Google’s 10 Billion Promo for 12/9 Listed


It’s day four of Google’s 10 Billion Promo where they’re celebrating 10 Billion apps downloaded in the Android market. Every day for 10 days, they’re selling premium apps for just $.10 each. Some of the applications and games listed are great, and even the not-so-great apps might be worth your attention at just a dime. Today’s apps? Have a look below:

I already see a few in there that I’m going to be taking advantage of. Be sure to grab them up without delay. Considering you could get the whole bunch for a dollar it doesn’t really make sense to hesitate on pulling the trigger. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. funny….they offered soundhound earlier this week, now shazam. i know the apps are exact copies of each other, but at least have some differentiation in the “productivity” apps (or whatever category that falls into).

    I’ve downloaded more paid apps this week on Android combined than the last 12 months!

    1. i have to switch between the two apps alot. Seems like there are alot of songs Shazam wont tag, but SoundHound will, and vice versa.

      1. SoundHound has a higher rate, and a better name imo ;)

  2. I’ve waited a long time to get Shazam Encore.  SHAZAM!!

    1. Meh. I’m much more happy with Soundhound, it works much better imo

  3. Alternative link for Need For Speed (for North America)

    And this one is apparently incompatible with my WiFi Galaxy Tab because it is “not available for your carrier”

    1. I get the same on my WiFi Iconia A500 and on both mine and my wife’s Thunderbolts both running different roms. The only thing I can install it on is my daughter’s EVO which she uses as a media player. 

    2. Instead of seeing NeedForSpeed on Google’s 10c page, I see Paper Camera AGAIN, but your direct link works and is still 10c. wtf? Google messed up. thanks for the link.

  4. The Need for Speed you linked is the Netherlands version

    The correct Link is

    1. I was wondering what was causing the incompatibility 

    2. Says not compatible with my carrier!?!?!? I’m on Vzw, anyone else had this problem?

  5. Jelly Defense is the only one that sparks my interest today…

    1. Likewise, but I got it for free last week from Amazon.

      1. but amazon sucks so…

        1. You are entitled to your opinion. Amazon far from sucks.

  6. How come Need for Speed is incompatible with “all my devices”  Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and HP Touchpad. 

    1. It is incompatable with all mine also.  I purchased it a while ago for my droid and it won’t even install on that anymore. FAIL

      1. compatible with all mines

      2.  did you see Andre Boudreau’s post above?

        1. i tried that one already, no dice

          1. See my reply to the post above

          2. sadly i missed out on it… that really is a major fail imo….. how many versions of the same app are needed?

  7. Looks like amazon has many from yesterday for.10 cents

    1. this isn’t by choice. It’s the deal they signed with amazon: the lowest price available must be the lowest on amazon as well.

  8. Bad day for me today, I already got everything I want from that list, haha.

  9. Noticed yesterday Amazon is matching the prices of the apps.

  10. Doesn’t Amazon apps not work if you have no internet connection since it checks to see you purchased them? I know one time I had a bunch of Amazon apps that wouldn’t load because it couldnt verify anything cause my internet was down..Thats one of the main reasons I don’t buy apps on there anymore..

    Also is the android market a freaking snail for everyone else? I dunno if its Sprint but every morning when im trying to buy these apps it takes forever to even load screens…

    1. Do customers need to have internet access to use an Amazon DRM-enabled app?
      No. Once an app is installed, a user can use the app without having internet access.

      www. amazonappstoredev. com/2011/03/amazon-appstore-digital-rights-management-simplifies-life-for-developers-and-customers.html

      1. You must have the amazon app installed to use the apps downloaded from amazon, if you uninstall the amazon app you cant run the downloaded apps anymore (even the ones that you pay for). Internet is needed only the first time you run the app.

  11. is anyone else having problems purchasing these apps? I keep getting an error message…

    1. yeah its been happening everyday on these .10 apps..I just keep trying and it eventually works.

    2. It has been happening to me today as well.  I’ve not seen this issue on previous days.

    3. Yep

    4. Good to know it’s not just me.  Was a little worried it was network, or even worse – account, related.  D:

    5. Try going to: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, choose the “Market” app, then hit the “Clear cache” button, then the “Clea data” button. Once you go back into the Market, you will have to accept the Terms & Conditions again, but that should clear it up.  I have this problem occasionally, and that always clears it up for me.

      Hope this helps…

      1. Sadly this did not help – web access as well as the app are reporting an error.  Thanks for the tip, will be using it in the future in case this happens, but in this instance I will proclaim it as a service side issue so I can stop trying for now.  Lol.

      2. Same problem. Tried a market cache and data clear, still no joy.

  12. What’s the difference in the Baseball Superstars that is free and the .10 version?  Doesn’t seem like much.

  13. I keep receiving the error “An error occurred while creating your order.” I’ve tried the method above to reset the data and such, but no luck. It’s really annoying as ADW EX is still 10 cents and I want it. For some reason the apps don’t change for me in the Android Market every day.

  14. Been trying to purchase some of these for my tablet. I keep getting errors in the online Market.

    Guess I’ll have to wait when I get home and buy them using the market on my tablet.

  15. error error error try again later……
    from device and from PC. oh well. Guess I’ll try again later.

  16. Got baseball superstars 2011 as free Amazon app but want android market app for faster updates, it keeps reading that I have the app with a install button but says download declined because I haven’t purchased app, don’t know what to do because it won’t let me purchase it which is what I want to do.

    1. You’ll probably have to uninstall the one you already have and that should clear it up, if not try going to and make sure that you’re NOT logged in there and then when you try to purchase it it’ll just have you log back in at that pointand should run fine

  17. LOL! They had Paper Camera up on Monday or so for $0.10 as well. Booo

  18. My phone sucks so I have to pick and choose….

  19. Hate I missed out on that home run derby and adw ex deal :( don’t care too much for these sadly

  20. Anyone who downloaded spirit hd get it as 2 diffrent downloads on the drop down menu?

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