Leak: Galaxy Nexus to be In Stores 12/8 in Time for 12/9 Launch, DROID 4 Launch on 12/8?


File this one in the “be extremely cautious about this rumor” category. There are a few things to look at here in this leaked screenshot detailing some Verizon launches. Firstly, Galaxy Nexus promo materials will reportedly arrive in stores sometime this Thursday for showcasing on Friday. They materials are said to go up after close of business that day so you might be able to catch workers setting up.

Secondly, the Motorola DROID 4 is supposedly launching on 12/8 to replace the DROID 3. It’s nearly the same phone but also adds to its repertoire 4G LTE radios. Not a bad upgrade if you’re still on the original DROID and haven’t upgraded to anything else yet.

Finally, the White DROID RAZR that is coming sometime this month will be in-store today, though we’re not entirely sure what its purpose is yet. The wording suggests only one unit will be sent to each store. This usually indicates that they are getting experts ready for training but this phone is the exact same as the original except it’s white. Your call on that one. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. How many of these screens have we been shown? Is this any sort of news anymore?

  2. Gonna find out which VZW store closes earliest on my way home, see if I can see them setting up

    1. dude.  it’s a phone.  It’s small.  it’s not like you can see them “setting it up”, like a christmas tree.

      1. LMAO!!! That was classic!!

      2. dude. do you feel better by putting someone else down?  for all you know, they could string christmas lights and have rudolph guiding the way.  he’s probably referring to product signage.

  3. I’m pretty sick of hearing Galaxy Nexus news already. 

    1. It’ll stop after this week

      1. Well, until Sunday when we get a million hands-on reviews.

        1. lol, ya good point. but no one will care then as most who have fussed over this phone will have gotten it by then

  4. You guys should really create a running news article and call it Everything Galaxy Nexus.  If you just put a fixed article link at the top of the page people who are interested in GNEX news can check it periodically and those who aren’t don’t have to be inundated with GNEX every other article.  I personally am one of the interested ones, but I gotta admit the articles and rumor posts have been getting seriously out of control lately. Just a thought… Cheers! =)

    1. They already have a methodology for this too!
      This page has only real news. They should add a new tab for “Phan” that has all the recent gibberish.

  5. What is that bit about EVO 4G LTE?

  6. How does Verizon get the best phone on the planet and do nothing to advertise it? JFC.

    1. Because no one ever seems to advertise the Nexus… Plus its not called “Droid”, and isn’t loaded with ALL (though it has some) Verizon bloatware, so they’re uninterested. Hence why the Droid 4 is being released a day earlier.

  7. Except its wait?

  8. Ill take the white razr over the black one lol that isnt racist in any way

  9. Why does the Galaxy Nexus line mention the EVO 4G?

    1. Because for them EVO is a marketing term, not an actual phone.

      Go figure – corporate humor, I suppose.


  11. I’ll keep the Droid I already have, thank you very much.

  12. I agree! I love Google, love that the Galaxy Nexus is coming, I loved Phandroid but Phandroid has become somewhat of a joke recently. The constant Galaxy Nexus updates with no real substance is annoying. You guys are good! And have created a great site. But I almost feel like you’re hurting the release for followers here by handling the phones release this way. The phone is becoming annoying.

  13. Just at Verizon so the fedex guy deliver a bunch of boxes asked a rep what was on them and after a little begging he told me they were the nexuss .couldn’t get him to show one to me

  14. Droid-Life claiming phone won’t be out Dec 9 after all.

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