Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receives Final Android 4.1.0 Update – Ready For Primetime


Verizon has just finished pushing out the latest (and most likely final) update for the Galaxy Nexus bringing up the firmware to version 4.1.0. The radio (baseband) version seems to be the main reason for the update which should, in theory, improve performance of the device. Also included was the addition of a new screen saver for Gnex which could be the “Dreams” feature we told you about yesterday. This newest OTA signals we’re nearing the end of Verizon’s vigorous testing for the device so let’s hope this is the final piece needed to appease them. We’ll let you know when we have more information but for now, rest assured knowing we’re close… real close, folks.

[AndroidForums via MyDroidWorld]

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Galaxy Nexus Makes Its Way Through The FCC Once Again – Where’s It Headed This Time?

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  1. Yes!  I need it now!

  2. I can almost smell the ice cream…

    1. How about taste?

      1. I’m already eating the cone. :P 

        1. But its a Sandwich!!  :)

          1. Oh, I forgot. Then I’m with my last bite. :p

    2. Oh man it is delicious!!!!

  3. Finally! Like so many other times that we heard it was coming out. Anything official from VZW? This is how I feel about this phone, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QfSzgV1q5g

    1. Its my phone and I want it now!


      1. LMFAO

  4. For the record, no release ever seems to happen without these massive leaks a week or two leading into release. I don’t understand how many people got their hopes up for an early or even November release when these kinds of leaks were nowhere to be seen. Many of these leaks are even controlled leaks, almost always signaling an imminent launch.

    When the Nexus 4 comes out, keep all of this in mind. Just take it easy until the leaks start pouring in at a rate of 2+ a day and then you know the device will be out within 14 days time.

    1. Tell me about it, this has been happening since a few months before we saw the Nexus One. The Galaxy Nexus rumors started back in May I think with Taylor from Androidandme.

    2. Perhaps because Google said it would be available for purchase in November? From the On The Verge (around 25 min in):

      Josh: “It’s coming to Verizon here…”
      Duarte: “Yep.”
      Josh: “It’s going to be an LTE device, HSPA all over the rest of the world.”
      Duarte: nod.
      Josh: “Is it coming out any time soon? Can I expect to purchase it?”
      Duarte: “Yep, you’ll be able to purchase it in November. But you know, we’re not selling it, I can’t steal the partner’s thunder. Sorry.”

      So Google said it would be available for purchase in November. Granted, he didn’t say the US, but Verizon is a US company and it would be terribly misleading to have meant Europe first while speaking to an american audience in the US.

      We all know delays can happen, it’s not the first time, but the as-good-as-official information coming out of Google’s own employees, the FCC, Verizon, and other sources has handled the process from first announcement to release very, very poorly. And a phone the generates this much interest can’t be handled this way. It’s one thing to do this for a forgettable device, but not a Nexus phone.

      While a 1st world problem and petty as one could argue, it’s understandable that the fans would be all up in arms. It’s expected and reasonable.

  5. Why does the post say “Galaxy Nexus – not yet available” when it is available?

    1. (in the US pigface)

      1. Then why not say “Not yet available in the US”?

        1. I do not know.  I am not the author.  

        2. Because Phandroid is an American website…

  6. Curious as to why the Model/Kernel/Build numbers are always partially blocked out.  Why are they blocked out at all?  Can anyone answer this?  It’s not particularly important, but I’d love to know why! :)

    1. You said it. Why was the end of the name (Galaxy Nexus ____________) redacted?

      1. I know, right?  I think the name Nexus Prime should have been kept. It sounded cooler than just Nexus.  My company once had a CIO that rolled out Windows 2000 over Windows XP because Windows 2000 “sounded newer”.  I would assume that he would think that the “Nexus S / S 4G” is newer than the “Nexus”.

    2. Probably the person leaking the information is trying to avoid being identified.  Verizon has fired people in the past for leaking info.

      1. I thought of this too, but that would require each person with a phone to have a unique build/unique kernel/unique model #.  That seems like a lot of effort just to be able to thwart “info leakers”.  And it seems that they WANT leakage these days.  If the Galaxy Nexus were released without leaked information to cause all the hype, it wouldn’t really be desirable.  It’s not about the waiting game… it’s about “The Wanting Game”.  The more people that hear about it and want it, the price goes up.  Does it REALLY cost $700 to make a little phone like that?  Nope nope nope.  Not at a mass production level… noooo way.

  7. Too late. I just ordered the Galaxy Note  I needed the higher processing power  (it’s 2x-3x faster than the Nexus) and higher res screen.  And it’s getting ICS in a few weeks.

    1. awesome! i don’t care.

    2. Where did you learn your math? 2-3 times faster than 1.2ghz would be 2.4 to 3.6ghz. You really think those extra 300 megahertz are going to give you an edge?

      And its screen has the same resolution.

      Oh and no LTE… enjoy

    3. you do  understand that the benchmarks like quadrant are not optimized for ics right?…so your argument doesn’t mean anything as long as you don’t show us a quadrant score of a note on ics….case closed!

  8. A few weeks for ics on your note is unlikely. A Motorola rep told me the Nexus has a 30 day exclusive for ics once launched in the US market. He also told me the RAZR and Bionic are their first two devices to get ics in January. So I would imagine atleast a month for your note to get the update.

    1. I will be freaking floored if the RAZR, let alone the Bionic, get ICS in January. Gingerbread was a relatively incremental update to Froyo, and it took Motorola like 6 months to get it to the Droid2, which launched Froyo. ICS is a VERY different form of Android, which will take some serious Blur tweaking. I will honestly be amazed if the RAZR gets it before 2nd quarter and the Bionic a month or so later.

    2. Not sure how something can be exclusive when there is open source and can be built yourself at home.  This is not honeycomb, and plenty of people have ICS on other devices already.

  9. By the time this thing comes out there will be something new and better in a month. It sucks because I wanted that buffer before the market starts filling up with ICS phones. 

    1. There’s going to be something running stock Ice Cream Sandwich in a month??? What’s it called?

    2. It doesn’t matter how good the specs get on new phones, nothing beats a Nexus, and you only get one of those a year.  But yeah, have fun with your quad core beast running crappy Sense/Blue/Touchwiz on last years version of Android.


  11. P3 is pissed about posts like this.  4.1 has nothing to do with VZW according to him.  This OTA doesn’t signal shit either there still could be 15 OTA’s before release.  There is a enough bullshit hype about this phone why not just state the truth. We know whats in the update and that’s about all.Until VZW’s website changes from an email entry to a landing page this phone is not ready for them to release. Glad there is a nice source build and CM9 for the Nexus S since the LTE version of this phone looks more like a pipe dream every day.  Maybe that is the ‘Dreams’ release.  All existing LTE variants go up in smoke and this phone just goes away.

  12. Update came From Verizon? I thought these updates always come directly from Google… Isn’t that the point of having Nexus?

  13. Turns out there really is no “Galaxy Nexus”. It was all just a very elaborate hoax. Guess we’ll have to wait until the Galaxy S XVIIII, which is by all reports, due out tomorrow with 43 cores (an extra for good measure) a 12783 x 10800, 6.9″ supercalafragilistic “HD is so antiquated” screen, 100gb ram, 999gb internal storage, and 68mp camera which shoots “what you want, when you want, even if you forget” flawlessly. You will need a 10 year contract for this one.

  14. They should release it so I don’t have to see all these corny jokes.

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