Sprint Releases Software Fix EK02 for Epic 4G Touch to Fix Loss of Signal


Sprint has finally released a software fix for the Epic 4G Touch for the dreaded loss of signal bug that’s been plaguing the community for quite some time. The bug would cause the voice and data radios to lose signal, something that was only fixable by a reboot.

It was originally believed that the bug most commonly affected those who were in bad coverage areas. Those who lose signal in bad coverage areas are supposed to be handed over to Verizon’s network until they can recover a Sprint signal, but the handoff to Verizon tends to stall and eventually the radios shut themselves down until you reboot the phone.

We’re glad that this was easily fixed through software even if it took a long time to come to fruition. Sprint also fixed the bug where your 4G hotspot connection would periodically disconnect while on a phone call. Head to this link for instructions on how to pull the update down. If you’re rooted, we’re sure your favorite ROM developer will make no delay in updating their ROMs based on this version if they haven’t already. [via Sprint Feed]

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  1. Already had the leaked rooted stock build and I can say it fixes the loss of signal. Now when I go in an area where signal loss is common for any phone I actually get my signal back when I come back in an area where a signal is present. I also don’t randomly lose signal either. It comes with an over scroll glow. Idk if that was part of the rooted stock eko2 or what. Nothing else is different.

    1. Good news.. Thanks!

  2. My girlfriend lives in Houston and has had this problem bad since day one. I just sent her the link to update. Man I hope it works. You would think a big city like Houston wouldn’thave these issues though

    1. Sounds like she may be cheating on you bro

      1. Yea, shes probably cheating… b****es ain’t s**t.

  3. They need to send out a fix for the original epic for ether gingerbread bug

  4. So this means they moved the phone over to Verizon’s network?

    /:)  I want to like Spring but both times I tried them in ohio it was not good.

    1. “Spring” is a good time of the year

  5. Fix isn’t showing up yet in ‘Update Firmware’ or ‘Update Android’.

  6. How to manually update to EK02 on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch:

  7. Any one know when/if this will be pushed OTA??  Thx.

  8. As much hate as people bring to “carrier iq”. In these issues it’s when it becomes handy.

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