Amazon Will Give You Up to $15 in Savings for Using Price Check App This Weekend


Amazon’s releasing a new promotion that could save you a tad bit of cash this weekend. If you price check an item using their app they will give you up to 5% off ($5 max) on items in electronics, sports, toys, music and DVDs.

You can get the offer a maximum of three different times for three different items, giving you potential savings of $15 on whatever you may end up buying on Amazon. The promotion begins this Friday at 12am Eastern time and will end early Monday morning. Grab the Price Check app here. [Amazon via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. so you can get $5 off a kindle fire by just going to best buy and scanning it? 

    1. you dont have to scan it, you can also type the name in (saving you the trip to best buy) . Dont see why it wouldnt work with the fire

      1. Or a G-Nex…

        1. If it is ever released……

  2. The way I read it, you don’t have use the discount on the item you scanned. So, I could just scan barcodes of the stuff I already have around the house, since I tend to keep the packaging of major purchases.

  3. Strangely, it says it is incompatible with my G2x. :( 
    I don’t see why though. 

  4. Intalled the app and read the 5 rules. Useless promotion.

  5. Do this all you want at Best Buy, but please don’t be a dick and do it at a Mom & Pop store. … unless Mom & Pop are jerks too.

  6. Wish this had been active BEFORE I bought stuff on there. Maybe last minute shopping does pay off ?

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