Verizon Equipment Guide Confirms December 9th as Galaxy Nexus Launch Date


It doesn’t get any clearer than this. The Verizon Equipment Guide has been updated with the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. December 9th. Sure, it could change, but it looks like its time to crack the piggy banks and arrange to be at a Verizon store Friday morning.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I will be there when they open!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, hell has finally frozen over.

  3. hmm, why isn’t the price or anything on there yet? That would have been some nice info.

    1. yeah, but they have that nice fat ETF fee locked in there!

      1. Of course they do, I noticed that too :P

  4. Reveal yourself, HSPA+ MODEL! 

    1. What exactly is the HSPA+ MODEL?  Is this a non Verizon model?

      1. Yes, the HSPA+ model refers to the ATT/T-mobile (or the already released international) models.

        1. I wonder… If the ISIS carriers don’t want Wallet on the device, then that gives T-Mobile and AT&T excuses to have it changed…and Sprint swung a 4G version of the Nexus S, while Verizon swung an LTE version of the GNex, so maybe the international version will never truely come to the US…there might be a version for each carrier :/ It looks like Google’s Nexus dreams could unravel quickly in the US…btw everything I said it just me wondering, no confirmation claims or anything.

  5. Thank you sweet baby jesus

  6. I hope tomorrows contest will be skill/creativity based rather than the disastrous contest we had today….the spam…..the refreshing…..the waiting…..aaahhh gawd…..I’d better have won!!!! :P

    for inspiration, look up GoogleNexus Galaxy Nexus challenges on twitter! Those were HARD to the point of impossible, but at least those were fun…..I tried to solve many of those even after they had already been won by people

    1. my favorite was using goggles to ID the images, but shit i couldn’t figure out the ACK algorithm required to get the answer. LOL.

      1. I never used Goggles xD are u talking about the one where the answer was: “expand your photo horizons”?
        Because I solved that just by looking at the pictures to see what letters they form and checking the nexus website to see what features they are touting so what kind of sentence made sense….I solved it this way in 36 minutes….was one of the few I actually managed to solve :P

  7. so weird, such a anticipated device and (if this post is correct) how come they haven’t announced ANYTHING by now if it’s going out on Friday?
    The Razr was announced and customers could pre-order more than at least 1 week before it came out…

    I mean this actually doesn’t matter to me at all since Im waiting for a gsm version to com eto the US so it will drive the price down from 700+ to 650 or less… but im so glad im NOT with verizon… I would not be happy if I knew the phone was my carrier and it’s already december and haven’t heard a THING from them…

    1. Maybe because they aren’t going to do a multi-million dollar advert buy? It’s not the Droid Galaxy Nexus and they only REALLY make a big deal with phones that are Droid .

  8. Is there any truth found yet to the rumor that if you ask on Thursday, they will sell it to you a day early?

    1. Technically no, you should never be able to get any equipment before launch, but I’ve watched people walk out of Verizon stores with all sorts of things early because they either got an associate that knows nothing (not even the rules) or they managed to swing it as some sort of loyalty/reward thing and a manager let it happen. Verizon is sometimes willing to give a bit when it comes to keeping customers, but don’t bet on it. I’ve never been able to get anything early :/ I wish I could score this early and I will be trying.

      BTW my response assumes a Friday launch. A thursday launch would make more sense considering past launches, but this may be a special case due to delays.

  9. I just spoke to a Verizon rep on the phone. In the event the phone does come out Friday, I wanted to make sure I was set for a smooth purchase.

    I was talking to him about the Nexus and he didn’t know about it. As I was speaking to him, he then told me he found it in his system and confirmed with me that it will be released on the 9th. I’m going to cry.

    1. Trolololol?

  10. December 9th, sure….but WHAT COLOR IS THE BOX?

    1. I was crying laughing at this!

  11. Since Verizon still hasn’t announced it I’d say it’s not official….

  12. It is stupid that there is no price for it yet. I am still clinging to the hope that the $299 is wrong or they offer a 16GB for $199

  13.  Called 2 of my local stores.  They both confirmed that if I am there at 10 when they open on friday I will be able to pick up a GNex. 

    Guess im gonna have to miss a bit of class huh

    1. i literally just looked at my school schedule and decided the same thing hahaa

  14. Just called my local vzw store, they confirmed the ninth. Also they will be calling me back with their inventory quantity, so they can let me know exactly what I need to do to make sure I get one!

  15. Just got off the phone with a Verizon associate at my local store as well.  And my conversation mimicked another’s up above.  

    Her: “I have not heard any release dates regarding that phone.”  
    Me: “I’ve heard other reps saying the same thing, but then they say ‘Oh, here it is in our system!'”  

    And, sure enough, she checked her system and found that it is indeed slated to be released on the 9th.  

    Such a quiet, quiet launch.  So quiet that Verizon’s own reps are in the dark.

    1. My guy called me and said that the release date looked like the 8th or 9th and then I said “well, you should have the devices then”. He replied “Yeah, we do” haha..

      He then called me back at 4:30 and said that they just received word from corporate that the release date was set for the 9th and then grabbed me a device and will have my account on it when I get there in the morning so I don’t have to wait.

  16. I thought Verizon phone’s come out on Thursdays?  Or is that just announcements of phones?

  17. I thought google would release this phone on Verizon so that it would get heavily advertised?

  18. This is not a phone for the masses…I honestly don’t think VZW wants the whole world to have it.  It is for us, the few who are willing to deal with a completely new OS. 

  19. My local rep has my Nexus already set aside and will have it programmed and waiting on me Friday morning

  20. Pushed back again! #@$%

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