Eric Schmidt: Google Does not Work with or Support Carrier IQ


If the name itself wasn’t enough to suggest that the carriers are the one behind the installation of Carrier IQ onto mobile devices, perhaps the word of Google’s Eric Schmidt can clear things up. “We certainly don’t work with them and we certainly don’t support them,” Schmidt said of the tracking software. Despite the claims of the analytics company to the contrary, Schmidt said of the service, “it’s a key-logger, and it actually does keep your keystrokes.”

Though even if Google does not support Carrier IQ at the OS level, as mentioned earlier network providers still have the option to install the suite of data gathering software. Android is, after all, an open platform. “It’s possible for people to build software that’s actually not very good for you,” said Schmidt, “and this appears to be one.”

[via Reuters]

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  1. On one side its pretty weird…..seeing as Google probably has more info about you than CarrierIQ ever could hope to get

    But at least the public condemnation of CarrierIQ will draw more attention to privacy concerns…..I know we are hearing about soo much privacy lawsuits etc right now…but even if it doesn’t concern you know, it will be a HUGE deal in the future when they actually figure out the best way/ most profitable way to use that info….then you’ll wish you never shared it with them

    1. “On one side its pretty weird…..seeing as Google probably has more info about you than CarrierIQ ever could hope to get” No thats not weird, Google ASKS for info and you give it…. Carrier IQ dosn’t ask anything so they are stealing it. Google doesn’t log key btw :)

      Big Difference!!!

      1. No really, Sherlock

        I never said it was the same :S
        It’s just WEIRD because the worst that company could probably do with that info atm is sell it to advertisers…and guess what Google uses your info for? Thats right Targeted ads… you have:

        CarrierIQ: “steals info”, knows a bit about you, worst case scenario: Sells info to advertisers
        Google: “asks for info”, knows a lot about you, current scenario:Uses it for targeted ads

        Still CarrierIQ is the bad company…but it does look weird to read such an accusation

        1. CarrierIQ: “steals info”, knows a bit about you, worst case scenario: Sells info to advertisers

          My bank info and passwords to active accounts- is what they have had access to for almost two years- screw you buddy.
          I’m sick of lameass people kissing up to these theiving companies spying on me- I dont wear any damned tin foil hat- these scum bags have been caught red handed and all the apologies for their criminal behavior from these crumb bum apologists isn’t going to make it all nice and go away. this dirt bag corporate behavior needs to stop at once and real rules need to be enforced on these criminals.

          1. So far they logged your keystrokes….no evidence that they also send all those keystrokes to their servers….Also…I have no idea what crappy bank you use, but mine has more security such that my password and username (which I never enter on my phone anyway) are half of what you need to steal my money. AND even if it gets stolen, the bank usually refunds it anyway.

            But anyway….there is no STONE_COLD EVIDENCE that they actually have that info….NO ONE has found 100% fail proof evidence that they stored your passwords…..  You are one of those GUILTY until proven innocent kind of guys that needs to stop talking til the verdict is out. Besides CarrierIQ only makes the software….Carriers install it and use it. If anyone, THEY are the culprits….Also…MOST governments are prolly the biggest clients when it comes to spyware of this kind. You gonna arrest the governments too? You’re full of it!

            I bet you don’t even know if your phone has CarrierIQ software on it.

            Just as you call them criminals before their guilt has been proven, I’m gonna call you stupid til your intelligence has been proven.

    2. i can’t wait to start dreaming in commercials!!

      1. I wouldn’t mind dreaming some movie trailers
        My best dreams can be described as Jurassic park scenes

        1. My best dreams are the ones of me mass-murdering and torturing all of the Nexus Yarrells turning every frikkin’ comment thread into a bitch-board about a seriously over-rated phone’s release date regardless of the subject of the blog.

          1. I hate em too….I mean I also want that phone badly, but I don’t whine about it, especially not in unrelated news posts….The ones I hate the most are the ones who think it is outrageous that the phone hasn’t been released in America yet, as (by their claims) America is the only country that matters…..makes me wish it never comes out in the states!

          2. Nexus has some problems- I was gonna get one- but they are taking so long to come out- and the Galaxy S II Rockets available now- fuxem.

        2. I first saw that movie when I was like 6. It didn’t really scare me and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. When I went to bed that night I replayed the entire movie again as my dream. It was awesome.

          1. My jurassic dreams were all scary as hell….I’m always hiding in a crappy spot, easily discoverable with Velociraptors or a T-rex heading toward me…..also everytime, my family is also there with me, only they manage t find good hiding spots or run on ahead to safer areas……However each time when I wake up…..I realize just how awesome that dream was…

          2. You about to get eaten by velociraptors is awesome?
            I dream of experienced sex partners who do stuff my wife never dreams of… oh never mind..

          3. @google-b8c6f0c1ce3cc67c0489d11e4f74d11d:disqus 
            I never get eaten (so far), but Dinosaurs (or other cool creatures) are always awesome. The thrill of the dream is what is awesome about it…….Also anything that is awesome and could never happen in real life is usually better than a dream that could potentially happen irl.

            Also it might partially be awesome because waking up “saves” me from my dire situation and that joy of not getting eaten gets applied to my feeling towards the dream in general….so the joy of waking up gets counted as additional joy of the dream…..

            Hmmm getting psychological here…..but w/e I just like dreams with awesome creatures in it :D

      2. Reading today theres software being developed for somehardware that can make you understand stuff while asleep – ala Matrix (Tank “loading up Neo with “programs” for piloting, martial arts etc…)
        Its in the works buddy…Think I saw article in huffpost tech …

        1. pop in the disk that says “everything”

          1. omg, I think it got stuck during the french part:

            Ommelete du fromage, ommelete du fromage, omme….

          2. Like Frylock did to Meatwad on Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the Super Trivia episode in season 2. Only Frylock forgot to include sports.

  2. Nice job Eric way to spread misinformation.

    1. What misinformation is being spread?

      1. it has already been established this isn’t a keylogger.
        only extreme paranoids like on this forum argue otherwise

        1. It is a damned keylogger you lying assclown.
          When “industry” technoids tell you it isnt- they are echoing their corporate masters line… The corporates told us it wasn’t monitoring anything- but we can see otherwise- your just trying to muddy the waters and mitigate thru obfuscation- the carrierIQ and carrier and manufacturer malfeasance(either cuz ur paid directly by them- or your an internet troll who gets off on letting lies being the norm).

          1. like man its like the man gets in and like duuuuuude he watches us and like watches us and duuuuuuude like every move we like uuuuuuh make he like WATCHES! 

        2. if it’s not a key logger, why does it log my keystrokes then?

          1. Hey bitch ass cunt fucker, that was uncalled for. Anywho, if it knows what sites I visit because it watches or my keystrokes, its a fucking keylogger, I don’t give a rats ass what you say about how it does it, it still does. You have rage issues to just snap like that on the internets haha, I bet your a real lady killer ;)

          2. Your turning me on

          3. as does a toaster, still not relevant to the discussion

  3. What does Android being open have anything to do with it? This software was on the iPhone too, and you are completely ignorant to that. If the iPhone iOS is so safe and secure, then how does this software end up on it???

    1. Being open means that if Google says we do not support Carrier IQ, it can still wind up in Android builds on various devices.

      1. I get that.  What I don’t get is that it is a one sided argument against Android, but all the other OSes had the same software on it.  That gets me.

    2. iPhone- isn’t safe- it has the snoopware Apple wants on it.
      But with all this consumer backlash- i bet some carriers are reconsidering their use of this stuff. They are raping us with these overpriced plans- and spying on US too- thats total bullshit.
      I got my lawyer to opt myself and wife and daughter on the Class action suit for my region. If you want the carriers and phone manufacturers to continue doing slimy stuff to us join the lawsuit.
      Or smile and take it up the yin with their yang.

  4. Who create Carrier IQ? Android? or what?

    1. Carrier IQ isn’t not produced by google and the android team. it is a Third Party app. The carriers are allowed to put it on being android is open source and anyone can modify it in any way.

    2. It’s was on phones before the first Android phone was released in October 2008.

      This is from the CarrierIQ website: “Founded in 2005 and with a management team steeped in the mobile telecoms industry, Carrier IQ is privately held and funded by some of the leading players in the venture capital industry.”

  5. Let’s do a recap. Apple supported CarrierIQ and google doesn’t. Google is said to be evil. Hmmm

  6. I hope all the paranoids have taken their meds before reading this

    1. Rather be paranoid and safe than ignorant and watched.

    2. The corporation’s resident troll speaketh…

  7. This is code for “Apple actually did work directly with Carrier IQ”.

  8. time to root and get rid of it.  

    1. You can be rooted and still watched. Those CIQ (supposedly) removed roms- arent good at removal- best way to avoid CIQ snoopware- is CYanogen Mod 7 or cyanogen mod9 when it comes out in a month for Android 4.0 from scratch with all the toys and bloat removed.

  9. I wanted Nexus galaxy- but- I been playing with Ice Cream Sammitch roms on my Evo 4g, and Nexus S.. and – long story short- ho hum.
    Its not all that. Using ics- makes you realize – you already know the ins and outs to froyo/gingerbread- and now stuff all over the place and you have to learn a new system. The new features- arent really that compelling to be honest.
    Get a hold of some ICS yourself and see if you dont concur.
    It isnt that awesome if you already have a fast phone that does everything u want- I aint using NFC, or bump or half the new stuff.. Gingerbread and its multitude of roms- is more fun than ICS.

  10. Please see with regard to what the software does and does not do.

  11. This is actually a war between fascism and anti-fascism. At this stage, fascism still prevail in our lives. Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun are just two forefront people we can see in this fascism circle. There are whole pack of fascists behind them.
    They had spread fascism spirit around the world to conspire victims and to cover up their crimes. As one of the victims, my basic rights of living as a human being were sacrificed for manyears in fighting against these fascism crimines. They had spread their fascism spirits around to every aspect of my life as a retaliation. If these fascism criminals could not be concurred, their fascism spirit would infect more and more innocent people. However, the more I suffer from their fascism crimes, the stronger I had the determination to clarify their crimes to the public and concur these criminals at authorities.

  12. Google’s Eric Schmidt and Stanford AI Lab’s Sebastian Thrun had invovled into anti-humanity crimes which is fascism by nature.
    I bet Stanford people still feel painful on loss of an innocent Stanford student May Zhou without a convincible official explanation till today, so do I. Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun’s side had conspired my life when I tried to push to clarify their roles in these crimes, including in May Zhou’s case.
    As far as I understood, Eric Schmidt and Sebasitan Thrun had tried to cover up their involvment into an innocent Stanford student May Zhou’s death on the questionable suicide theory in official conclusion at judicial authorities. However, after I pointed out major flaw of such suicide theory, authorities no longer insist it’s suicide, but accept that May Zhou’s case is a plotted murder. As I further point out that it is people on Sebastian Thrun and Eric Schmidt’s side who murdered May Zhou for Thrun’s sake to threaten me and to terrorize Stanford.
    Anyway, Eric Schmidt and Sebastian Thrun’s names are not clear in Stanford Student May Zhou’s death, as well as their later conspiracy on my life, and he dare not deny his involvment into these crimes to the public. 
    What’s the problem? I bet that’s because they are afraid of facing the legal consequences once they deny these accusations to the public. That is the point.
    Proof of real names, dates, photos along with a police case number are listed in my blog link [ ].

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