Verizon’s Data Outage Reportedly Over


Verizon experienced 4G LTE outages and, in some cases, 3G outages in many parts of the country yesterday, but according to reports it appears everything is back to normal. The outage was unfortunate but we’re glad everyone’s service returned in no time.

Some people wondered whether or not this outage was the cause of the Galaxy Nexus launch delay (even though we haven’t heard official word of 12/9 yet).

If you don’t remember, the DROID Charge was supposed to launch on Verizon on a certain date but an untimely outage forced their hand in holding off on launching it. And that phone actually had an official launch date. (It did eventually go for sale a day or two after the outage as resolved.)

While we’re not saying this is the reason for the Galaxy Nexus delay, it’s something to think about. Anyway, let us know if your data is back to normal. [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So does this mean Nexus 12/9?

    1. until VZW says anything all other word is still just speculation. I’ve been waiting for the past 6 months for a phone I like. I suppose I can wait another week.

  2. so give me the damn phone verizon, 

  3. My LTE was working last night.

    1. LTE, is that what you people call it these days?

      1. err…yeahhhh…”Long Term Evolution” sounds better than “New Fangled Tellycumyoonikashun System Thingy”. Go figure, those wacky guys in marketing come up with the stangest things these days.

      2. That’s its name, troll.

  4. I can haz Nexus now?

    1. CAN I HAS NEXUS???

    1. That is too funny

  5. Oh my God, I really hope this means tomorrow is a big possibility for the release of my baby!

  6. went on the fritz for me in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas of Michigan yesterday starting around 11am, stopped around 8pm.

  7. my thunderbolt is such a peice of shit now i dont get 4G hardly anyways, so in order for my 4G to be fixed I need the Nexus to be available. CMON

  8. Data back to normal here. Although I don’t get 4G at my house, its about 20 min down the road, I’ve only ever experienced any data loss in this Bionic. Sitting right next to my wifes 4S and my backup 4S and my Dinc 2 yesterday, the Bionic was the only one with the problem. But hey, this thing hasn’t held a data connection for more than a day or so without it being gone all together for several hours since I bought it. Shocked it was actually the network and not the phone yesterday. I know for a fact that the issue isn’t phone I have bc I have had several replacements already

  9. Hm, I need to figure out why I still don’t have 3g or 4g service on my Razr then…

    1. It ain’t your Razr. It’s Verizon’s “hanging on by a thread” network

  10. Most Holy Saint Jude, I pray to you in my hour of need.  Sorely vexed have I been with the instability of my OG.  So too has there been weeping and gnashing of teeth due to the evil temptress which is Verizon.  Give me strength in this trial.  Amen.

    1. amen

  11. I will take my Nexus with some bacon wrapped shrimp please……

  12. Anyone else getting painfully slow 4G Speeds right now?

    1. Yes. Up and down.

      1. that’s what she said

  13. A RAZR fell into the wrong hands!

  14. Rockland County, NY is still having SIM issues. My company has about 100 VZW aircards with SIMS, some are getting the SIM error, all others are having issues keeping connections. Verizon is on-site working working with us.

  15. Still no 4G here in Fontana, CA

  16. Rezound is still on 1x in San Jose, CA. I can get 4g for about 2 minutes if I do airplane mode on/off, but then it goes back to 1x. 8(

    1. Same here in NY

  17. WOW! How many times VZW and it best 4G Lte been down in the last three months?
    Did they give any credit to their customers? Hummm, hell no, they should charging more money for their outages service which they “‘VZW”” will call it 5G LTE…OMG…
     At lease Sprint crapy 4G network never been down as many VZW had.

    1. And i’m sure both those customers are happy.

    2. For me – once, for a few hours when this was reported. They may as well call LTE 5G if Sprint is calling WiMax “4G”.

  18. Still don’t have service… Whomp

  19. 4G still out in parts of southern California

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