Check Out The New Trailer For Shadowgun Enhanced For Nvidia Tegra 3 [Video]


We’ve heard a lot of talk from the developers Madfinger Games that their near console quality shooter, Shadowgun, will have an enhanced version optimized to take advantage of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor. Well, Nvidia decided to give us a little sneak peak of how things are coming along and if you look closely, you may notice a few improvements.

The most notable improvements come in the enhanced physics, particle effects, and more complex textures. When hit with a shotgun blast, enemies fly across the screen thanks to the addition of ragdoll physics. Water, which seems oddly placed in random areas of the game, ripples and glistens when the player or enemies make their way through it. It’s all these little details that separate the men from the boys. Now let’s hope Madfinger can use some of that extra processing power to enhance the AI a bit.

You can check out the preview video for enhanced Tegra 3 version of Shadowgun below.

[Twitter | Nvidia]

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  1. holy crap it looks good!!!

    1. I like how they added entire floor of water “just because” xD

      1. I am already starting my,”why I need the transformer Prime”. My wife got a new car so a tablet seems small by comparison….Haha

        1. 1. Realistic water effects
          2. Ragdoll physics
          3. Make me a sammich O_o

          1. Haha!! Actually I can use it for work so there is that angle.
            Also hook it to our TV and it is a great tool to browser the inter interwebz

          2. Oh yeaaaaah.. Almost like a Google tv! Why didn’t I ever think of that!?!?! :O

  2. i’d prefer the next nexus to have
    1080i/p SUPER AMOLED HD true RGB not pentile
    Quad-core Intel
    and etc lol

    1. You forgot make cupcakes. Everybody loves cupcakes.. O_o

      1. how could i forget :/, also dont forget wins all phandroid contest for me, especially the today/tomorrow one ;) . If i came from the future with the phone, so add time travel as well lol

      2. cupcake is so tmobile G1

  3. Hook that bad boy to an HD and kick ass!

  4. that looks awesome truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This makes me want to not start my Shadowgun on Tegra 2 :(

  6. Could this really not be done on other devices?

  7. I want my pre order NOW!

  8. Look great, but it is such a Gear of War rip off.

  9. Oh sweet! Gears of War is coming to Andr-wait a minute…

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