[Update] Is Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Domain Weirdness a Sign of Things to Come or Just an Error?


So a few of our readers have noticed something very odd. The URL vzw.com/galaxynexus used to redirect to the sign-up page where you’d request more information via email when the device becomes available. Today, the URL points to shop.verizonwireless.com with a page ID of “Samsung Nexus”.

Unfortunately, that page is about as blank as the expression on a customer service rep’s face when asked about the device’s true launch date. Is Verizon preparing to put something there sometime within the next couple of days? We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves but it’s still possible they could launch the device before the weekend is over.

Is this just an error? It’s possible the page was set to automatically go live at a certain time (reports came in early this morning) but someone forgot to change that. The signup page that vzw.com/galaxynexus used to point to is still live at this link. We’re not sure what’s going on exactly.

Many have gotten excited in suggesting that this could be a sign that Verizon will announce the phone today, but we’ve been burned too many times to even crack a smirk. For now,  we’re just going to say move on and wait for an actual press release. [via Reddit, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

[Update]: And now it’s back to normal. Most likely just an error.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Confirmed: DROID Xyboard Tablets Will Be in Stores December 12th; Already Available Online

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  1. Come on man!

    1. You may be waiting until 12/31.
      Don’t know if it’s true or not, just pointing it out.

  2. My neighbor was at Radio Shack this morning as they got ONE unit delivered.  The clerk tried to ring it up and it said “product can not be sold”.


    1. Same, the Radio Shack here on the west side of Manhattan had only one unit.  The store manager said that it probably won’t be released until the 15th or 19th.

  3. VZW may be waiting for the 15th when they expand LTE coverage again. I just wish we could get a solid date. Once “definitely by the end of November,” then “by the end of the year.” If only Google were selling this like the other nexus phones.

    1. Maybe this is how Google is convincing users they ought to buy directly from Google, like they tried to do with the Nexus One!

      Guerilla marketing!

  4. This is just ridiculous at this point… It’s Dec 9 for F**K sake


    It’s December 9th, and your precious phone still isn’t announced. Google is terrible at selling products. LOL wow. Unreal how incompetent that company is at things out side of search and ads.

    1. …and open source mobile operating systems ;)

    2. Your lack of intelligence bewilders me. Happy Holidays, enjoy your 3 year old phone

      1. Lack of intelligence? LOL – I’m not sure what 3 year old phone you are referring to
        I hope you enjoy the phone that was announced few months ago, but still doesn’t have a release date. Talk about being a fucking sheep….

        1. The issue is squarely with Verizon here not Google.  Google doesn’t control Verizon.

          1. Riiiight. All you Android idiots never want to blame the right party.

            You think Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint dictate when they will start selling the iPhone? No.

            If Verizon is willing to allow Apple to set the release date, why can’t Google achieve the same thing? Because they don’t respect Google.

          2. That is a somewhat valid point. Google should just state the release date is x versus letting carriers dictate that. Apple would not let that happen.

            ****and I am no apple fan!

          3. Look where that got them.  Antennagate on one version and screwed up operating out of the gate that had worse battery life on 3G than the HTC Thunderbolt got using 4G on the next.  The screwed up iHardware is probably what is making them so gun shy about releasing this phone until it’s completely polished.

          4. While that is somewhat valid, there’s probably a bit more to it than that, the iPhone will at the very least bring the cult like Mac fans to their network and make them bunches of money, while the Nexus, not even being part of their Droid line won’t bring them as much money, or as many new customers, but they do run the risk of loosing customers if they continue handling it like they are.

          5. I am on the Android side here, but why do you assume Verizon?

            Is there no chance that Google is holding it back to finalize 4.1.0?

        2. There you go proving your lack of intelligence. Do you know what site your on? Let me try to explain what happens here. An inside party lets call him man A to not confuse you, leaks information to a writer for this website, man B. So B reports the RUMORED information on this website and us readers whom all have phones with the latest technology already because we own android devices, read about to upcoming technology so we don’t mistakenly purchase a phone for 2 years that is going to have a 2 week life cycle. I know you’re probably upset that the 4s was basically the 4 with a built in friend for you losers to talk to, but no need to be envious that we have great new phones multiple times a year. Just remember, its never too late ;).

          P.S. This phone was already released by Google and is out i other countries (following its announcement), VZW is holding it back. Jeeze you should do a little more reading and a little less trolling.

          P.P.S. “Talk about fucking sheep”….Ha Ha, hipster

          1. Terrible post. You’ve just insulted my intelligence with that pointless rant. Try again. Good luck!

          2. I believe you mean siri’s intellegence!

          3. @wakkoman:disqus 

            Simmer down now son. If your gonna hate, go to the cult of mac with your counsel of geniuses and do it there, not here! Android forums are for people that think for themselves and don’t just follow. :P

          4. lol you’re funny, mostly due to poor grammar :P

    3. except it isnt googles fault at all…its verizon.

      1. Keep telling yourself that bro. If Google was involved in the entire process of designing the phone, and set up the event to ANNOUNCE the phone, they sure as hell should’ve been involved in the RELEASE of the phone. But they aren’t. They’re sitting on the sidelines while they let Verizon dictate all the terms.

        Do you see the carriers set the date for the new iPhone? Do you see the carriers determine when they release the new update for iOS? No and No. Why? Because Apple dictates the terms. Google doesn’t. And the only reason I can think of is that they aren’t willing to satisfy their customers as much as Apple wants to.

        1. No, Google released the phone just fine. Obviously you forgot that it has been on sale in the UK?

          It really is Verizon’s US “exclusive” that is mucking things up.

          1. But James as annoying as I find wako, he is right about that. Google could make a firm date and hold vz accountable if they do not keep to that date.

          2. Google cannot make a firm date.  It is up to the carrier in conjunction with the manufacturer to do that.  This is the Verizon variant of the phone which is a bigger phone that carries their 4G LTE radio in it.  They don’t want to release a product until it is ready for prime time on their network.  Google hasn’t been testing this phone, Verizon has.  Verizon has stated that it will be released towards the end of the year and it will be.  The Google CEO made it very clear that it is totally up to Verizon when they launch the phone.  I don’t like waiting anymore than the rest of you guys do but it is what it is.  At least it isn’t another Bionic fiasco where they couldn’t even get the 4G LTE radio to place nice with the original version of the Bionic.    

        2. I’m not your bro, buddy!

        3. I think the issue is only in the US. they’ve been selling the phone worldwide for about 2 weeks already on GSM. Feel free to pick one up online if you can’t wait…

        4. However if google had taken control of the whole situation, Verizon wouldn’t have carried the phone. Why? Because Verizon likes being in absolute control.

          1. Verizon likes being in absolute control, yet Apple still dictates everything about the iPhone on Verizon’s network?

            And if Google knows Verizon likes to be in control like you suggest they do, why would they not go with another carrier? T-Mobile has been fine for the last two Nexus devices. Sprint would’ve been another option.

          2. @wakkoman:disqus 

            Quit raging you crazy wakko!

    4. sir, i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and be nice (b/c someone treated my naive remarks poorly this morning that started a nasty argument).

      The phone has already landed in the stores. therefore 1) yes, shame on google for working with verizon. i’m sure verizon has been crossed off the google list for future vanilla devices. 2) verizon has the phone in the stores ready to sell, VZW is more than likely holding back the release. i think even one of the high up Goog execs said “it’s their phone” or something of the like. 3) i completely agree with your statement….incompetency has run amuck even to the point that I’ve talked to completely confused and frustrated vzw employees that are sick of dealing with us while having no answers themselves from upper mgmt.

    5. 3 years in a row, 3 different angles

    6. you seem to have forgotten how long it too Verizon to get the iPhone. Verizon just sucks, aside from badass network coverage.

  6. At this point i’m convinced the theory that the upper VZW management issued the order to hold back release because they didn’t sell enough RAZR or Rezound phones is the truth.
    I just saw 30+ GNex phones sitting in a box on the floor collecting dust.

    I’m sure all the VZW execs are walking around enjoying their GNex phones. If you see a VZW employee walking around in a suit with a GNex in his hand, feel free to grab it off him and smash it off the floor.

    1. I asked someone at VZW about the G-Nex and they immediately directed me the the Rezound

      1. I’ve been through that verbal tango about 10x now since Mid-November with 3/4th’s of the employees at my local Kiosk. 

        At this point I think even the employees are frustrated because they are losing out on a ton of commissions from telling hoards of people that they can’t sell them the phone yet.

        I know i’d be ticked off if 20 people a day told me they wanted to buy a phone that was sitting directly behind me collecting dust because I wasn’t allowed to sell it, knowing i’d get a fat Christmas paycheck from all the commissions.

        I’m releasing a book:
        How the Verizon Grinch Stole Christmas

        The main character of the book will be a sleezy VZW manager or board member, slinking around in the shadows sabotaging Christmas gifts. Instead of placing coal in someone’s stocking he will insultingly insert a  HTC Rezound or Droid RAZR along with a picture of a GNex and the caption “F U”

        He may even take a BM in a Galaxy Nexus box and leave it under someone’s Christmas tree.

        I mean Come onnnn.

        1. We just need to get a little creative here.

          Here’s what I want someone to try. Take this picture I sniped Wednesday to your kiosk and say “i’d like to buy a Galaxy Nexus Please.” 

          When they protest show them the picture and say, “My buddy just bought it at his local store. If his store got the Green Light to sell, why can’t I have mine?”


      2. That’s retail 101; sell what you got today and not what you might have some day.  Go to a auto dealership, they will do the same thing.  That sales person did exactly what he/she is supposed to do.

        1. Agreed.  VZW needs to understand that they’re hurting the local stores as well as the salespeople that count on making a living from selling the phones that people want.

          I wish these idiots would just release the damned phone.  I work at a local university, so I get my phone through our telecommunications office.  However, I have to wait for delivery of the phone, and someone needs to activate it, so today (Monday if I’m lucky) was the cutoff for me getting one before holiday break.  Looks like I’m spending Christmas without my GNex.  Please hang in there, OG Droid of mine, my one true friend!

          Honestly, the best thing that could be done is to simply stage a mass exodus of Verizon subscribers to make a statement–which I know will never happen.  They’re alienating the tech/gadget enthusiasts that popularized Android in the first place–and they owe Android for their continued dominance over AT&T after the advent of the iPhone.

          I love Verizon’s wireless service, and their general customer service is great as well, but their obvious lack of value in meeting customer needs has become simply unacceptable, and I can’t in good conscience continue to feed them my hard-earned cash. If I don’t end up with my GNex by Christmas, I’ll be promptly sending them a polite note detailing their shortcomings and cancelling my service.  I’ve been off contract for a year anyway.

    2. ya, well a number of guys who work in the stores are also walking around with them, my friends included : /

  7. Blah, Blah Blah…

  8. This smells so much like the Bionic, I’ve grown to have a bad taste in my mouth when I talk about the GNex. I give it 1 more week, then I will be purchasing a RAZR. wish me luck

    1. I won’t give Verizon the satisfaction. I will leave them for a subpar company before I buy the razr

    2. That’s what Verizon wants you to do.

      1. yes becasue they can hit you with a $35 restocking fee making the G-Nex a $335 phone

        1. Does Costco charge the restocking fee? That is where I am getting my GN.

    3. By the RAZR now and take it back when the GNext finally launches… That would serve them right for the way they have been jerking us around.

    4. This is NOTHING at all like the Bionic… The phone came out in Europe less then a month ago, and the actual phones themselves are already in stores.. It’s coming out within a week… the Bionic was a 6 month ordeal..

      It was never meant to come out the same time as the EU version.. so we are talking about a week or 2 off from what we wanted… not months and months with a total scrap and redesign of the phone itself… so how is it the same thing?

      1. It was announced like a month ago, we continue to get rumored release dates and it gets delayed every time. I’m not saying its going to get delayed for 6 months, but the delay in general sucks

        1. by that logic, I find more fault with Google/Samsung…. why unveil a device that wasn’t ready for showtime? (And based upon its UK release, it still had issues).

    5. I have the Razr, got it on launch, it’s a great phone but with a major flaw…the screen. I hate it! The images are WAY over contrasted, so much so that darker images just disappear. I’ll be switching as soon as the Nexus comes out.

    6. still waiting for the G-Nex. I called VZ and told them that I was pissed off with them and said I would switch to AT&T and buy unlocked GSM version. They decided to give me $50 credit to use when it comes out

    7. I bought the RAZR and tried it for a few weeks, great phone, but it is no GNex. So I returned it and am using my 3 year old Windows 6.0 phone. This phone is sooooo painful… :/

    8. This is nothing like the Bionic.  Motorola had to scrap the Bionic and rebrand the next Droid phone as the Bionic.  the Bionic didn’t come out until 9 months after it was announced at CES last year.  The Nexus will be out within 2 months of its announcement.  The only similarity to the Bionic is the missed RUMORED release dates which Verizon did not commit to.  We all want the phone out yesterday and it is frustrating waiting for it but after all, its just a phone and I’m sure it will be out before Christmas. 

    9. wait one more week, then give up, then go buy that RAZR………….. that’s exactly what Verizon wants you to do…….. its not fair that they have a superphone which is superior to all other phones…… so superior that nobody will want the inferior phones such as the RAZR, so might as well postpone it, so that more RAZR’s could get sold….. so buy that RAZR, that’s exactly what they want you to do, and you’ll be teaching them how successful they are when they want to delay something!

  9. The first rule of Verizon Galaxy Nexus Release Date Club is that there is no Verizon Galaxy Nexus Release Date Club

  10. just spoke with mike at my local verizon wireless store in dc. i asked if he had any information on the galaxy nexus and he said that they were supposed to be selling them today, that they had them in the store, but that they are unable to do so because of a system issue with verizon. i asked him about this and he said that the phones are not appearing in the verizon internal system but that they are hoping to have this resolved by this afternoon. i asked him if this meant they would possibly be selling the phones this afternoon and he said that was correct. he took my name and number and said he’d call back if they could sell the phone (apparently, they already have a list of people who have called about the phone).

    1. Verizon took it out of the system so that stores couldn’t ring it up to sell. It’s not an error, it’s on purpose

      1. do you know this for a fact? not trying to troll, just asking.

        1. I could have sworn it was in one of the articles either here or at droidlife back on wednesday

        2. A local Verizon store manager told me that’s how Big Red prevents stores from selling devices they have in stock, but aren’t allowed to sell yet. She told me that even if they could somehow ring it up it’d be something ridiculous, like a million dollars.

    2. Interesting.. i’ll try calling my local store… see whats up

      1. what?

    3. I’m located in DC as well. Which store did you goto?  I’m going to try giving them a call and getting on that list :) I’m probably going to the Union Station store in a few just to see what they say to me as well.

    4. ya they won’t call you back either way ;)

    5. I called my local Verizon store and asked if they had the Galaxy Nexus in-stock. They told me they plenty in-stock but that the launch was supposed to be today had been cancelled. They said it might be out the week after next. I said so it wouldn’t be out next week and they told me highly unlikely.

      My guess is launch will be Dec. 29th because of the return policy!

    6. Which store in DC?

  11. My VZW guy said the 15th “or I’ll give it to you for free when it does come out”

    I don’t really hold him to that.

    1. Can you hold him to that and send the phone to me? :)

    2. My local Verizon manager told me yesterday when I stopped in that the launch wasn’t happening today, but the email she received said it would launch on the 15th.

    3. Droid-life has it reported as the 15th as well now.

  12. The web site oddities are happening because this thing was supposed to launch today and no one at Verizon (other than a select group of people) knows what the hell is going on.  I’d imagine 99% of Verizon employees are just as confused as we are.

    1. I agree.  Some guy in the web department got a change order for the registration page, setup it up, and never received any order of where to redirect or any page layout information.  It’ll probably go back to the registration page by mid-afternoon.

      UPDATE: See, 11:48am, and it’s already redirecting back to the registration page.

      1. UPDATE: See, 11:48am, and it’s already redirecting back to the registration page.

  13. I just spoke with a Verizon store employee. She said it’s within the next few days, but not today, and not over the weekend because they don’t launch on weekends. 

    1. Telesales just told me “probably by the end of the month”, and she REALLY stressed “probably”.

    2. They don’t know much at that level. I asked a vzw employee this week and the vzw supervisor walked by and said it should be out by the end of “this” week!

  14. Not even mad anymore, actually feel embarrassed for VZW, you get the feeling confused highschool kids are trying to run a business.  So many glitches and messups, likely sh.t internal communication and planning(?)

  15. Friend got one delivered from an 3rd party online retailer today…. went to Activate it and the system wouldn’t let him.  Called Verizon and they told him that the device was couldn’t be activated yet.  So I guess even if you do get one, you can’t use it.

    1. In times like these, we need proof to believe something like that. And it’s a 4g phone so I thought it activated just by adding a SIM

      1. it has a sim for LTE, and it is also CDMA for voice.

      2. SIM card for the 4g internet, and CDMA for the voice calls…. interesting…

  16. Anyone on the east coast try to purchase yet? I am still thinking about going up at open but we still have a couple of hours.

  17. They also mentioned the “Samsung Nexus” in one of those emails or memos posted a day or two ago…
    It’s unfortunate too, because even though they’re pulling crap like this, they know (and we do too) that in the end everyone’s still gonna buy the thing

    1. very true. in the end, you are the 1% who knows and cares about Verizon’s actions, the other 99% do not. they are oblivious

  18. Haha, on the phone with my local vzw as we speak, and the idiot i’m talking to had never even heard about this phone…Asking management. 

    1. I have a guy at my local vz store that used to work for me. They open in an hour, I bet he would let me in on more information.(he is a manager)

      1. Please share if he does!

      2. OK, my friend says that the phone does not yet have a firm release date. He read an email that the “target date” for release is December 15th. There is a television marketing campaign that will run once the phone is available. He did confirm that the original release date was for today December 8, 2011 and up until Wednesday they thought the phone was to be released today. He said they were not given a reason for the delay at all or who was resposible for the delay. He said no guarantee on the date but to call him on the 14th and he would hold one for me.

        1. YES! please give us an update from your insider contact before the 15th, please and thanks !

    2. Most people in the cell phone stores barely know anything about the phones they’re selling. A lot of them have told me their managers explicitly tell them to stay off cell phones sites, and to only get their information from corporate.

  19. If they aren’t going to announce a launch date and just release it with a same day notification, I see no reason for them to keep delaying this if the reason was to expand LTE coverage. It must be something else. They must be waiting for some results to come back from some sampling or testing to be completed.

    And I found it ironic that Verizon reps are calling this a delay when no official date was set. How do you delay something that never had a time point?

    1. Even though a public release date was never mentioned Verizon definitely would have  a date set among themselves. A time frame of which they expected to ship market and advertise this product. I am sure they are at the end of that time frame or past it and is therefor a delay to them. We can’t complain about it because they haven’t set a date to us and then pushed it, but google and samsung could def have something today, as well as some higher ups at verizon that see the fail of a launch that this is.

  20. Just went to the url and for me its still points to the sign up page?  Maybe they were just testing something out

  21. Of this is a sign of things to come, just not today.  This phone is coming out eventually.

    1. no shit it will come out eventually, so did the bionic

  22. anyone else seeing the 12/31 rumors? Yikes.

  23. I’m going to say that it was probably an automatic script, set to execute on 9 December, the original launch date according my local Verizon store manager. This is probably much like that online ad that said $199 at Best Buy which made it look like they were aiming for a Black Friday launch…then nothing.


  24. Damnit! They fixed it. It now redirects back to the sign up page like it used to. NOOOO

  25. Move to the UK. We have plenty of them in stock. Pmsl. ;-)

  26. Tampa, FL VZW corp store had put up the promo before closing on Wed Nite only to have to take it down on Thurs morning! Just shows that something major had to have gone down to stop the Dec 9th launch…..i’m going with corp constipation and they need a little Google Ex-lax……..

  27. My Verizon Rep just said it has been pushed back at SAMSUNG’s request. Total Horsesheet. No way Samsung gives a sheet about holding back something they know they can sell.

    1. Maybe Samsung is trying to avoid another poor release, a la ICS in the UK a few weeks ago?

  28. Damn it! Their website went back to the normal sign up page!!!! :(


  29. It’s comes out on the 15th for real, friend works there

  30. I called my local Verizon store this morning and they said they had the Nexus and it would be on sale on Monday. This doesn’t make it official by any means, but I’m holding on tight to my hope of a Monday release.

  31. there isnt really a whole lot of motivation for Verizon to sell this phone.  People will either complain and wait, others will buy Razr or Rezound, and others will buy Razr or Rezound and return it for a $35 restock fee and buy the Galaxy.  Dont really see a down side for Verizon with the exception of pissing a lot of people off but honestly…how mant of those people who get upset still buy the phone?  most i would say.  those who say they will leave Verizon…how many actually do?  where is there really to go?

    1. The Verizon rep told me this morning that it’s actually a $70 restocking fee.  Unreal.

      1. i think that is for tablets only 

  32. boycott! Screw them, they are just doing this to build up the hype, they don’t need advertisement they have sites like these to advertise for them. When this phone does come out it will sell out in minutes, because there is so much hype everyone wants it. I say we just Boycott it, wait till it gets discounted.  Don’t get me wrong, I will probably be the first in line but… I would like to teach them a lesson for a change.  

    Maybe the anonymous group should get involved with their magic and just make it available, that would be Awesome!!!

    1. you said we should boycott, then you say ull be the first in line…. dude. stfu…

      1. Yeah I said “probably”, take it easy pal.

  33. lol “Unfortunately, that page is about as blank as the expression on a
    customer service rep’s face when asked about the device’s true launch

  34. I’m not your buddy, guy.

    1. I’m not your guy, pal.

      1. I am not your pal, dude.

        1. Dude, where’s my car???

        2. I’m not your dude, friend

    2. you sound like a douche

  35. I think there is some residual software issue that is not completely resolved. Even though most of us…..scratch that all of us except Wakkoman would buy this phone despite it having a glitch or two. Most of us would think nothing of it happening and seeing a bug fix two weeks later.

    The average consumer would not accept that and be upset that it happened. Most likely they are putting the final touches and making sure it is ready for prime time.

    I hate it too as I am stuck with a Droid charge (which I hate btw) until I purchase this phone off contract!

  36. the website is now redirecting back to the SIGNUP page… pshh

  37. Ridiculous that’s all I got to say

  38. Two things.  If vzn didnt have an exclusive on this it would have been out a long time ago.  Google and Samsung will remember that.  If another carrier dropped it on the market , BAM it would be out with vzn too.  vzn just wants to sell rzrs.  look at the new deal with the xytabs  “buy a rzr get a 100.00 off the new tab.”  and they dont mind screwing with good customers,, where are we gonna go?

    Second,  I forgot the second thing.  Ill remember it in a minute (0_o)

    1. i have never understood why people assume they know the dynamic of how Google/Samsung/Verizon/etc think…..

      why do we assume that this is Verizon’s fault? Keep in mind that the Nexus launch in the UK wasn’t perfect, with bugs in the actual Android software.

      1. its because on this sight google and android is the greatest think since slice bread!! They can do no wrong in the eyes of android fanboys! It would never never never ever ever be googles fault!!

    2. Creektrails-

      Why do you think you know how Google/Samsung operate or make decisions??  Moreover, how do you know that Verizon merely wants to sell “rzrs.”

      There are myriad reasons explaining the delay (although I hate calling it a delay considering they haven’t given a date) that do not involve Verizon deliberately stalling. 

      1. I dont know, I dont work for vzn. It was a guess.  I have had them call me back when I complained at their lack of communication.  I have been a loyal customer for 7 years.  The customer rep apologized at the lack of info and said that it would be released before the end of Dec.  But other than that phone call vzn has said nothing since it was officially announced that they would be the first exclusive carrier of the Google flagship, months ago.  Now if I told you that something was going to happen soon and then never gave you an update perhaps you too would surmise why.
        Nexus is obviously a phone that some may feel would sell first if side by side a rezound or a razr and offered at the same price.  Knowing this I would assume vzn would want to hold the Nexus as long as possible so that it could live up to Motos contract to sell x amount of phones.  After all how many droid 3s are selling now compared to the razr?  If the stall is not deliberate I wish vzn would be forthcoming.  No, they dont have to but WE do pay their light bill with our monthly checks.

  39. It is funny to see how bent out of shape people get about this…….I will just wait until quarter 2 or 3 of 2012…..Quad Cores baby!!

  40. Oh, I remember my second profound thought,  Wouldnt it have been awesome if Bionics awesome update was Ice Cream Sandwich?  HA, would have served vzn right. Bionic w/ ICS before Nexus release. But they are so all powerful they probably would force google to not release ICS to Bionic.  BECAUSE THEY CAN.

  41. i have a theory. big red is getting the galaxy tab 7.7 and will pair it with nexus, like xyboard and razr.

  42. Totally not exciting any more.  

    Running ICS on my dinc2 now, so eh whatever

  43. My theory: http://nathaniel.themccallums.org/2011/12/09/galaxy-nexus-on-verizon-a-theory/

  44. I went to my vzw store, and they let me play with their demo unit even though it wasn’t on display. It was gorgeous. The graphics were smoother than I’ve ever seen on Android. The camera was decent, panoramic shots work well. The battery cover was interesting, rather difficult to put back on but not terrible to remove. No Google logo sucks. Overall, a great device, I was sorry to have to put it down.

  45. I work for VZW and I am waiting this as well. Impatiently waiting. Anyhow, the reason for the friday is because VZW possibly violated part of spectrum block C law by not offering google wallet on the phone. Expect this to be resolved soon if not already. Cheers.

    1. That’s the first reason that made sense

  46. I just spoke to my friend at the VZW store in Starkville, MS. He said they have 20 in stock and that his manager just got an update this morning that the launch date will be the 15th. He said this time it’s for real. Not trying to troll or anything, just excited to hear it from someone I know well and that actually has information from his manager and the manager’s higher ups. I better be able to get the sucker on the 15th! =D

  47. I just talked to a friend at Verizon and his regional manager told him today that it doesn’t sound like its coming “any time soon.” Hopefully soon is relative and it just means this weekend. I need a new phone and don’t want to just settle for a razr…. At all.

  48. Was in verizon at lunch, friend who works there said they have it in the back and Was actually walking in the back to grab one so that I could look at it when the store snitch him. He did say it was going to be released today but verizon delayed it, he said he didn’t know why.

  49. @VerizonWireless This is even worse than unicorns; at least, with unicorns, we actually know they DONT exist. #VZWNEXUSFAIL

    Let’s get creative, guys! Chime in on Twitter with the hashtag #VZWNexusFail and feel free to tag @VerizonWireless while you’re at it! Let’s get it trending!

  50. I don’t know if anyone else is reading this post anymore, but I figured it would be the best place to write this.

    If you check back on the link, the website changed! It used to make you sign up for updates but now it just looks like they are ready to throw the phone on there!

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