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I really hate doing this to you guys but please — I’m just passing along the info. Apparently, Verizon Wireless and RadioShack stores have been receiving boxes ‘o Galaxy Nexi and are being instructed to “hold off” on selling them until they receive word from their higher uppers. According to a leaked internal email from RadioShack, seems that almost nobody has absolutely any idea when the device will go on sale and are just sitting on the merchandise for now.

Now, I don’t really like when I read articles saying the Galaxy Nexus has been “delayed” given the fact that Verizon never committed to a specific date. However, in the light of all the information flooding our inboxes, this just doesn’t seem typical for a phone launch. Seems something went wrong. Whether it was a buggy device, delayed launch to help RAZR sales — who knows and conspiracy theories are running rampant. Just keep in mind that the info I’m giving to you shouldn’t make you upset — it should bring hope! Technically, the Galaxy Nexus is already here and in stores. All we have to do now is twiddle our thumbs and wait. Like Christmas (if Christmas had no date).

In more “fun” news, we received an email today from a reader named Jesse, who strolled into his local Verizon Wireless store and almost made out with the Galaxy Nexus. After asking for the phone, a clueless rep said they had ’em in stock and went to the back room to grab it. She came out with the box in hand, opened it and let him play around with it. After a few moments she asked him what he thought of the phone. He said he would like to take it home and watched in shock as she proceeded to ring him up. After popping in the SIM card, the rep stopped mid-scan — thought for a moment — then said, “I need to make sure I can sell this.” Our reader’s heart sank as she called her supervisor who asked if she had seen “the email.” When the phone call had ended, she apologized and told our would-be Nexus owner that the phone wasn’t yet for sale. He could only watch as the Nexus faded away into the dark confines of Verizon’s backroom. So close, Jesse!

Thanks, 3vil!

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