ZiiLABS Jaguar Reference Tablet Gets a Taste of Ice Cream Sandwich


We’ve been seeing a bunch of unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich ports over the past couple of weeks, but how about something a bit more official? The ZiiLABS  Jaguar is not a consumer tablet, but the reference platform for the ARM-based ZiiLABS ZMS-20 chipset was recently filmed showing off some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness. The ZMS-20 chip itself is a 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with support for Open GL ES 2.0 3D graphics and 1080p video playback.

What is seen in the video is nothing new or all that surprising, but we do get a look at how ZiiLABS’ platform handles the latest Google has to offer, including gaming performance and camera functionality. With manufacturers already well on their way to getting Android 4.0 up-and-running on various devices, there is hope that updates could begin rolling out sooner rather than later.

[via ARM Devices]

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  1. what’s with the music?

  2. I never understood Creatives ‘reference Zii’ type products. Why not just sell to the general public? Creative used to make GREAT mp3/mp4 players hardware. Surely they could get back on the horse by selling these with Android OS on their new toys nowadays?

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