Archos Shows Off Ice Cream Sandwich Running On Their G9 Tablet [Video]


In an effort to keep their G9 tablets fresh in everyone’s mind, Archos uploaded a video today showing off their dual-core tablet rockin’ the only Android firmware anyone really cares about — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s no denying the G9’s aren’t very easy on the eyes in the looks department but the appeal of Ice Cream Sandwich on an affordable table might help you look past that. The G9 tablets are home to TI’s OMAP 4 line of processors and you can see in the video, they handle ICS with ease. The 8 and 9-inch tablets are expected for an upgrade to TI’s newer line of OMAPs in early 2012, where they’ll also see an upgrade to ICS. Archos’s video can be found below.

[Via TechCrunch]

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  1. I just wish that ICS brought side by side multitasking, or window type multitasking where you could have multiple applications side by side rather than just running in the background.

    1. People complain enough with apps “running in the background” (even if they’re only paused). Applications running side by side — ala Playbook or TouchPad — would probably cause more harm than good =/

      1. I thought we were tighter than that Chris? lol… All I am saying is that it would be ever so nice to throw away my MacBook Air and replace it with a Transformer Prime, but I would absolutely need that sort of multitasking. Not even the nexus prime can save me :-/

        1. I don’t think we are there yet but we are getting close.
          I still have not been able to replace my netbook with a tablet just yet.

          I bet in another year or two.

        2. LOL! Oh wait. I think I get what you’re saying now. Like a full blown OS. Hmmmm.. that would be pretty nice. I’m sure that’s in the cards eventually. 

          Seems Android is a few steps away from becoming an actual desktop OS and I’m sure that will be the goal in 2013 =) 

  2. OMG, it’s that dude Charbax. Archos’ numero uno supporter!! They should make him Chairman of the Board or something..he is so dedicated to their cause.

  3. I’d wish for Asus Transformer prime, but money-wise, I think I’ll go for this device instead. 

  4. I crave ICS. It looks fantastic. I really really hope that HTC releases a non-“sense” version for my evo 3D. But I really doubt it.

  5. Looks incredibly smooth given the poor processor.  This is fantastic!  This is a $250 outdated tablet and ICS is smooth as butter!!

    1. You are an idiot. Its not an outdated processor. 

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