Verzo Listens to Community Feedback, Drops Kinzo Pricing


Keeping good on a promise made alongside the announcement of their debut smartphone, Verzo is taking community feedback to heart and adjusting the pricing of the Android-based Kinzo. What once was available only as a bundle including accessories such as a card dock and priced at $459 now comes in two formats. One option still includes the aforementioned accessories while the other does not. Both see a drop in pricing to $384 and $349 respectively. The price changes are effective immediately, and in an even more remarkable feat of customer service anyone who has already purchased the Kinzo at the old price level will be refunded the difference.

We commend Verzo on sticking to their word and taking a fresh and open approach to customer service. Moves such as price cuts and refunds aren’t really in the best interest of any company trying to turn a profit, but it genuinely seems like Vero’s best interest is their customers.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Good for them. That’s a sharp lookin’ phone.. 

  2. First!!!

  3. Now if only they could find someone with more personality to read those cue cards… 

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