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Verizon Equipment Guide Confirms December 9th as Galaxy Nexus Launch Date

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  1. “Time to start reading up on your new smartphone. Pass the time until Friday with this 108-page user guide courtesy of Droid Life”

    Looks like another Galaxy Nexus giveaway on Friday.

    1. Or, The Galaxy Nexus release date in the US.

  2. English is fun!

  3. Wonderful, all I/we need now is the HSPA+ gnex :) 

    1. I hadn’t even looked at the guide for my Gnex yet, LOL.  My headphones and USB cable are still in the box.

      1. I wouldn’t have looked at it either if I had the Gnex like you :P 

        How is it so far? Any issues running a tmobile sim on it? 

        1. It’s F-ing awesome and no issues so far. My download speeds with up 3 times higher. The only problem right now is that some apps don’t work so I went ahead and downloaded them and I’ll wait until they update them. 

          1. That will be no problem with me! I’m looking to jump from a blackberry to my first android phone :)

            looking forward to enjoying it as much as you are 

  4. Has anyone seen the Exchange email client for ICS? i cannot find screen shots anywhere!

    1. I’m just hoping there’s a dang SEARCH option! biggest oversight ever…

  5. Seriously… A manual… This is news?

  6. How to not launch a device:

    Introduce said device and get the hype up. Release said device months later until all hype is gone.

    Seriously… I was SO getting the Galaxy Nexus a month ago. But now? Meh…. I mean, it will still be my priority device to upgrade to but I think I will do with my current phone for now.

  7. Sometimes there are new introductions of a product to that area which also can bring high value coupons through the Printapons or printable coupons

  8. I didn’t realize the Galaxy Nexus was actually a tablet…(p. 42).

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