Happy Holidroid Contest: Random Winner!


If you’re unsure what this whole “Holidroid Contest” thing is all about, be prepared to get excited. From November 24th through December 25th, Phandroid is giving away a Kindle Fire every single day along with other great prizes like the Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Tabs, JAMBOX, SmarTouch Gloves, Android Phones, Android T-Shirts, Seidio Vouchers and more. Read our announcement post for details.

Yesterday’s Winner

The winning answer for yesterday’s trivia contest was “Logitech Revue” and MJM128 from AndroidForums was the first to answer correctly — but only by a hair. It’s funny because although he was first to post in the thread, he actually answered incorrectly with “Google TV.” In an attempt to pick up the rebound, he posted again with with “LG Revue” which was still the wrong answer. He must be really quick at the keys because he eventually answered correctly and surprisingly, was the first to do so. So, congrats, MJM128! You barely made it! Here’s what’s up for grabs for everyone today:

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most  affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Jawbone JAMBOX

Ever wanted a small, portable speaker that plays music LOUD and CLEAR and isn’t a pain to setup? Let me introduce you to the Jawbone JAMBOX speaker. This bad boy packs a powerful bunch an extremely small frame, easily connects to your Android device via Bluetooth, and is an absolute pleasure to use. Bluetooth means you can stream not only music, but also games, apps, phone conversations, movies, and any other audio playing on your device! It also means no cords! Put it on your desk. Carry it to the kitchen. Bring it to the basketball court. Take it to your friend’s party. The Jawbone JAMBOX is a music lover’s dream device.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones. Check them all out here.

ZeeMote Bluetooth Game Controller

The Zeemote Bluetooth Game Controller compacts things into one comfortable, ergonomically sound gaming package. You use one hand and the controller has an analog stick with four action buttons on it. It’s a bit reminiscent of a Nintendo Wiimote – makes you wonder where the name was inspired from. There are many games in the Android Market already compatible with the Zeemote, including the popular title R-Type, and you may even be able to use it with some of your emulators. It goes perfectly with many Android devices, from 3.2 inch phones to 10.1 inch tablets. And if you want the ultimate gaming experience, Zeemote + Phone/Tablet + TV + HDMI-out = awesome.

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

This one should be easy. You have one hour — starting from right now — to simply leave a comment to this post. In the comment, you must mention anything about “v-necks” or something positive about my hair. We will randomly pick a lucky commenter and notify them that they are the winner. You can only leave ONE comment and if we find out you have created multiple Disqus accounts or are involved in any other kind of nefarious behavior, the only thing you’ll win is a lump of coal… shaped like Andy. Have at it guys and good luck!

  • Anyone who leaves a positive comment about my hair or anything regarding v-neck t-shirts within the hour is entered to win.
  • One random winner will be selected out of those who meet the above criteria.
  • ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. You will NOT get higher chances to win if you post more than one comment.
  • Read our Full Official Rules for information about eligibility
  • This isn’t required but if you want to be nice… Visit by clicking here before you do your holiday shopping because you love us!

Looking for a great gift? Don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Tomorrow’s Contest:

We’ll be giving away a Kindle Fire, Galaxy Nexus, Smartouch Gloves, $30 Seidio Voucher, and an Android t-shirt! You never know when we will be posting our trivia challenge so check back early and often!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. v-neck t-shirts bring all the girls to the yard.

  2. Chris have i ever mentioned that you have GREAT HAIR,…. oh and that v-necks are awesome!

  3. v-necks are awsome

  4. real men wear v necks

  5. vnecks make your eyes stand out

  6. I love V-neck T-Shirts! They are so manly! It’s even better when you wear them. Your amazing hair complements the shirt’s glory.

  7. blue v-neck t-shirts are the best

  8. Your hair looks great when your sporting that candy cane v-neck t-shirt, you sexy thing!

  9. Nice hair is best complimented with a v-neck shirt

  10. You have the best hair, who’s you’re stylist???

    P.S. V-necks are awesome

  11. V-necks are for sexy people like Chris and his awesome hair!

  12. V-necks are awesome!!!

  13. I love me some v-neck t-shirts, especially of the orange variety!

  14. im in

  15. v-necks t-shirts are the only way to go.  Anything else? Would be uncivilized.  
    Also — in regards to your hair.

  16. the deeper the V of the v-neck, the more man you are! lol

  17. V-necks.. is the best!

  18. I’m balding so anyone with hair has great hair.

  19. rather, complemented –  but thanks for the compliment!

  20. Talk about a wannabe jersey blowout on top of your noggin there Chase.  A popped color would help you pull the look off a little better than your v-neck tee that you like to wear in your videos.

  21. Your hair is awesome!!@

  22. Your hair is so awesome, when people walk up to greet you, it isn’t actually to greet you – but to greet your hair.

  23. V Necks are all the rage this year.

  24. I love v-necks, and your hair !

  25. Chris Chavez…bringin sexy back with the v-neck and hhaaamazing hair! :)

  26. v-necks? no thanks. your hair? i’d trade for that any day of the week!

  27. V-necks have style, which goes great with your hair!

  28. i wish my v-necks were as deep as yours

  29. I like v-neck guitars, but I guess shirts are good too:-)

  30. I am not entering this contest. Was just wondering when the winner for Friday’s video challenge will be announced? And how will they be notified? The anxiety and the wait is killing me. I am refreshing my browser every 10 seconds just to see some (hopefully good) news :D Thanks!

  31. Your hair is phenomenal. 

    Edit: I almost want to post twice just to win something for once: coal.

  32. Your hair is so silky, Chris. You have to tell me your secret. 

    PS v-neck t-shirts are awesome.

  33. V-necks are the in now with you wearing one.

  34. V-Necks really accent the color of your hair!

  35. V-necks made this hilarious video so why not love them LOL

    1. *video possible    btw – a coal andy sounds pretty cool too.  Think about adding that to the list of prizes.
      EDIT: I forgot that you can just edit your post instead of replying to it for changes :/

  36. That v-neck really shows off your chest. Do you shave your chest or do you just need a toupee for that too?

  37. I wear V=necks and the girls seem to run away from me.  The guys on the other hand seem to get a bit friendlier for some reason.  Hmmm.

  38. Love the hair. Don’t have any v-necks, bummer abiut that…

  39. I was never a huge fan of v necks. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

    But your hair is still above average.

  40. I envy such silky smooth hair

  41. Your hair is beautiful :-)

  42. Your hair is simply astounding

  43. Dude, if you have hair to be commented about, that’s awesome in itself! I’m bald. The only hair I have is the chest hair that tries to attack me in v-neck shirts.

  44. the hair on v-neck t-shirts looks right on.

  45. There is nothing more alluring than a man in a V-Neck especially if they have hair as good as you Chris ;)

  46. I’ve always loved V-necks, regular T’s are just way too boring!

  47. Funny, I’m wearing a v-neck right now!

  48. daniel tosh needs to start wearing v necks again

  49. vnecks are ok, but everybody knows its all about the hair!

  50. I love deep v-neck shirts on women.

  51. Only real men who have amazing hair like Chris chaves wear v-necks

  52. I have always liked your collection of v-necks, all the way back with your G1 rom videos and reviews.  

    Just don’t get carried away with it –

    Alright, thanks for the contest!

  53. I like v-necks. Well pretty much i am here to enter the contest and see if  my son won the friday contest, but i guess no one knows yet. :) good luck to everyone

  54. I admire chest hair.  What better way to show it off, than in a V-Neck?

  55. It’s funny that I was actually talking about v-neck sweaters with my wife last night, as she was Christmas shopping for me. I said, “i hate v-necks unless I am wearing it over a dress shirt.” I don’t think it was world shattering. No comment on your hair Chris. Say least you have some, and I don’t know how you did it, today. I remember first post with picture, and that’s forever in my mind.

  56. I vote Chris joins the v-neck loving crew of the Jersey Shore folks

  57. nothing better than a v-neck with a nice clump of chest hair exploding from the V.

  58. V-necks and Chris Chavez hair is going to change the world

  59. Your hair is stylin, and V necks are a good choice of sweaters or shirts for those that want to elongate their neck/face. Happy holidays!

  60. Chris’s hair is envy of all bald guys…… like myself…

  61. Hanes V-Necks won’t “Bacon” on you. Right Michael Jordan?

  62. something something awesome hair and v-necks =)

  63. anything about “v-necks” or something positive about my hair.

    1. just taking things a little literally. anyways, in case that doesn’t count:

      your amazing hair goes well with v-necks.

  64. v necks aren’t that awesome. I have to wear them for work. But who won the video contest???

  65. Your hair is like a quadricorn wearing a v-neck spun from the hair of other quadricorns.

  66. Your dark and luscious chest hair nicely compliments your deep blue v-neck t-shirt.
    (you didn’t specify which type of hair to compliment on… :D)

  67. Chris, love your hair. Keep up the conditioning! Oh, and I only wear v-necks since my neck surgery 8 years ago.

  68. nothing says christmas like a holidroid v-neck!

  69. Chris. Being friends on facebook is awesome because seeing the funny combo of your hair with the classic v-neck is just pure genius. Good work

  70. V-Nex ( the phone ) can’t get here long enough …

  71. I love wearing a high quality v-neck t-shirt in the summer to show my taco meat!

  72. Your hair is so stylin’!

  73. The v-neck shows muscles, the hair shows power!!!

  74. V-necks are awesome and so is your hair!

  75. I’ve always found v-necks to be a superior design to the f-necks.  I don’t even know why anyone would consider an f-neck.

  76. I’m not a fan of v-necks myself and your hair, it looks good.. on.. you…. ;)

  77. You hair looks great in this post.  I am also a devotee to v-necks.

  78. V-necks rule!

  79. V-neck shirts make me feel like Batman.

  80. I wish I looked as good as you do, in a v-neck t-shirt!

  81. Love your hair. And v-necks.

  82. Even if your hair is curly or fuzzy, it still holds it shape, chris.
    You have to tell me your secret. ;)

  83. I like the way your hair flows in the wind when you move and how shiny your hair is.

  84. My lucky day… Sitting here watching football in my v-neck t-shirt and a Phandroid contest that I don’t have to be the first one to respond comes up!

  85. V-necks are awesome and so is Chris Chavez’s hair

  86. Nothing says confidence like a v-neck t-shirt, except maybe a dashing haircut like yours Chris.

  87. That V-neck really accents your hair

  88. Chris, sir, how can I comment on your wonderful hair when I don’t even know what it looks like?  Like I said, I’m sure it’s wonderful.

  89. I don’t leave the house in V-necks, but if I had your hair, I might reconsider…

  90.  V neck Shirts are wonderful as they show off just the right amount of chest hair that all the girls love!

  91. The hair sticking out of Chris’s v-neck drives women wild.

  92. Chris, love your hair. Keep up the conditioning! Oh, and I only wear v-necks since my neck surgery 8 years ago.

  93. Please please please pick me! I actually own a few v-necks now thanks to Mr. Chavez. Imagine that!

  94. I’m sure your hair is lovely, but I’m going with the v-necks.

  95. Vnecks are pimp. Wearing one now.

  96. Great you have hair :) Great to hair.

  97. V-neck t-shirts are cool, but giveaways like this one are even cooler. So much so that they might outperform the coolness of Chris Chavez’s hairdo ;-)

  98. your hair is cool but seriously dude, v-necks suck… don’t ruin your look with them.

  99. I can’t pull off v-necks or glorious hair like you! I’m shaved head and always wear standard neck shirts. Just shows that variety rules, in terms of phone choices and people!

  100. Christopher! Vying for a Voluptuous V-neck comes Very naturally for you! You must have Voyaged to your current location of Vocation from Vancouver!

  101. V-neck t-shirts are the kings of t-shirts! They should be made mandatory by law!

  102. The color of that v-neck t-shirt makes your hair look so smexy.

  103. V-necks, the only way to clean your phone screens

  104. i own zero v-necks

  105. Your v neck might as well be called an A neck for awesomeness and your hair must have been done by Johnny Bravo himself…. phandrooooid

  106. The 90s needed v-necks… it would have been awesome :)

  107. Chris Chavez has the best hair EVER!  Plus, v-necks rock.

  108. V necks are the bomb yo.

  109. i love v-necks. that is the only kind of t-shirt i wear. 

  110. You know what is great about V-necks! Air condition! Plus with hair like yours, who needs a stylist. :D
    Good luck all!

  111. Chris’s hair is a force to be reckoned with.  The worst thing that you can do is to try to ignore it.  Accept it before it destroys you!

  112. Personally… I do not own a single v-necks t-shirt.

  113. That hair sticking out of your v-neck t-shirt is divine.

  114. V-necks look good with collared shirts under them.

  115. I just love what v necks do to your hair.

  116. That snl v-neck digital short with Ben Stiller was hilarious

  117. Chris, love your hair. Keep up the conditioning. Oh, and I only wear v-necks since my neck surgery 8 years ago.

  118. Chicks love v necks

  119. ATTENTION COMMENTERS. Phandroid is boss. THAT IS ALL. Please continue your internet surfing experience. This has been a public service announcement from a loyal reader. 

  120. V-neck t-shirts are the most flattering shirts around.

  121. vnecks are very nice and dressy

  122. V neck t-shirts are very slimming. 

  123. v-necks are pretty cool..

  124. I like V-necks, although SUPER deep V’s never look right on me…Also your hair is very close to mine so of course I have to give you props for that. 

  125. I’m not the biggest fan of v-necks but your hair, like this contest, is great

  126. V-neck t-shirts are awesome; who would want anything else?
    And, we all love your hair! 

    Thanks for having a contest in which we do not have to be first.  Takes some of the pressure off!

  127. That all I ever buy are v-necks.
    Thank you

  128. V-neck t-shirts are great because they allow everyone to know that you’re a man’s man with manly chest hair.

  129. alright v-neck but bitchin’ hair.  Now get me a nexus

  130. I wear v-necks to sleep and Chris’s hair is awesome!

  131. V-necks….Nice to show off my manly chest hair

  132. My favorite sweater is a maroon v-neck.  But I bet Chris could rock it better with his hair.

  133. Best hair out of all the Phandroid staff!

  134. I don’t always wear v-necks but when I do I prefer fruit of the loom.

  135. Your hair is so beautiful and I think you’d look super handsome in a v-neck.

  136. V-neck shirts are great and I wish I had hair like yours…

  137. V-Neck T’s are where it’s at, especially when you can show off some chest hair. :-)

  138. when I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be like mr t wearing v necks with gold chains dangling in my chest fro

  139. As for V-Necks…they’re ok, kinda sexy i guess, but based on your You tube pic, I love your hair. its the color and cut that suits your face…You’re sexy and you know it!!!!    LOL

  140. Still waiting for you to start your own men’s fashion blog. All v-necks and fauxhawks.

  141. Pick me please!

  142. I like to wear v necks.

    it’s quite comfortable, stand out more and my girlfriend likes it for some reason

  143. V-necks are what’s up.

  144. V-neck T-shirts combined with cool hair make you look like a pop star!

  145. I wonder what Steve Jobs would have looked like if he always wore a black v-neck instead of his sweater. I guess it wouldn’t matter if he had your hair, Chris.

  146. V-necks are gay, Aren’t you bald!?

  147. Your hair reminds me of a v-neck.

    …which is a compliment…I think.

  148. Chris, man, I wish I had half as much hair as you. I’m amazed you can get it through the v-neck of your shirt!

  149. V necks are rather dope son

  150. I am extremely upset that it is no longer the season for V-necks :-(

  151. v-neck… the best way to show a bit of man hair that the ladies love.

  152. Nothing compliments muscles like a v neck. Extra points if you have glorious cheat hair

  153. I love Chris’ hair almost as much as I love contests. And V-neck t-shirts. Yes, that much. 

  154. V-necks let the hamburger meat hang out

  155. I wear V neck tshirts because I’m really ticklish around the neck area.

  156. Chris with his  v-neck looks cooler than Obama playing basketball

  157. 3XLT V-Neck t-shirts are my friend!

  158. Your hair looks fabulous in that v neck t shirt

  159. I personally don’t like to wear v-necks, but some people can pull it off.

  160. Never really paid much attention to v-neck shirts or sweaters for that matter

  161. V-necks are like Chris’s hair: stylish and full of themselves!

  162. I remember that my older brother referred to people who hadn’t lost their virginity as people who are still wearing their “V-Necks.” lol

  163. V-neck shirts are almost as cool as your stylin hair! Lookin good!

  164. In my opinion the only way to wear a v-neck is backwards and inside out!

  165. V-necks are too cold this time of year.

    In other news, the mobile app doesn’t say when you made this post, so I’m probably too late.

    1. Nope. You made it in! Now you just have a 1 in 602 chance to win =p

  166. the v-neck t-shirt accentuates the flow of your hair

  167. (v- neck > crew neck) != bacon collar

  168. My v neck shows off my austin powers “rug” on my chest

  169. v-neck t-shirts make your hair look great!

  170. Hopefully there’s more hair on your head than on your chest….that v-neck is going to have some trouble 

  171. v-necks are great because you instantly know who to avoid conversation with… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of you, Chris, but I’m sure your hair is lovely… and I sure hope you’re not wearing a v-neck.

  172. V-necks show off your muscular chest

  173. v-necks are old school and thats how i roll

  174. I wish I had your hair. :)

  175. Always nice to see someone with a v-neck and great looking hair. *points at you*

  176. Chris, your hair is so nice, it sticks up so well… not like mine, that flies everywhere.

    I <3 v-neck t shrits… it always make ur neck look longer ( def in a good way). Longer neck def look better than NO neck at all! I Love v-neck shirts! 

  177. Your manly chest hair looks lovely through that v-neck shirt. Oh wait, you meant the hair on your head? That looks lovely too!

  178. I have the feeling that there’s no chance of me winning but I have hope because V-necks and Chris Chavez’s hair gives me so much hope :’). 

  179. V-necks expose my chest hair…that would be if I did have chest hair…

  180. V-neck shirts are cool. Plus, your hair is great.

  181. Awesome contest. I believe I have the skills to win this contest, even if I am wearing a v-neck.

  182. I prefer google t-shirts, I mean logitech v-necks, no wait, what I really meant was that I like lg v-necks, ahhh forget the shirts, what really adore is your hair

  183. V-necks make me feel so secure!!!

  184. I have 4 V-necks and they rock! I actually had some random person in my college class come up to me and “jokingly” said you think your so cool with your weezer shirt all stripy and what not,” then he saw it was a V-neck and said “Oh wait it’s a V-neck…..ok that’s cool….That’s cool, I have respect for you now!” Left me with a weird but cocky look on my face. Gotta love the V-neck! V-neck = Respect!

  185. Who cares about v-necks all I want is my Gnex.

  186. V-necks are as hot as Khloe Kardashian….meh

  187. I rock v-necks like a boss.

  188. v-necks are amazing

  189. V-necks are awesome. Why do people them so much? i <3 my v-necks!

  190. Great hair… Also V-necks don’t look as good with hairy chests….

    [email protected]

  191. V necks are for metro sexuals

  192. V-necks make an inherently positive statement. Sure, the line plunges, but it always comes back up on the other side.

  193. I love v-neck t-shirts but your hair is probably the best

  194. If I had hair like Chris Chavez I might be able to pull off a v-neck. If you wear a turtleneck and a backpack it’s like a really weak midget trying to bring you down (RIP Mitch).

  195. With the way Chris has his crazy spiked hair he coups go diving and come up with baitfish dead in his hair and a shark making his diving suit a v neck!

  196. Low v-necks show whether you dye your hair or not. Be Careful!

  197. I love V-necks! I wear them all the time :) and your hair is awesome!

  198. Vnecks are great but hairy chests and vnecks are better. Especially when you have a great head of hair

  199. Only real mean wear v-necks :)

  200. I wonder what would come up if I searched for V-necks on Amazon. Que “Hair” by The Cowsills

  201. you are so beautiful with your shiny hair and your super awesome v neck t shirts

  202. “In other news famous android blogger Chris Chavez was caught price checking v-neck t-shirts with his phone using the amazon price check app in a local shopping mall. All while jelling and combing his signature hair. Once asked for a comment Mr. Chavez’s representatives issued a statement stating they have no comment at this time.”

  203. Your hair brings out your face, and I bet it would be positively awesome paired with a v-neck!

  204. Dear Santa, please give me this one! Amen

  205. Your hairstyle will be the new “it” thing for this century.  Everyone will have it, from Ryan Gosling to Eric Scmidt.

  206. I can’t remember the last time I wore a v-neck t-shirt.

  207. I’m wearing a v-neck right now. :) That doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t look great though!

  208. Am I too late?

  209. My v-neck t-shirts really let the chest hair “spring” for the ladies. Holla!

  210. My Vneck is insanely awesome with an android in hand, but even more awesome is the Vneck when combined with an awesome contest at hand displayed on an android!

  211. V-necks and your hair: a tie in awesomeness

  212. Hair is pretty cool. Having some is good, too. Keeping it: even better.

  213. I don’t know what people are talking about… v-necks would be awesome with your great hair!

  214. Chris Chavez, you look fabulous in that v-neck.

  215. Your hair looks like a V-neck.

  216. V-necks are awesome, so is your hair.

  217. V-necks all the way!!!

  218. Sweeet:3 I finally made one of the contests!

  219. You must tell me your secret…soo silky and smooth!!!

  220. You have a cool v-neck.

  221. The hair is looking good, Chris. Oh, and I’ve never been a huge V-neck fan.

  222. I love your hair and v-necks are flippin’ sexy!

  223. man, your hair is so awesome,  its just too awesome to be put into words

  224. I say Santa please give me this one

  225. Many women say that Chris Chavez has crazy, cool looking hair and that he looks good in v-neck t-shirts.

  226. V-necks are soooooooo hot right now.  Kinda like Chris Chavez’s hair.

  227. gsdfg

  228. Oops, so excited about the contest that my comments got entered 3 tunes cuz my phone froze! Agh! Please don’t disqualify me Chris!

  229. The more chest hair you have, the deeper the v-neck you should wear.

  230. Why are we making fun of v-necks? They go great with my chest hair and big sunglasses!

  231. Your hair and V-necks are like the Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves, useful and warming!

  232. V-neck t-shirts are not nearly as popular as black turtlenecks, R.I.P. Steve Jobs. But maybe Tim Cook could set a new trend with v-neck t-shirts!

  233. Chris has got to be the coolest guy ever to pull off a v-neck t-shirt!

  234. I used to be a total loser, but then I started styling my hair like Chris and wearing V-neck shirts like him, and now I have 12 girlfriends and drive a tank to work.. Thanks man!

  235. I’m going to buy you a V-Neck that goes with your haircut that you had made specially for the galaxy nexus’s release date!

  236. I couldn’t find a picture of your hair, but I assume it flows manly and strong, cascading down to your broad shoulders, which are barely contained by your plunging v-neck (I’m hoping that the contest is ‘random’, and flattery helps.  Oh, and I’m an attractive woman that you’d definitely want to hear such things from…)

  237. v-necks only really look good on girls.

  238. Chris you look Phan-tabulous in your V-neck, with your beautiful heat miser (in lieu of Christmas) hair.

  239. I am as a matter of fact wearing a v-neck right now … I love how it give plenty of room for my neck and there is so much room to do activities … beautiful hair by the way … :)

  240. I like what you did with your hair

  241. Everyday is V-Neck day!

  242. Your lovely new haircut really brings out that wonderful V neck.

  243. Your hair is magnificent. It’s long, and soft and shines with a light that comes from within. Also, if you wear 2 v-necks, is it a w-neck?

  244. You’re so pretty

  245. V neck all the waaaay! and your hair is soooo insanely HOOOT!

  246. Your hair has more flair then a v-neck on a man named Blair

  247. V-necks make great under shirts

  248. V-necks are a necessity when wearing dress shirts, so you don’t have a shirt showing if you want to relax/unbutton. 

  249. Your hair always look great and hey how could u go ever wrong with v-neck t-shirts…i love them…

  250. If your gonna wear a v-neck, Please…make sure you shave your chest hair.. you’d be doing everyone a huge favor!!!

    1. “Shave your chest”? what…men are no longer supposed to be men? if you want to shave like a woman fine don’t feminize the rest of us.

  251. v-necks are funny looking.

  252. V-Necks the B’s-Knees(:

  253. Your hair looks great! I really commend your stylist! Make sure you leave a great tip next time you see them! Though it doesn’t really go with the v-neck you are sporting…

  254. I wish I had hair like Chris and he makes V-Necks so stylish.

  255. V-neck shirts are great, I wear them often and a deep V can be good as long as it doesn’t go TOO deep.

  256. pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  257. V-necks all the way

  258. The most positive thing about V-Necks is that they are the only shirt that truly embraces my fierce chest hair.

    The only nicer hair I can think of is yours Chris, so luxurious.

  259. Your hairstyle is pretty cool! I like how it’s styled. Did that for a friend of mine once but to be honest, it definitely suits you more! :)

  260. V-Necks are the new tanktops

  261. V-Necks are all the rage these days, buddy

  262. Chris Chavez’s hair looks like Fry from Futurama.. AWESOME!1!1

  263. I only wear V-necks when i’m going to sleep 

  264. Keep wearing v-necks Chris, they make your hair look good.

  265. I got that Vulcan a v-neck. Vulcan’s LOVE v-necks. _\//

  266. I did my hair like yours after you helped me root my G1 way back. I even tried to wear v-necks. Sadly, I didn’t look as good as you =(

  267. V-Neck T Shirts can go wrong when dudes show off their man cleavage.

  268. v-necks are the new crew cuts…

  269. I don’t know what to comment on… the hair is so awesome it blinded me with its awesomeness before I even saw it, and v-necks are the only true form of sweater greatness….. oh, what to do……

  270. If I win the lump of coal shaped like Andy, could you please put it in a v-neck t-shirt? V-necks rock! By the way…nice hair also!

  271. I’m in.  I do prefer V-necks as opposed to crew.  But, I would be in even if the winnings amounted to a lump of coal, shaped like Andy.

  272. Nice hair.

  273. DEEP v-Necks are better with your head of hair!

  274. Im wearing a v-neck RIGHT now

  275. If I had to choose between wearing a v-neck or getting your hairstyle, the latter sounds better. 

  276. V-neck T-shirts allow you to display bulging neck muscles and manly chest hair. 

  277. l have never seen you before, but I guess you’re pretty handsome since you’re giving away stuff.

  278. V-Neck shirts are great at displaying decolletage, which makes them a winner.

  279. That V-neck really makes your chest hair look nice.

  280. V-necks are awesome, so is your hair.

  281. V-neck t-shirts can take away from your awesome hair if you’re showing too much chest hair

  282. V-neck t-shirts are great for showing off your luxurious chest hair.

  283. V-neck are the best kind of shirt and free stuff is the best kind of stuff

  284. V-necks are to shirts as the Chiefs are to football.

  285. Some people just can’t pull off v-necks.

  286. I think black vnecks grey cardigan with semi texturizied hair is very flattering I for one would have took down your sides a little shorter and pieced out the top to emphasize ur williamsburge chic. I’m a hair dresser lmfao and a Phandroid fanatic

  287. I wore a vneck tshirt once. Unfortunatlly it involved the death of a squirrell. My nipples grew back at least.

  288. all i wear is v-knecks. oh yeah, and your hair looks great!

  289. V-neck tshirts are easier to rip off for the ladies!!! ;-)

  290. I think spikey hair and v-necks are the perfect combination!

  291. v-neck t-shirts…..i been bringing them back

  292. V-necks rock and you have cool hair! crossing fingers!!

  293. Good choice with the V-Neck didn’t Bacon up like other shirts. Bacon yuuum

  294. Your hair looks great with that v-neck on!!!

  295. V-necks make your neck look longer and junk.

  296. I think it is wonderful that you have hair.

    I am also positive I would really enjoy winning any of today’s prizes. If I don’t need the prize I win I can always give it to one of the other Android users in my family – even my 84 year old mother has a Nook…

  297. That vneck and your slicked back hair makes you look like an Italian mob boss…All you need to do is watch all the parts of the Godfather and you’ll be ready

  298. Your hair makes you look better than David Hasselhoff in a v-neck shirt.

  299. I don’t always wear undershirts, but when I do, I wear v-necks

  300. You have style if you prefer:

    V-necks > crew necks
    Axe hair gel > Mocco de Gorilla

    Enough said.

  301. You have nice hair and rock v-neck shirts.

  302. You have really great hair and it really goes well with that v-neck. It’s really good how they bring the color in your eyes! Great job getting dressed.

  303. Your hair looks quite exquisite alongside your “v-neck” torso covering.

  304. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  305. Unfortunately v-necks feel very uncomfortable on me. Otherwise, they look great on others.

  306. your hair looks really good in that v neck.

  307. A good V-neck can make for a classy shirt.
    Too low and they are used to show off man boobs.

  308. V-necks are something that must be experienced. I thought they looked funny too until i put one on. Now i think they look okay. :)

  309. V-neck shirts are a lot more stylish than non-V-neck shirts.

  310. Your hair looks amazing and v-neck tshirts are the best. Especially when you can grow your chest hair out and and curls over the low cut v.

  311. V-necks make your neck look longer and junk.

  312. I want to like V-neck shirts but I just can’t get myself to wear them, although a lot of people around me are always wearing them.  BTW Chris, your hair is absolutely awesome.

  313. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  314. I love v-necks and your hair is great!!!

  315. Your hair, vnecks and style are impeccable.

  316. I want free stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. v-neck shirts are cool

  318. Chris’ V-neck and that sexy hair makes the lady’s go crazy for him! 

  319. bearodactyls wearing v-neckc….that is all

  320. Your hair is just fantastic, I especially like how it looks with your v-neck t-shirts!

  321. Come on big money .. no whammies! I could use a new v-neck as well, I hear they make you irresistable

  322. I have always been very anti v-neck As long as I could remember v-neckishness has a blasphemous ink blot on the naked soul of humanity. My sister in law in Thailand sent me some v-necks . All that money to send such concentrated evil all that way? Did she hate me that much I asked? Then I read this post and thought…..have I been to hard on the neck of the v? I mean to sin against the v might be a sin against Chris. So I tried on the v-necks……yes 2 of them. Pure liquid sexy! I now knew the power of v’s and if they could make me look that good , then they must make Mr. Chavez look like the God of shakashalaylay! Thank you for showing me the way……….also thanks for cheering up my wife who was mad at me cuz I didn’t like her sisters gift.

  323. v-necks<ugly Christmas sweaters

  324. chris, you’re the first tech reviewer that I can honestly say is trendy. i’ve never seen anyone rock a fohawk of epic proportions and do tech reviews at the same time until you.
    stay classy good sir.

  325. V Neck T-Shirts are the best because they let guys show off their hamburger meat (chest hair).

  326. Your hair…it’s looks amazing. Have you been deep conditioning? Get a new cut? You must’ve stopped using parabens and sulfates. Anyway, it’s awesome.

  327. v-neck’s are totally rad, man. 

  328. What is wrong with v-necks? I am rocking one right now after a 50+ mile cyclocross bike ride. viva la v-necks! though I don’t have any chest hair poking out, so I can’t rock it all cool like. would have to have the v come down to a nipple :D

  329. I wish I had your hair on my head.

  330. Ok, v-necks are weird…. but I’m sure any self-respecting Android would be dazzled by your hair ;)

  331. I would only look good in a v-neck if I was holding a kindle fire

  332. why not try a v-neck to go with that new ‘do Chris?

  333. I need to style my chest-hair whenever I wear a vneck, which is quite annoying. 

  334. V-neck t-shirts are on my Christmas list!

  335. Chris, I think very neck to shirts are great!

  336. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  337. V-necks are tricky, let it drop down, but not too low.
    No one wants to see man cleavage.

  338. V-necks are great because you can fit Chris’s head through the opening without messing the hair up.

  339. V-necks fit like gloves

  340. Oh my, Chris. Did you get your hair did? It looks absolutely gorgeous. You should have been in Good Hair by Chris Rock. Not only in it, but the star in my opinion. At any rate, v-necks rock, woo!

  341. Vnecks are an awesome choice…less chance of having bacon neck….and don’t just take my word for it…take Michael jordans.

  342. V-necks are for men that want to show off their chest hair.. and am i then only one that would want a coal shaped andy?

  343. How could I possibly talk about your hair without a picture of how stylin’ it is?

  344. Mi Compadre Chris, su pelo se parece a Conan O’brien’s, and you always styling in v-neck shirts.

  345. What the shirt? This is a comment about hair….awesome hair!

  346. Vnecks are an awesome choice…less chance of having bacon neck….and don’t just take my word for it…take Michael jordans.

  347. If it’s not a ‘V’, it’s not for me.

  348. I wear v- necks so I don’t get Bacon neck

  349. I like ur hair

  350. Yesterday I was walking by the mall and I saw Chris Chavez rocking a v-neck sweater and a fancy new hair do. As if that wasn’t cool enough, he had no less than 18 robot ho*kers following him!!

    I’d call him a boss, but he’s clearly P I M P.

  351. Your luscious hair would be wonderfully complemented by an inverse v-neck!

  352. V-necks make your hair look awesome. Your chest hair that is…

  353. There’s nothing like a good ole v-neck t-shirt to get your sexy back!

  354. I can’t wear v-necks unless I shave my crest and don’t have time to shave that often but I it is Fight Night I’ll rock my V-neck Fight shirt.  And I’m the Winner!

  355. My friend Tango shaved his chest to make it look like he was wearing a v-neck.

  356. I admire your beautiful lustrous locks and your ability to wear a v-neck, my chest hair prevents the latter.

  357. Your wavy hair would really be complimented by some sexy v-necks ;)

  358. 3XLT V-Necks T-Shirts are my friend!

  359. I swear to forever honor your amazing hair and rockin v-necks if I were receive a Kindle Fire sometime soon…

  360. V-necks are cool, just like bow-ties :)

  361. Your hair should be the next big thing, V-necks are the best kind of shirt

  362. Yo Andy, your hair is like your 4th best feature. Also, your taste in v-necks is baller.

    Am I doing this right?

  363. My v-neck goes down to my belly button

  364. A day wearing a v-neck without an android device is a day without fun.

  365. December is the best month to wear v necks. Crew cut is so November

  366. V-necks the only way to Android!

  367. You’re hair looks fabulous when you wear that awesome v-neck!

  368. Only two type of people can really pull off vnecks… Chris Chavez and Chuck Norris

  369. V-necks should only be allowed to be worn by people withyour hair.

  370. I don’t always wear clothes…but when I do, I wear a v-neck.

  371. Vneck teeshirts make you look 10x as stylish than a crew neck ;]

    but only if you win this contest

  372. i watched the entire video . . . i love thunderbolt . . . pick me!!!

  373. I wear one every day.  Only to show off my manly chest here.

    I am going to leave this right here:

  374. My favorite v-necks are made out of your soft shiny hair

  375. I’d love to see Andy in a V-Neck. Make it happen, Phandroid.

  376. I can’t decide which is better, v-neck t-shirts or your hair!

  377. Can I get that andy-shaped piece of coal???…. Wrapped in a v-neck by a guy with awesome hair!? ;)

  378. V-necks shirts are nice.

  379. Your lovely, luxuriously luscious locks flow freely down your shoulders. It fills me with intense envy.

    I only take solace in being able to wear revealing low-cut V-Necks sweaters more flatteringly.

  380. V-necks. Tho lower the V the better……

  381. Whoa momma, Johnny Bravo and Chris Chavez were separated at birth!

  382. I love your chest hair that spills out from your v-neck.

  383. The ONLY way to accentuate Chavez’s hair is with a svelte V-neck.

  384. I was planning on saying something about how Chris’s hair is better then the authors, then I checked who the author was. So I fall.

  385. Daniel Tosh made it the summer of “Deep V’s.” I say we make 2012 the year of Deep V’s!

  386. gotta love the vneck and afro combo.

  387. V neck are for Ravens Jerseys

  388. The chest hair I can see peeking out of your v-neck is so sexy! So manly! 

  389. I wear v-necks to sleep and your hair is awesome Chris!

  390. Chuck Norris wears a live rattlesnake for a condom and a V-neck ;)

  391. I love your hair that is sticking out of your v-neck shirt.


  393. OK your hair’s got some crazy awesome waves like the ones off the coast of Oahu but lets leave v-necks to the girls. :)

  394. V-neck t-shirts are so much more sensible than the lesser known W-neck t-shirts. Way to be sensible!

  395. The only thing better than your hair would be me winning this contest.

  396. I like your hair, but i LOVE v-necks

  397. +1 for v-necks!

  398. I don’t have nearly enough v-necks to show off my sexy chest hair!

  399. I hate v-necks.  But I’d consider wearing one if I one this contest!

  400. i’ve never seen your hair, but from what other people have said, it sounds like it looks pretty good. 

  401. V necks are great… They minimize the possibility of an embarassing case of bacon neck.

  402. I think v neck t-shirts are hair today gone tomorrow.

  403. I have never seen anyone make a V-neck look better than you. Ever. Well, maybe once…but still, that’s pretty good. 

  404. You have the cutest v-neck and hair I have ever seen. No homo:)

  405. V-necks+chavez hair= uber sexy

  406. V neck Tshirts are so cool. U can wear one and still cover it up with a nice shirt or not at all.

  407. nice pompadour

  408. vnecks are awsome, but not as awsome as ULTRA vnecks! :P 

  409. wore a v-neck once. was very cold.

  410. I like v-necks and your hair is nice.

  411. If you’re going vneck you gotta go all out….

  412. Hmm… I’m actually not all that adverse to an Andy-shaped lump of coal, especially if it’s wearing a v-neck. :P

  413. I’m currently wearing a v-neck under a nice sweater. Haters may hate, but v-neck/sweater combos get girls. Especially if you have hair like Gamercore.

  414. V-necks are where it’s it! All the cool guys (like Chris with his rockin’ hair) are wearing them.

  415. my friend likes to wear plain white v-neck tshirts.

  416. I love the way V-neck tshirts show off my clavicle.  Who needs a collar when you have a collar bone?

  417. that v-neck really makes your hair look great!!

  418. If you wear a v-neck shirt, we will all be able to see your hair. Or something.

  419. Your hairs sexy. And v-necks are totally not feminine.

  420. Holidays are a great time to wear v-necks, especially if your name is Chris and you have AMAZING hair!

  421. Always gotta rock the vneck when I am in south beach.

  422. Chris Chavez in a V-neck with hair = sexy editor

  423. v necks.. only for the grown and sexy

  424. I like it when girls wear v-necks!

  425. What do you get when you cross an Android, a Super V-neck wearing hipster, and break said hipsters legs rendering him useless? 

    It starts with an I and ends with Phone! 

  426. I find that v-neck don’t do too much for me. I have a very awkward amount of chest hair. Enough to notice but not enough to be manly. 

  427. v-necks =  sexy

  428. What’s a v-necks?

  429. I wrote v- necks in elementary school. I got beat up. Now I fight wear them and don’t. Connection?

  430. I love wearing a nice v neck t shirt in the wintertime. Also, nice hair.

  431. OMG I HOPE I WIN……..tomorrow’s contest with the Gnexus…..That phone must become mine…one way or another……….So here is my not winning comment:

    I’ am floating through the Air,
    I look down and see a Bear,
    but I am sitting in a Chair
    yes, I Dare
    to face him Everywhere
    with a gun, though that’s not Fair
    I call my friend gary, Gare
    Have you seen his Hair?
    I think icloud should be called, I-air
    now horribly mispronounce, Jar!
    Just like I mis-spel care like Kare
    I must return to my secret Lair,
    I will ride there on my white Mare
    You can try to follow, but you’ll get Nowhere
    Cus I’ll be Overthere!
    Yes, I know that word was actually one Pair
    Just for fun I’ll name my dog Qair
    Yes that name will be very Rare
    But it’ll make you stop and Stare
    while you are standing over There
    A match stick in Dutch without the l is called “Ucifer”
    Fur, typically bluish-gray, obtained from a variety of squirrel…., is called Vair
    What do you think of this o-neck tshirt i Wear?
    What’s alf’s homeplanet called? Xere?
    Or was it Zere?

    As I only mentioned Gary’s hairdo and O-neck t-shirts, the rules must not count this comment as an entry for this contest…..because I want to win one with a Gnexus, I don’t even kare if that’s the only thing I win…must have…gNexus….GIEF!!!

  432. I like the V neck. It shows your bacon neck t-shirt.

  433. I am POSITIVE your hair style is setting fashion trends!

  434. Did I win? Or an I just another one to comment about how great your hair looks when you were a v-neck shirt.

  435. v-necks – for the man who values his chest hair

  436. phandroid rules, even more than androids wearing v-necks

  437. May your V go as deep as your hair high

  438. You could wear a V-neck while drinkin’ a longneck and riding on a V-twin…wait, did I just write a country song?!?

  439. V-neck t-shirts are worn by geeks. Chris Chavez’s hair is killer!

  440. I like v-necks, but i LOVE your hair.

    [email protected]

  441. Love your hair!

  442. I’m hoping v-neck shirt and skinny neck tie combo comes into style in 2012. 

  443. i dont like v necks or your hair but i still want to win

  444. Chris….I want your V-necks. No joke.

  445. I like the V neck. It’s better than your bacon neck t – shirt.

  446. I have a v-neck. It’s much nicer than the k-neck since they don’t make k-neck t-shirts.

  447. V necks make your hair look good

  448. Your hair really brings out your eyes ;o)

  449. The V-neck shirt detracts people from looking at your hair. That’s kind of positive right?

  450. I envy your hair and its existence.  For I have none.  [sigh]

  451. Your hair is fantastic. I just wish there was that much coming out of the v in your v-neck shirt too.

  452. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  453. I <3 v-neck tshirts ^_^

  454. I’m wearing a V Neck right now!

  455. i was gonna give your hair a 5 star rating, but then i saw your v neck and decided you deserve 6 stars

  456. Only Tosh can pull off the deepest of v necks.

  457. A v-neck makes your pecks stand out like a muscly beast! No woman will care about your hair if you wear one of these!

  458. V-necks are awesome?

  459. V-neck t-shirts are cool and all but if you swapped it for a turtleneck, pulled it up over your face and then spiked your hair you could say you were one of those plastic trolls for Halloween.  El Cheapo costume.

  460. So v-necks are very metro…. and my gf makes me wear them hahaha. 
    Anyway, if this is random, why do we specifically have to mention that or Chris’ hair?? Since I probably won’t win anyway, can I just get the andy shaped lump coal sent to me as consolation prize? 

  461. V-necks are awesome?

  462. why v-necks?

  463. Ever since military school, I haven’t worn any other t shirt besides a v neck. In fact, I have one on right now.

  464. V-necks look best on women

  465. Your luscious golden chest hair accentuates your well-tailored emerald V-neck.

  466. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  467. Happy hairy V-necks

  468. I wear v-necks and have some gorgeous hair just like you (:

  469. Vnecks are SMEXY

  470. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  471. Chris has a do to die for. V-neck T-shirts always look good on a summer day.

  472. I have a couple of v-neck t-shirts, but now that it’s winter, my assets look better in a v-neck sweater…

  473. gurl yo hair too fine!

  474. Sounds pretty fruity to want someone to comment on hair and v-necks in the same sentance

  475. Your hair looks great!

  476. I love v-necks, cuz the girls go wild for my chest hair

  477. You only wear v-necks so you can show off your hair, your chest hair that is!

  478. Only cool people wear v necks!

  479. your hair goes really great with a v-neck

  480. Chris Chavez has the best hair and wears v-neck t-shirts better than anyone.

  481. I like to wear my v-necks cut low enough so that you can see my happy trail.

  482. V-neck shirts are a sure bet way to let everyone know that you are a mannly man with hair on your chest, and an awesome head of hair to compliment.

  483. V-neck shirts bring out the best of your chest hair!

    Wait….wrong hair!

  484. That V-neck really makes your hair look cute!

  485. The best reason for Chris Chavez to wear v-neck t-shirts is that they make his hair look great.

  486. Only thing that beats a turtle neck is a v-neck. V-necks and chains!

  487. I would wear a v-neck for a g-nex!

  488. That’s some pretty sweet hair you got goin on and I’m wearing a totally awesome V neck right now.

  489. V-neck shirts are cool, and so is your hair.

  490. Just like me to wait until the last minute… kind of what inspired your hairdo. ;)

  491. Your v-neck shirts are pretty awesome. They aren’t for me though, I don’t want to look like I’m smuggling a bear in my shirt.

  492. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidroid to all!

  493. happy Xmas Phandroid!

  494. your hair looks great in them v-neck t-shirts…..

  495. I once bought a pack of V-neck shirts to impress a hipster chick but the shirts were too short/tight and my gut was too big. Also, the “V” went too low and my chest hair came out too far. If only I had you sweet sweet lion’s mane, then maybe I could pull of the V-Neck or other none plain T-shirt looks.

  496. You hair looks amazing when wearing a v-neck!

  497. V-neck: the un-turtleneck!

  498. I like v-neck sweaters, because they leave room for me to slip my phone into my shirt pocket.

  499. One of my favorite people wears v-necks! I smile every time I see one!

  500. Michael Jordan approves of V-necks, they eliminate the chance of bacon collar.

  501. I would really like to make a V-Neck out of your beautiful head of hair, and I love to win contests.

  502. Having any hair is good enough for us follically challenged.

  503. Vampires love v-necks. Umpires love u-necks.

  504. I like to wear my V-neck while winning cool stuff!!

  505. Love a great v-neck

  506. Your v-neck or your hair? I don’t know where to stare!

  507. Your hair has some lovely volume and look at that shine!

  508. Awesome giveaway, thanks guy!
    But wait, Chris, there’s something different about you… Did you get a new haircut? Because your hair looks amazing!

  509. Your v-neck and hair go great together.

  510. V-neck sweaters are awesome, especially when they have to do with Phandroid!

  511. you look nice in a v-neck

  512. I love V-neck tshirts

  513. I think v neck tees look good with a little chest hair peeking out the top….

  514. We’ll do anything for the chance to win free stuff. That includes wearing a sweet v-neck t-shirt.

  515. v-necks for gnex

    1. You BARELY made the cut-off! You were the last person to post a comment at 3:26pm. Exactly 1 hour from when the post went up. Good luck! :)

  516. Really? V-necks?

  517. Nice hair dude /sarc

  518. In honor of Steve jobs, You have pledged to wear a black V-neck from now on LOL

  519. v-necks are the 99% of my wardrobe 

  520. I love v-necks! They allow my flowing locks of chest hair to bask in the sun shiny goodness!

  521. I wish I had chest hair to show off in a v-neck :/

  522. V necks are for those who don’t like getting choked out by their shirts! ie. Smart people.

  523. Well if we’re talking about chest hair, you should not wear a v-neck!

  524. the v-neck t-shirt accentuates the flow of your hair

  525. V-neck t-shirts help accentuate your flowing chest-hair.

  526. V-necks rule!

  527. You have no idea how frantic I was. :P (also i always keep calling the logitech revue the lg revue =X) lol

  528. Y’know when it comes to v-necks, I really prefer a double-v. I’m very jealous of your luxurious locks!

  529. you know what is awesome?  chest hair coming out of v-necks.  its how i rock it.

  530. Roses are red, v-necks are cool,
    If I see you in one I’m mostly certainly drool!

  531. V-necks are the bomb. #soisyourhair

  532. Your hair is gorgeous

  533. You have lovely chest hair, which I can see perfectly thanks to those stylish v-necks that you love so much.

  534. Sharks don’t wear v-necks

  535. I like V’z tight! That’s the only way they look Right! Right?

  536. V-necks make Chris’ hair look nice.

  537. V-necks are the BOMB!!!!  (and by hair, you mean hair of the dog??!?!? jk)

  538. Go go gadget android

  539. V-necks are the way to go if you want to be fashion

  540. your hair is beautiful