Soak Tests Beginning for DROID Bionic’s Huge Bug Fixing Update


Yesterday, details of a huge bug fixing upgrade for the DROID Bionic went public. We couldn’t and still can’t come up with an exact date on when the update is rolling out but we at least know we’re close. If Motorola’s testing goes well, we’ll know we’re even closer. They have started sending emails to users to participate in the upgrade’s soak test, common practice for any Motorola phone.

If all goes well, we usually see the upgrade no later than a week or two after that. With so many changes and fixes anything might pop up over the testing period and it may take longer to full test than usual due to the sheer amount of changes and fixes. Anyway, check your email if you have signed up for soak tests and be on the lookout for the upgrade. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. Mine is one that has been going black. Had to remove the battery to get it to reboot. Verizon said it was caused by one of my apps.WRONG!

  2. It’s scary that this device that took so long to release has this many bugs.  Our office got 2 Droid 3’s as trials to switch from Blackberries.  Both devices didn’t work, and the 2 replacement devices didn’t work, so Verizon gave free upgrades to the Bionic and the 2 guys have been less than happy with them.

    I’m concerned about Moto’s long term viability if they keep diminishing quality (whether it is in the software or hardware department.)  I really think they would have more success it they reduced the number of devices they put out to improve output.

  3. This is long long overdue.  My bionic often loses data connection and when I am trying to get the traffic to show up on google maps this takes about 8 miles of driving even though the area has always had a fine signal on my older phones.  I should have returned the phone immediately but the promise of an early November fix had me hold onto it.  Now it is already mid December, still waiting…

  4. Not sure whether to think I’m in the minority or if it’s just the users with problems have been more vocal but I have had almost zero problems and couldn’t be happier with my Bionic.

  5. Downloaded the Leaked OTA – quick install, super long load the first reboot.  Tested the camera, and that alone is a huge improvement.   No more head phone squeal, and i seem to be transitioning between 3g/4g in my area a whole lot better.   Reboots quicker after the first one to.  

    Moved about 10 apps to media area, none have disappeared or given the “app not installed on device” junk when launching from recent tray or app tray or home screens.

    Looking good.     droidmodderx had the leaked ota up earliar today – i snagged it via megaupload this morning, not sure if its still up.

  6. Moto rushed this piece of shit phone knowing it had MAJOR bugs. They had their focus on the razr.

    1. Sorry buddy but may be you got a bad phone! I love my Bionic! I have had know problems with it. May the problems are not with the phone.

  7. Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know I just received this official update, I am installing it as I type this… I am *NOT* part of any sort of SOAK test, this was at 4:10pm EST in Indiana.

  8. I got the update today totally out of the blue. The first reboot took super long. Haven’t noticed too much difference yet. If anything 4g and 3g transitioning seems quicker.

  9. Got the 5.5.893 update this morning.  No more headphone whine.  Fast camera!!!!
    Data connection seems more stable, but only time will tell there.  Good update!!!

  10. I have 5.7.893 its even better. go check it out on DroidLife

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