RadioShack Prepares For The Galaxy Nexus – Available Same Day As Verizon Wireless Stores


If you were looking to hit up another retailer on “Galaxy Nexus Friday” in fear of the device selling out at Verizon locations, it looks like Radio Shack will be joining the ranks of retailers offering the device for sale. Pricing for the Galaxy Nexus wont be any cheaper than an “official” Verizon location — we’re still looking at the same $300 pricing with a new contract or upgrade. Thinking of going the off-contract route? Well, you may want to reconsider that when you see the $800 price tag the phone is retailing for outright. Pretty steep for any man’s wallet. Where will you be Friday? Ditching school? Calling in sick for work? Who’s ready!?

[AndroidForums via AndroidCentral]

Chris Chavez
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  1. What about Best buy?

  2. But not announced by Verizon, who added two apps, though useful, still bloatware, and took Google Wallet off the phone (hopefully the devs will do something about this)

    1.  The Devs have already gotten Wallet running in the Gnex. You need a custom rom.

  3. I only have a half hour window to buy it on Friday… Don’t care if I’m t late to my next appt

  4. Friday I’ll be wishing I could upgrade…. but I can’t til the 27th….. 

    1. Call verizon and have them move your upgrade up.

    2. what he said, my date is the 27th too but that wont be an issue

  5. On Friday? I’ll still be waiting/hoping for a T-Mo release.

    1. Got a tip that Best Buy is also stocking up on the unlocked AT&T/T-Mobile version… *grain of salt*

      1. Oh how I hope you are right chris… This would be the best holiday present of them all!!

      2. I hope this is the troof. It’s kinda sad how much I’ve been wanting the Verizon one to come out so the GSM eventually becomes available here.
        Don’t fail me sir!

  6. Best buy will have it too, so grab your reward zone points.

  7. Ooo, I wonder if the Unlocked GSM Euro verions will go up over $800 now. Man that $738 price tag was right on par, and actually a discount. I just might have to shell out the cash for it.

  8. Do you know if there will be any word on costco?  I’m hoping for the accessory gift rebate :)

    1. I spoke to the reps at the cell phone kiosk in a Costco yesterday.  They expect to get the Nexus, but but but, … they don’t know if units will be available in store, or if instead you will have to purchase at the kiosk and then it will be shipped to you.  

      They don’t know yet what accessories will be included — it varies from phone to phone.  I have a $30 loyalty credit, but they said I can’t use that at Costco.  But I checked, I can use it at Verizon stores.  If the accessories are only a car charger ($3 value), funky case like they usually give you (zero value), and not much else of value, then I will be better off to buy mine at Verizon and get my $30 credit. 

  9. I will check at VZW first, then over to Best Buy (right across the parking lot) and then on to Radio Shack (10 minutes away).  Since there has been absolutely no marketing of this phone, I’m sure there will be plenty around given the steep price.  So it will just be Android fanboys running around trying to find one on Friday.  Each one of those stores have several locations where I live so I’m not worried about finding one. 

    I could of had a Razr at a VZW store the day after it was released.  I was the only customer in the store and it was in the afternoon.  

  10. Does Best Buy honor NE2 discounts? Cuz I think my upgrade (which was due since August) is still up. I’m coming from an OG Droid with an unlimited plan, so I should also be grandfathered in, right? Or should I just go straight to a Verizon store?

    1. A friend of mine that upgraded from the OG to the Razr a couple weeks ago said that he was grandfathered

    2. Yes they do

  11. where are u hearing $800? same price at VZW stores, or is this an added bump for off-contract at a retailer?

  12. this is not iPhone, i doubt anyone will fight over for it. 

    1. Correct.  The overall demand for this phone is about 0.1% of VZW customers on the high end.  There is going to be little fanfare about it.

  13. $800 is going to look cheap when it sells out and you have to go on eBay to get one. They didn’t make enough of these because of supply shortages. I guarantee you are looking at $1,000 phones if want one with LTE. 

  14. I just might have to risk running down to the local Verizon store on Friday during my lunch to pick one up.  Otherwise I’m going to have to hope they still have some available on Sunday.

  15. I can live with my OG Droid for a weekend to get this phone through Amazon, Wirefly,  etc for ~$220, no tax, free shipping.  I can use the $100 I saved to get the 64GB version of the Transformer Prime or the docking station for it.

  16. It was meant for me to have. I have had vacation planned on Friday for 3 months. Or maybe it’s my fault you all have had to wait because of my vacation. Any word on Costco deals?

  17. I’m elidgible for an early upgrade at the reduced price….BUT, if I wait until December 28th, I get an additional $50 off.  I called VZW and they said they would move up the discount a couple weeks for some phones but not others. 
    Obviously….Apple has a price fix and VZW is not allowed to early discount their phones. 
    I’m hoping I can get the GNEX pushed up.  Really don’t want to wait another 2 weeks.

  18. I called my local radio shack today. He said if he gets them in today’s shipment he will sell one to me today. Said his shipments only come on Wednesday’s so it’s either today or next week for his radio shack.

    If he does get them today it will be interesting to see if his system allows him to do it today or if vzw locked it out until Friday.

  19. Question:  
    Who is doing the math on their ad?  Looking at the “insurance”… 6.99 per month X24 months = $167.76  OR you can pay $199 up-front for 2 years???  3.99 w/o accident coverage comes out to $95.76 for 2 years, or you can pay $119.99 up-front?

    Is anyone dumb enough to pay extra to let them have your money longer?

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