HTC Sensation Software Update Rolling Out Now – Brings Bug Fixes And Improved Battery Life


A much welcomed (and long overdue) OTA update is rolling out for HTC Sensation 4G users on T-Mobile. The update will address a few issues the device has been experiencing since it’s release a few months ago. T-Mobile and HTC are promising both stability and improved battery life with a few “minor” improvements like an improved Trace dictionary, more responsive screen, smoother icons, and an improved WiFi connection.

The update will bring users up to software version 1.50.531.1 and Android version 2.3.4. If you haven’t yet been prompted on your device, you can “pull” the update by jumping into your phone’s Settings > About Phone > HTC Software Updates > Check Now. Let us know in the comments if you’ve received your updates and if you notice any other improvements (or bugs). Good luck!

Thanks, Marcus!

[T-Mobile Support]

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  1. score! picking up a sensation tomorrow! :D

    1. Why? Get a Nexus S and get ICS in about two-three weeks instead of 4-6 months. I regret my Sensation now :-/ total POS. XDA devs have also largely abandoned any serious development and CM has stalled for the Sensation. It’s been stuck in CM7 Alpha for months now. Besides, the dual core execution on this phone is also supposed to be a farce (Google it).

      1. Hard to convince someone to get a Nexus S especially with quad core around the corner. Not to mention I can’t find hide nor hair of the Nexus S for T-Mobile anymore.But yea, don’t bother with the Sensation, its crap regardless of what else is out.

        1. I’m picking it up on craiglist for well under $300, so, what exactly makes this phone horrible?

          1. Not horrible imo, I have mine rooted running nrgz Rom, updated regularly(last update was Dec6th), ICS font, great battery, I have no complaints.

          2. I’ve had mine a few hours now, and honestly can’t see why all these other people are bitching about it lololol

      2. The Sensation isnt a POS, your device might be though

    2. Personally I would get the Amaze

    3. Don’t bother, i’ve had it for 5 months and its a P.O.S. My old N1 runs smoother.

      1. All a matter of opinion. I rooted and put a custom ROM on mine, and its slippery fast and smooth as silk.

  2. Got the update this morning. I use Go Launcher so don’t know If that maters with some of the reasons for this update. Haven’t noticed any improvement with battery.

  3. I got the update this afternoon. Hasn’t improved my wifi and I think it’s too soon to know if it’s fixed the screenshot bug. I haven’t noticed a change in battery life either.

  4. Guarantee it won’t beat the performance and battery life of the custom roms that I run on mine. ;>}

  5. bullshittttttt FIXED NOTHING!!!

    1. I kept returning my phone.. Eventually Tmobile manager at retail store have me a full upgrade about 16 months early because EVERY TIME i hit the home button it reset sense… So i got the AMAZE dude its SOOOOO MUCH FASTER… No crappy reloading, only diff is on my sensation i was allowed to usehotspot without paying.. Now it prompts whoever loss on to my hotspot to add tethering plan on TMO.com….
      Then i sold my sensation for a quick 400$ to a friend that didn’t mind the reloading cuz had a my touch 3G…

      Good luck

      1. wow im so jealoussss i want the amaze so bad 

        1. Go to a Tmobile store.. Have u done warranty exchanges? Cuz i did 3 same issue.. The guy at the tmob store said its a known issue but NOT EVERY TIME u press home.. I told him “i paid $549 for a dual core 1.2ghz phone, i shouldnt have to wait 15-20 seconds everyone i want to exit an app or go to home screen. ” i Todd him I’m not evidencing the phone again so on so on.. If u can show the manager and have him use your phone and tell him your going to cancel your contract bcz your phone runs as bad as amy phone u ever had… Well that should give ua chance of getting an upgrade FULL upgrade even if it was like me who i just upgraded like in June 2011.. I got the Amaze like beginning of November… Its worth a shot pal..

          You spent too much money for your phone too freeze and reload sense everyone u hit home key…. U paid for a phone that they advertised as “everything instantly” Manning fast..

          1. Swype much? Lol just kidding ; )

          2. The thing with Swype is i don’t realize the typos till i already hit the post button, lol. I need to get a new computer, i hate feeling like a dummy with all the typos that i end up posting using the phone… I actually laughed when i saw your post bmg314.. :)

  6. Will this install on my phone even if it’s rooted? running default HTC sense Rom at the moment…

    1. You will be prompted to install, if you do — you’ll lose root. 

      1. I tried installing it and it gives me an error??? any ideas?

  7. I got the update after reading the article on another site earlier today. The first thing the phone did after install was promptly reset the ui 5 times in a row. This phone is still garbage, and moreover the whole Sense UI is worthless. Really tired of these skins, but I can’t do much now that im on a year and half contract still with T-Mobile. I may just cough up the cash for an unlocked Nexus.

    1. That sounds like you have a defective device.  After updating it has been nothing but smooth sailing.  I no longer have the home button screen capture bug.  Haven’t noticed battery performance yet, but the phone also seems to run a bit smoother.  Can’t say I am having the problems you are.

      1. yea bro, mine has been running smooth as butter since the update, no complaints, and I seen the battery difference last night, was running heavy use, mad texting, app running skype video calling and battery was holding up

  8. I don’t wait for updates I just root and that’s it I update with roms. I’m already updated to 2.3.5 running sense 3.5. T-Mobile and HTC need to step there update game up cuz they take way to fucking long to do so. if u look at it the phone goes out of style by the time they push out a the update . The sensation is a grate ass phone only when its rooted.

  9. Listen people those of us that have unlocked our bootloader and rooted are enjoying the Sensations speed and smoothness and special features like the HTC Amaze 4Gs camera software and the Sony Bravia Engine software for video. The process is simple get S off, root and quit complaining!

    1. i tried, rooting my phone a while ago, but I was having trouble doing so with a mac, it seemed some of the commands or files I needed to get were for pcs or linux or something cant remember. any ideas on how to do this for mac

      1. Near as I remember, and someone correct me if Im wrong, revolutionary (the tool for getting s-off) does not work on macs, and your best bet is to actually borrow someone’s windows based machine for fifteen minutes.

        Good luck!

  10. Am I the only one getting a force closer on some incoming calls?

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