New Samsung Ad Teases iPhone Owners With Music in the Cloud on the Galaxy S II [Video]


Samsung’s taken another shot at Apple in another one of their Galaxy S II ads in a series depicting iPhone owners standing in line for the next iPhone. This time, a guy walks up and lets people know that if they had a Galaxy S II they wouldn’t need to transfer or redownload their music when going to a different phone as it’s all up in the clouds. They also tout tons of different places to buy and download movies. Oh, and we’ve got four hours left for the big iPhone launch in this series – we’re curious to see what Samsung has planned for when the doors swing open. Check the video out above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I guess nobody told Samsung about iTunes Match.

    1. its still not a streaming service, it just allows download to all devices.  you still have to download it.

      1. It streams to computers, there’s almost no uploading needed, a lot of your library gets a quality upgrade, and the music is available when you get a new device.

        Downloading is a better solution anyway because you’d be pretty screwed if you want to listen to music and you don’t have a data connection.

        1. We went on a trip out west and even out in the middle of Arizona I was still streaming on a 2G connection basically.

          1. For android you have spotify, rhapsody, google music, and amazon mp3 that allow you to make things available offline but that’s only if you need to get on a plane where there is no internet. So you have both stream/download.  It’s about choices.  With iphone Steve made your choice for you.  Now he’s gone it could a little scary for you.

          2. You can use all of those on iOS so uh…

          3. Good god, your choice arguments are so fucking idiotic and inconsistent.

            If you are an advocate for choice, you should respect the fact that other people CHOSE to use iOS. Some of you guys are really messed up in the head.

          4. Looks like I hit a nerve.  I didn’t mean to make you feel like iOS isn’t a choice, but let’s not pretend it’s the superior choice or only choice. It’s a preference about products that aren’t that complicated anyway.

          5. Which is better than being in the middle of Arizona and playing music saved on your SD card how?

          6. Whoa, since when iPhone has SD card slot?

    2. Nobody told most Apple users either.

        1. HA! Zing!


    3. im aware they do know..match is still no match..btw i a former iphone user and knowning a few iphone users and they being in the computing arena.tell me match is very good but please..another thing i say another flavor in the koolaid batch.

    4. I guess nobody told Samsung about iTunes Match(with as much mocking as I can)
      I guess nobody told iPhone users about the many amazing options to stream and make music libraries available to you on an android.  Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Music, Amazon, Samsung’s music service, etc.  Both streaming and making things available offline with very little effort and no archaic syncing with your desktop from your phone.  This isn’t new either like it is to iPhone.This comment really puts you in that line in the commercial and proves everything that Samsung is trying to point out about the arrogant/ignorant iphone fans.

      1. alot of iphone user dont know shit!!! funny how they ask me if i heard a song or album that they payed for on itunes and i have it on spotify just one click!

        1. Dude, Spotify runs on the iPhone as well.

          1. and your point is?

          2. iPhone users don’t think anything exists outside of the iPhone and that anything else is inferior.  I think iPhone really is the AOL of smart phones.  Take the masses a new thing and make them think that things don’t exist outside of it.  How many AOL users didn’t think you could use the internet without AOL’s browser.  I didn’t like AOL back then because it was insulting and I don’t like iPhones for many of the same reasons.

          3. Best comparison ever.

    5. The 1st generation iphone was able to stream music and soon after movies from your sleeping home computer, there were plenty of streaming music apps then too. This is before android was even completely set up. Itunes match takes your mp3s from anywhere (anywhere…) and gives you a high quality official better version. Android offers the same thing, it does a good job of doing that, but saying one service is completely different than the other in the commercial is wrong.

      1. and saying that iphone being able to move mp3’s around and stream is somehow bleeding edge super advanced technology is just dumb.

    6. I can’t stand iTunes and this is where my experience started and ended with Apple.  I don’t like proprietary closed systems and that is exactly what iTunes is.  Try and take your music and play it on anything except an apple product.  Very difficult.

      1. You’ve hit the golden nail on the head with the diamond hammer. iTunes is the cash cow that Apple depends on. They get a nice (40%???) cut of everything that goes thru it. Thus they “tie” you into it and make it extremely difficult to play your purchased music or videos on anything else. Now of course, if you’ll simply plop down another $200 for your next iWhatever, you can now play your music. That’s why we continue to talk about choice… As an Apple user, you don’t have it, and obviously, you don’t get it. Thus the Samsung commercials (they don’t get it either).

    7. iTunes Match…the $25/year service thait Google and Amazon are GIVING away for free.  Oh, and you can “Pin” songs that you want to have available when you have poor internet connection, but still keep the majority of your music off of your device, freeing it up for other things.

      I personally keep 10 movies and about 6 hours of music on my phone, and have the rest of my movie and music library on the cloud.

      Which is about as awesome as it gets.

  2. I do think these ads are funny, but I think they not gonna be very effective. Also Samsung, your not supposed to diss the users of another product. You have to show the better benefits of your device. Not everyone wants a bigger screen & you can’t tout 4g when more then 1/2 of America don’t even have 4g in there area. So folks are paying more for 4g devices when a lot don’t even have 4g.

    1. It worked well for Apple when they made the “i’m a pc” people seem like bumbling geeks compared to the hipster cool “I’m a mac” people.

      1. This is a fair point.  I do agree though, 4G isn’t a great place to attack.  It’s not widespread enough yet, so it’s a moot point for a lot of people.

        1. I sort of agree, but unfortunately a lot of people are either pretty dumb, oblivious/ignorant or just don’t take the time to think things through and just see a bigger number (4) and automatically think that it’s better. It’s actually kind of scary how many people have no idea what things matter when buying technology. 

          Anyway, my point is, these ads are for the masses who are generally less aware than people on sites like these and will just see 4G or no 4G and think the former is better because its higher without thinking about what that means. But again, I do see your point as it isn’t a selling point to some people. 

      2. They were insulting PCs, not PC users. They made that pretty clear.

        1. how do you know?that guy was a user.they did very underhanded in a way…they insulted pc yes but pc’s arent alive..people use them and their was a jab..tyvm

        2. I’d say those commercials did everything they could to make you feel stupid if you bought a PC instead of a Mac.

          1. ill never feel stupid for buying something that 95% of the worlds population actually use…honestly a no brainer. Why pay double for a MAC when u can get an HP for half the price with nearly the same functionality. 

    2. your not?listen in their own way in aubtle way apple does so.i think it is funny..you have no sense of humor

    3. spoken like a iphone user..very shallow

    4. Two points LeroyBoy. 1. Apple stores are not located in non-4G areas. Virtually ALL Apple stores are in larger cities where 4G is available. There will obviously be a few contradictions to that, but as a rule, Apple stores ARE located in 4G areas. 2. Its moot at this time because the commercial is pointing out that the iPhone doesn’t have 4G. Get it?

  3. As an iPhone user, I take serious offense to this ad!


    Seriously though, why is Samsung insulting their potential customers?  This just seems like really bad marketing.  I really did recently make the switch to an iPhone, and I’m happy.  I do miss 4G (I had it in Columbus), but overall, I’m pleased.  It’s a simpler experience for a daily driver phone.  I plan on getting something Android again soon, maybe a Nexus of some sort.  I’m hoping to learn to develop, so we’ll see.

    1. It would only be an insult if these situations don’t actually happen.

    2. They are letting arrogant iPhone users know that they aren’t as superior as they like to think they are.  It’s about removing the baseless perception of android being inferior for both their current users and potential users. iPhone users aren’t really who they are targeting in this add.  They are building a high quality perception about what you have with Samsung without any apologies. They are really hitting the mark with this campaign.  I bet Apple is fuming and unleashing more litigation as you read this.

      1. arrogant iphone users? You know who is arrogant? The idiotic Android users who somehow like to argue they get to make a choice, but when other consumers don’t make the same choice as them, they are labeled as dumb, uneducated, and sheep. 

        Good lord are you fucking stupid? Wow this is unreal.

        1. Thanks for making his point !! iphone tech is circa 2007, so anyone that makes that choice is dumb. an educated person would know that. If its choice then claim its choice, dont claim the iCrap is superior, just say u choose outdated, overpriced tech. 

          1. Bro, you are actually helping to make wakkoman’s point. Why would it upset you that someone wants a different os than you? Everyone is entitled to use whatever they want.

          2. Dude, where in my comment did I sound “upset” ? She was the one upset. I was just telling her to say she chooses crap (which it is) rather than claim its superior.  What upsets me is comments like yours…mind your business BRO

        2. You know who’s even dumber?  Idiots that hang out on Android forums trolling and getting angry because the crappy products they like are being ridiculed.

          The majority of iPhone users (certainly not all) are the most close minded individuals one can come in contact with.
          Check out any Apple blog/forum and the proof is right there. They also tend to live in a bubble.

          If you have a problem with Android users, then don’t read the posts here. We don’t owe you or Apple users anything.

          And BTW, I was once an Apple user for a year. I soon saw the light. Their products are more about hype than substance.

        3. I won’t generalize like some folks do, but I do know quite a few people who are very arrogant about iPhone being better than Android.  Many of them should blame themselves because they bought a Droid X or Droid 2, and IMO Motorola products just aren’t that great.  People need to do their homework before buying an Android product, whereas with iOS they really don’t because there is barely any choice.  

    3. I think the ad is not supposed to insult, but make people think twice about why they are doing something.  Why are you standing in line? Are you aware there are other options out there?  It doesn’t HAVE to be this way.  

      Of course, this is coming from someone painfully waiting for the Nexus to land in the US.

      1. yep now the “rumor” is new years eve…..sheeez

    4. I think they are poking fun at only a fraction of Apple users, namely those who stand in line, often in bad weather, just for the opportunity to say “first.”  Let’s face it, standing in line for anything sucks.  No one likes to stand in line.  For a concert with limited tickets, maybe, but IMO, no electronics device is worth standing in line over.  I’ll order it online before that ever happens, or wait a few days when there are no lines.

    5. I love the line in one of the other commercials , “This version looks just like the last , so how will anyone know I have the latest iPhone ?” .

    6. While Sammy MIGHT be trying to woo some iPhone customers away (how many do you think they’ll get?  Some but not many) the commercial is directed at the 50% that don’t have smartphones and are considering them.

    7. I don’t understand all the criticism towards samsung. Does nobody else remember “Hi, I’m a Mac” “and I’m a PC” commercials? If anything, apple was the one mocking others to begin with.

  4. The difference is iTunes match costs money. where Google’s cloud is free (to a point)

    1. Free for up to 20,000 songs. That’s about 300GB worth of music. Last I looked I had uploaded a little under 3000 songs. That’s a CRAP TON of music.

      1. Plus, whatever you buy from Google’s music service doesn’t count to that 20,000.  

  5. I thought google music was a stupid idea when it was first promoted. Now I can’t live without it. It works just the way it should. You upload your music online. No strings attached. Up to 20,000 songs, and bam, they are instantly there wherever you are. And it’s free for you to use. No subscriptions or restrictions.

    The funny thing is I can’t even tell a discernible audio quality difference when it’s streamed, and I am using a pair of $60-70 earbuds. Even over 3g, I don’t know if it’s a combo of the pretty decent audio dac in the gs2 (it’s no wolfson, but it gets the job done), or google’s streaming implementation, but all of my songs sound ridiculously good even over a slow 3g connection (we are talking about sprint here).

    I’m a believer. I used to carry my ipod everywhere. Now I just keep it in my car.

    1. I’ve been hesitant to start uploading my music to the cloud via Google Music.  I have a lot of it and I tend to be obsessive, so I keep fearing the start of a *really* long process on my DSL connection…

      1. The Google Music Manager will do it for you. You don’t have to do a thing except point it towards the music folder and tell it how much bandwidth to use.

        1. I suppose I’ll just do it.  Much appreciation. 

      2. It takes forever, but once done, it is music bliss. Just add music to your monitored folder and it uploads automatically. Pin/unpin music on your phone for offline playback. Or stream anything … perfect music solution in my opinion.

    2. Beats Audio doesn’t count as a $60-$70 pair of earbuds.

    3. I agree, I use it in my car all the time by plugging in the aux. jack to my stereo.  The thought of never having to leave a CD case in the car again is incredible, or wanting to listen to band X but forgot it at home, it’s an awesome service.

      I’ve also noticed they must have upgraded the service recently because the songs switch much quicker and smoother when one is done and the next starts playing. 

    4. I agree, great service and the sound quality is great.  From what I’ve seen, and maybe this is just because of my options, it doesn’t stream the music.  It downloads the track so you don’t have buffering.  Exactly what I always wanted tbh.  

  6. those people standing in those ridiculous lines are NOT potential samsung customers.  They are however, easy targets.  and 99% of regular iphone users laugh at the 1% that DO stand in line.

  7. Samsung:

    So I ball so hard muthafuckas wanna Sue me,

    Well first people gotta Sue me,

    What’s 50 grand to a muthafucka like me,

    Can you please remind me?

    Ball so hard lawsuits crazy,

    Y’all don’t know that don’t shit phase me,

    And as we go, Apple wanna what?

    Well I look at them like this shit gravy

    1. You kind of sound like an idiot

      1. couldn’t have said it any better myself… though I probably would have left out the “kind of”

      2. :D it takes a mind to think about what I said up there. I don’t expect people to understand on this site. Especially when this is pulled from a song made by Kanye West and Jay Z called Paris ;)

    2. One of your worst ones to date.

  8. breaking “hottest” news: 

    motorola wins agains apple in germany. banned or pay license for all of the world for apple. android wins all of the world (engadget)

  9. I love these commercials, and apple has nothing to fire back with. Their ip4s can’t compete with a phone that is 6 months older than it is.
    Just plain funny.

  10. I like that fact that the commercial was shot in my hometown Boston…..not. There is no 9th St store. They shouldn’t be aloud to use a city for crApple of all things if they are not even filming there. It’s a commercial not a movie.

  11. What are you guys giving up?
    Apple hipsters: Sleep, Vacation days, mostly. The feeling in my legs.

    Don’t forget all those Starbucks lattes, you silly liberal arts majors!

  12. android has a broader audience than Iphone . That is what makes android so appealing. Im hoping people wake up and know that they have choices . 

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