Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE SpeedTest Caught On Camera [Video]


Okay, don’t hate me for another Galaxy Nexus post but I wanted to get one more in for the night. Our Verizon tipster has once again uploaded another video for us to drool over — this time demonstrating the speed of the Galaxy Nexus’s 4G LTE connectivity. If you like Speedtests as much as I do then have a look at the video where speeds in this user’s area peak at about 8Mbps indoors, with only 2 bars of coverage. Can’t touch that Verizon 4G, yo.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Gotta love seeing 4G LTE in action, especially on the Galaxy Nexus.

  2. Awesome

  3. Awesome. Can’t wait to win one of these. Lol.

  4. Don’t intend on being the fanboy here but my htc amaze gets around 10mbps with around 2 bars of 4G and around 12-13mbps with full bars.  With all the hype over LTE it’s pretty amazing my phone with it’s 42mbps HSPA+ modem can keep up.

    1. Put it into context. Not all service will be the same everywhere.

      1. That goes without saying for any provider

    2. Good luck with your throttling….

      1. Here is mine result with my Galaxy Nexus on T-mobile: http://www.speedtest.net/android/108939724.png

        I pay $20/month and get throttled at 5gb and I also have free tethering.

        1. $20? wow what plan is that, just data?

          1. its the $20 unlimited Android web plan that the loyalty department offers (or used to offer?) I have the same $20 unlimited data plan with the 5GB cap which isn’t really a cap you just go down to 2G when you reach 5GB, but most months i only do around 1 or 2GB anyways, not a biggie for me.

      2. And Verizon has overage charges…so what?

      3. Throttling is better than overages because it’s worry free.  They offer, 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB plans.  So if you need 10GB on your phone a month, just pay for it!  No pesky overages.

    3. I get consistent 25mbs download speed on my razr. This Guy was probably just had really poor coverage

      1. Nice.

      2. You are probably just in an area with few LTE devices.. that seems a bit high

        1. I average 20 – 28mbps in Seattle. I am assuming there are quite a few 4g users there as well. Ive peaked at over 30 as well in the middle of the day. Using a thunderbolt, currently. Maybe coverage here is super good? IDK.

    4. Totally depends on where you live.  I get speed test with 20Mbps async (up/down) all the time in the Portland, OR area with Verizon.  In Portland, your lucky if your T-mobile or AT&T phone even work for voice.

  5. Not bad for Tijuana I suppose…

  6. as long as it has 5mbps download, i will get it.

    Verizon 3g service in Boston only offer ~300-500kbps, it’s really suck. 

  7. That is like 2x faster than my home Cable connection upstream. /sad

  8. I can’t believe people think that 8 Mbps down is good. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 in an HPSA+42 enabled city. I never see lower than 10 Mbps, I average 17 Mbps, and the fastest I have seen is 32 Mbps. There is something wrong if the Nexus 4G gets only 8 Mbps.

    1. It depends on the person’s location. I get 40-50mbps around where I live on a Thunderbolt.

    2. 8Mbps is relatively good from my prespective, seeing as my internet connection at home is only about 9Mbps, and I have no 4g in rural ohio.

    3. Look at the video — dude is connecting to a TIJUANA server… that might have something to do with the speed.

  9. Actually the lower the number goes is fast the higher is slow

  10. Hopefully that’s just Tijuana.  Here in Vegas, I get anywhere between 16-33 down/10 up.

  11. just got 23.86mbps down on my thunderbolt in honolulu. up was about 8 or 9mbps. fuqqin saaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! >:)

  12. You guys really have to keep in mind that he didn’t have dull bars. The most I’ve gotten with the RAZR has been 33Mbps but that’s been with full bars. Never see that without a great location.

  13. John Jason…good for you if thats true…but just to let you know that, test show Lte is better than what Tmobile offers…not only that, why do you think everyone and their momas getting Lte???

    1. LTE is great but everyone with a smart phone is using T-mobile’s 3G/3G+ network, it’s just that most can’t go past 7.2mbps like my old Nexus One and Nexus S. With LTE if you don’t have the right equipment then you don’t use the network at all but 3G+ is the same tech so any 3G capable phone uses the network to some extent and T-mobile has really impressed me with that. 75% of all sales are now smart phones on T-mobile so I wonder if there are more people using their 3G+ network then people on Verizon’s LTE.

      Now I’m not saying that LTE isn’t great but I’m just telling both sides here.

    2. It’s better..except when its not. At least with HSPA+ you’re getting good speeds with no extra battery drain.

  14. So is verizon going to let the nexus be a global phone?

  15. The uploads faster than my home connection haha

  16. Why can’t Android all get along? Lol. Android needs to focus on Apple and Windows. One of them might bit Android in the ass. Could be a true story bro!

    1. What the hell are you talking about??

    2. uhhh… what?

  17. I don’t know if I’m ready to downgrade… I have two bars on my Bionic in my office and I just pulled 13854 and pushed 8811. I have 4 bars at home and last night I pulled 31350 and pushed 23473. I guess it pays to live in the sticks sometimes. (Northeast TN)

  18. Bars schmars…signal strength in dBm and remember, every location is different. I get faster upload and download in MD with just “2 bars” on the Rezound, but my ping is worse. “Bars” are different for different phones too.

  19. now, just keep in mind, this has Samsung radios in it, so it is likely to get less signal strength then an HTC or Moto in the same place.  Sammy isn’t exactly known for picking up a strong signal.  

    1. Source?

      1. countless user reviews.

        1. Well it’s not enough to convince me. I had noticeable signal attenuation on my HTC Sensation, so I guess that means all HTC phones have signal attenuation, right? I gave anecdotal evidence after all..

  20. NNot too impressive lol lte speeds in my area average in the 20s :P

  21. Tijuana… Nice!

  22. Verizon 4G LTE in a rural area of Oklahoma with a Pantech 4G USB modem. Needless to say I’m not impressed by the speed shown in the video. ;)


  23. I’m curious about the signal meter.  Is it showing the 1x voice or the LTE data signal strength? I was never sure on my Thunderbolt.

  24. Good to know… if I ever get back to that 3rd world waste land called TIJUANA.

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