patiently waiting the release of the PRIME!

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