Verizon Indirect Retailers Finally Receive The Galaxy Nexus In Cellebrite System – Device Launch Soon To Follow


About to turn in for the evening when I came across this leak from a Verizon Indirect agent who was excited that the Galaxy Nexus suddenly appeared in his Cellebrite system today. I know we’ve seen the “Nexus Prime” hit Verizon Corporate Cellebrite systems before but the situation is a little different this time around. Apparently, Verizon Corporate has to approve any and all software that hits Verizon Indirect Cellebrite systems and when they do, a device launch always follows close behind. Cheers!

[Via Reddit]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE SpeedTest Caught On Camera [Video]

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  1. Finally!

    1. I second that lol

    2. Finally what? The 1,000th hint over the past 3 months that a date might be announced soon?

  2. NICE!

  3. I can has yet? That guy leaking the pictures/videos is only making me more anxious!

  4. I need  MAH NEXUS so hopefully sooner than later because I am just sitting on my upgrade! (Lol couldn’t sleep and I wake up to this!)

  5. Verizon, I’m pleading with you, please don’t release this junk on my carrier.. stick to quality phones please.

    1. Verizon doesn’t read Phandroid…get lost.

    2. He’s just salty.  Haters gonna hate right?

    3. Tapped from your recycled overpriced Iphone 4 S on 3G.

    4. Justin .. you probably meant to say this: “Verizon, please don’t release this phone on my carrier. Please stick to phones that give me minimal options and no access to a file system, I’m easily confused. About all I can handle is changing the wallpaper.”  fool. Go back to your iToy.

  6. What’s the average release time AFTER a device hits the Cellebrite system?

    1. That would be good to know!

    2. Posted this below but not sure if anyone noticed.  The Bionic was added to Cellebrite in July. For all the people saying “the Bionic had issues” the Nexus One was also in Cellebrite for Verizon.

    3. People in other forums that work at these secondary retailers have been saying its typically a week or two after it shows up. Take it for what it’s worth, because it just sounds like another I know a guy who knows a guy who works for this company who makes accessories for the phone stories. 

  7. Yaay, another rumor to get excited and heartbroken over.

  8. The only way this phone will be released is when I finally cant wait any longer and pick up a Rezound. 

    1. Please do it for the rest of us, man!

  9. I wouldn’t get too excited about this. The Bionic was added to Cellebrite in July. For all the people saying “the Bionic had issues” the Nexus One was also in Cellebrite for Verizon.


  10. Web Only: 12/8. In Stores: 12/11. Enjoy!

    1. Doubtful, never would vzw release in storrss on a Sunday, your just trolling

      1. The last 3 major phone launches have been anything but normal, so don’t bash him for that. At this point, a midnight release for the phone in stores wouldn’t surprise me.

  11. By the time Verizon start moving their a$$es with this phone [Nexus Prime], the phone will already be obsolete. In about 6 weeks, tons of new phones will come out, having 1.5GHz quad core (compared to 1.2GHz dual core), 720P screen and 16/32GB memory, and with a micro-SD card option (compared to … none on Nexus).This sounds a lot more like the now defunct Thunderbolt phone. About 4-6 weeks after it FINALY got released by Verizon, new dual core phones came out, so that phone was already obsolete in a month.
    If Verizon delays any furthure, we will have an “obsolete on release” phone.
    Is like getting an OLD MAN IN PAMPERS instead of a baby!
    I know what people will say. This is an Android 4.0.2 phone (according to some screenshots from another site, taken after the “volume-gate” update) and it will be updated in a similar way as the iPhone … but … you can always install a Cyanogenmod update (or choose from many other options already available) on your phone (heck, I started doing it 12 months ago on some other android phones I had).
    Right now, there are other (older) phones getting the A 4.0 “patch”, throught this kind of update, BEFORE even the “first phone with Android 4.0 in 2011” to come officially out in US.
    NFC? None of the stores have that implemented yet.
    Just for the “beaming”? What happend to the old “bump”, which worked even between different types of phones? Isn’t that the same or similar kind of tech?
    Camera? 5MP? in 4 weeks all OTHER phones will have a standardized 8MP camera (including the “ooh-so-hated” iPhone 4S).

    1. Yeah, but those other phones won’t be running vanilla, so they’re irrelevant. The Nexus will probably be the only real Android phone released in the next year.

    2. Isn’t that technology though? If you refuse to upgrade because in a month and a half a new better phone will be out then you’ll never upgrade because there will always be something new. You just have to decide on what you think will last you the longest.

      1. Haa you and wishful thinking, I wish is would release Thursday the 8th but if it doesn’t I’m sure it won’t be a Sunday nothin hapens sundays maybe Monday…i m done worrying bout it cause it’ll probably be limited stock and hard as hell to get hands on day one

    3. First of all, 4-6 weeks is a month and a half delay. So you’re telling me, that if it was released a month and a half earlier it wouldn’t be as ridiculous of a phone? Your argument holds no water. The Beam function is not at all like bump because it doesn’t use an internet connection to transmit the data between the phones. The NFC chip is crazy awesome because of the fact that it can transmit data right to the phones themselves and only the phones.

      The camera is a let down, yes, but it’s also the fastest camera in a cellphone. That with a pretty-good-but-not-astonishing lense and sensor and you have a decent camera.

      Stop being so critical.

  12. wasn’t it in the cellebrite months ago as the prime and no launch was ever announced? I wouldn’t say it necessarily means a launch is near although I hope it is.

  13. I refuse to let myself get excited about this because I still haven’t received an email from Google or Verizon confirming the release date of this phone. So until then I’ll hold out on pulling the plug on my OG Droid.

    1. By the time you get those emails, we will have already gotten our phones. Those emails come a day or two after there is a press release. 

  14. Haters…. man tired of reading about them.

  15. Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE for Verizon will not be released until January 2012.

  16. Nope, Samsung build quality is complete shite. So the once every 2 years I have to call cusomer support I hate waiting behind all the Sammy owners getting their 23rd replacement. I’m all for a pure Google experience, just not on a awful Samsung built phone that is going to break itself 30 times on a contract.

  17. Or better yet, when you call you could press a button for Samsung, get 2hr wait, any other device either get pushed to front or completely different call center if the amount of calls is actually large.

  18. no external sd is a dealbreaker for me

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