Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus to Best Buy Dec. 11?


Let’s add a bit more fuel to the raging Galaxy Nexus release date fire. The latest rumors have the handset pegged for a December 8th release, a date that has remained surprisingly stable after a gauntlet of potential launch days came and went with no Nexus in sight. So here comes Best Buy with some rain for our parade. A supposed shot from their inventory system is showing the Galaxy Nexus as arriving in stock on December 11th.

This doesn’t mean December 8th is no longer a possibility — it isn’t unprecedented for Verizon to release a phone a few days before third-party retailers. At worst the actual Verizon launch could happen on the 11th as well. What’s three more days of waiting at this point? Alas, neither the 8th or 11th has been confirmed as an official street date, and the Best Buy document makes no guarantee that the phone would even go on sale immediately upon its arrival at store warehouses. There are also some minor disagreements in product description where the phone is listed as 9.34mm thick and weighing in at 140g. Google’s official site shows the phone as 9.47mm thick and weighing a bit more at 150g.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I don’t understand Verizon’s awesome fanbase considering this kind of crap. If Sprint did this everyone would say “See!!! Sprint sucks!” We’ll probably never know why this dragged out so long but it makes you wonder why Verizon has never had a Nexus device before?!

    1. But sprint does suck, but are cheaper, so you know…  I think verizon learned lessons from launching that damn blackberry storm 1 that pos was not tested at all before it was released and I’m still sore from bending over that barrel.  I’m glad verizon tests the shit out of their phones now.  I’d rather have a working phone then the frustration of a bugged one.

      1. Umm, bionic?

      2. But is it the phone they’re testing, or is it their bloatware that they’re adding that has to be tested? My bet is on bloatware. VZW doesn’t sell phones without their bloatware. They had to make sure VZ Navigator stays running at all times before they could sell this thing.

        1. Or is it the LTE radio that exists only in the VZW version that they are testing? 
          Or maybe it is strictly a business decision – releasing it after a certain amount of time has passed from the Razr or Rezound? 
          Or maybe they are waiting to have enough manufactured so there is not a critical disaster in shipping and wait times? 
          Or maybe…………..

          Only the executives at VZW know the answers to these questions.

        2. last time i checked the iphone had Zero % bloatware so your statement is 100 % false!

    2. What exactly has Verizon done thats so terrible?  They never released a date so its not like they failed to meet one.  

      1. No, but they’re almost a month behind the release of the Nexus everywhere else. Thanks to VZW, the US can’t get this phone until they’re done loading it up with crap, and making sure they make money off their other recently released phones first. Unless of course you have $700 to cough up to use it on Tmobile.

        1. There are oonly two apps which I consider decently useful, but that’s it.

        2. in all fairness, Verizon also has 2 radios to test (CDMA and LTE) that no other carrier in the world has had to test.  Verizon is doing device certification without the visibility into the completed testplans of any other carrier.
          In GSM, the carriers can rely on Google and Samsung to certify a core set of capabilities that will work on all GSM carriers, and therefore slim down the THOUSANDS of testcases that need to be performed for network entry to only HUNDREDS.
          Verizon, on the other hand, has to do THOUSANDS independently not once, but twice – for both radios.

        3. Would you feel better if the rest of the world had to wait until the US (VZW) version was ready to release? 
          Why do you assume we are waiting for them to “load it with bloatware”?  Is there a chance there are other reasons for the delay? 

  2. In the words of C-3PO when he’s in the Jawa’s sandcrawler:

    …will it never end?

  3. Its dumb that they aren’t even ready to announce a release date.  Just let me preorder the damn thing.  I’ll probably be getting mine online, so time is of the essence for me.  I’d like it to get here on the 11th if that is when it is coming out

  4. Stop..  No more rumors or speculation about the release date.

    1. 8th, in store. Confirmed.

      Available at BB? Prob the 11th I imagine..

      1. source?

          1. It’s a broken link for me. Way to get my hopes up lol

    2. It is such a good phone and I hope you guys get to enjoy it soon also.

      1. I hope i get to enjoy on t-mobile soon

        1. I am. ^_^

          1. Me too :)

  5. Would VZ release on a Sunday, though? Have they ever been known to?

    1. probably not….but best buy would.  It coincides with their ad and ad set.  It makes things easier and get’s people in the door Sunday.

      1. probably not.   Best Buy never releases on a Sunday.  Their “ad sets” mean nothing this time of year either.  Fail.

  6. I’m about burnt out on rumored release dates.

    1. no you’re not ;) give it 10 seconds…

  7. Yeah, let’s stop with all this speculation until we get official word from Google, Samsung, or Verizon themselves. All of these rumors are driving me crazy, and affecting my mental health.

    1. Agreed, but it’s not Google or Samsung, its all Verizon. Google and Samsung already released it. Verizon wants to load it with bloatware first before releasing it. I’m betting the VZW Nexus will be the first one to wait on OS updates b/c of the carrier.

      1. It’s always Verizon.

      2. Same response again to you…..why do you assume “bloatware” is the reason for the delay? 

        Maybe Samsung asked them to hold off.  Hell, they already had to recall all unsold units so they could fix the volume bug.  Maybe Samsung knew that and is in the process of fixing the VZW phones as well. 

  8. where’s the credit to the person who originally posted this? 

    1. it says via engadget with a link

  9. As a former employee of best buy, that In-stock date means absolutely nothing. This article is now useless.

    However, the street date section is what should be paid attention to. And of course, its blank.

  10. I finally jumped off the nexus boat. I couldn’t pass up the amazon black Friday deal and got a skyrocket. The whole fiasco with not having an official release date was just stupid. Verizon and google really dropped the ball on this one.

  11. hope best buy is correct on weight and depth. this will be ours soon.

    1. The specs for it are on google.com/ nexus according to google the LTE version is the 32gb 9.47mm  and weighs 150g

  12. Google continues put their D in your B and you keep taking it. Awesome.

  13. Phandroids articles have come to the point where they have absolutely no credibility.  I’ve seen them post articles as a result of seeing Best Buy ads, which for a company of their size, are planned out months in advance and can be entirely inaccurate about an unreleased product.  They think anything they see is credible and accurate information.

    1. When did they say it’s accurate?? The title of this article doesn’t read “CONFIRMED: GALAXY NEXUS COMING DECEMBER 11TH VIA BEST BUY!!! EVERYONE REJOICE!” 

      1. When did I say this article lists itself as accurate?  I said ads planned out months in advance are inaccurate.  My comment towards the article was that they post too many like this, which is speculation and makes their articles less credible.  Think before you speak.

        1. logic fail. thanks for playing.

        2. Last sentence. Yay for internet disputes!

        3. Then don’t read them and only read the articles that interest you….

  14. I had planned on leaving VZW for the GSM version of this phone. The way they have handled the release has only reassured my feelings that its time for VZW and myself to part ways. I’m hoping I won’t have to look outside the US in order to find this phone by the middle of Jan.

    1. ya, i hear that.  I was hoping for the HSPA+ version for t-mobile but at this point, if the GS2 gets ICS in the next 30-60 days I’m just going to do that, this is getting out of hand.

      1. Hahahaah! Yeah dont see that happening at ll!!

      2. LMAO! Yea, uhm, have you seen other Samsung update cycles? The GS2 will get ICS next year in August at the earliest. And i’m sure when it does get ICS, it will break the GPS.

        1. Samsung’s update cycles are fine so long as you have their best selling device of which is the GS2, and the gps issue isn’t software its hardware you moron if theres no problem now don’t expect one later. 

          1. I had a samsung vibrant… the update cycle sucked. Then they released the vibrant +… I almost thrrew my vibrant into a wall!!!. 

            I got a sensation because I didn’t know when the GNex was coming out. Now I have a GNex, I am selling my sensation.

            Moral of the story carriers + OEM bloatware & skins = automatic fail (when it comes to timely updates at least)

            ICS has everything I need… no need for skins :)

  15. I’m not holding my breath for the 11th even. I could see something like pre-order on the 8th and release on the 11th. But that’s a sunday. Maybe it does get released on the 8th, and Best Buy is just getting it later? 

  16. Verizon rep called me yesterday after I complained in an email and said it would be out in Dec.  so it does seem logical that they wouldnt wait till the 31st.  So the 11th seems credible to me.  However, Best buy has bungled this thing as much as Cain has his relationships.  So whats credible there?

  17. At this point I do believe this is main reason Google never launched a nexus device on Verizon.. the rest of the world has except for us in the states all because vzw (possibly) trying to add bloat

  18. I’m not sure why everyone is up in arms about the way Google and Verizon
    have handled this.  Verizon never announced a release date…so how
    could it be a fail?  So it took a bit longer than the UK version….big deal.  They had to do additional testing and, I’m sure, have their own business plan in mind.  It’s their phone, they can release whenever they damn well please.  Doesn’t give anyone the right to say “they are doing it wrong”. 

    And why are people upset at Google for this?  What did they do?  Allow
    VZW to put a couple apps on the phone that many of their customers find
    useful?  Big deal!  It’s a “Pure Google” device because there is no Touchwiz/Sense/Blur/etc – it is based off the stock android.  That hasn’t changed. 

    Hell…people are mad about the name!  Ever think they weren’t able to name it Galaxy Prime?  Maybe their researches determined that Galaxy Nexus was better. Maybe they couldn’t get the name rights because Asus already had them locked away for their device.

    You mad about branding with “verizon” on the back?  It’s the LTE version of the phone – specifically designed for Verizon.  It should be differentiated from the other versions – it’s not the same.

    1. That’s the problem, this is a Nexus phone and therefore should not be “their phone”. Google allowed Verizon to twist what Nexus phone should be.

      1. Exactly. This is what people don’t understand. Until now the Nexus never had any carrier apps on it. Verizon gets it and bam. there they are. I got into a big argument over at droid life with people about this very fact. It’s pretty amazing how many people don’t seem to understand the concept of 0 bloat on the nexus. 2 apps or 20. Doesn’t matter they shouldn’t exist

        1. Where is the definition that states Nexus = 0 carrier apps?

          1. Lol I’m not doing it on here too. Nexus on every other carrier hasn’t ever had bloat on it.

          2. and the GN on every other carrier still doesn’t.

            all this proves is that the V version of the phone has their software installed. 

          3. The definition of a nexus is a device with no carrier customizations carrier app is a customization therefore it shouldn’t be a nexus.

          4. I don’t recall seeing that definition, where is it at?

      2. nah, google let verizon do what they wanted with the contract version on their network.

        the test will be, if a LTE version is sold outside of the verizon branded, can you get it, and use it on the V network?

        once the GSM is sold in USA, can I buy it on contract through google? as I did with my N1?

        no one knows, all we know is that this specific version is V branded. the nexus GSM is not.

    2. First of all its not pure google just because it runs stock that is definitely not true for example the G2 by htc was stock but they only advertised the nexus S as pure google experience. Pure google experience only comes from google. Obviously you don’t understand what the purpose of a nexus is….. A nexus is a developer device not intended to have carrier branding nor customizations of any sort ie added carrier unremovable apps etc. 

      People are mad because by the definition of a nexus its not a true nexus. People are mad at google because they announced the phone without a release date and made verizon a exclusive carrier. People are mad at verizon because this phone was announced months ago now and its still not here nor is verizon letting anyone know a thing about the when.

      Additional testing is just a hopeful excuse for the delay, what are you going to say when it releases with bugs?

      1. is there a version of the galaxy nexus that doesn’t have branding from a carrier? this is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, not the Galaxy Nexus.

        obviously, it’s a big difference, developers are going to know that. regular users who want to get the phone on the verizon network, aren’t going to care, and if they do, well, change carriers and get one for full price, that used to be the ‘nexus way’ as well.

  19. There is way to much hype, way to many rumors, way to much!  This in my opinion is just a way to build up popularity and sell this device out, which will make it harder for those who really want the device unable to get one.  Kind of like Google I/O.

  20. Whats the Galaxy Nexus? All the hype is gone. Seriously I waited so long I don’t even feel like getting it anymore.

  21. Verizon is evil.  I encourage you all to boycott these bastards.

  22. probably fake but what if…

  23. Galaxy Nexus? More like Ghost Nexus! Definitely fearing update schedule after all of this. By the time this thing gets here, my OG Droid will f-ing grow an extra core.

  24. Check it out!  I was just at Best Buy and they have the same in stock date!

    1. Street date says december 3rd o.0?

  25. Just imported mine.  Gotta say…even if it comes out for Verizon next week, I won’t regret my decision.  Clean case, thinner design, no Verizon apps, the flexibility to take it all over the world (I travel a lot), and a grandfathered unlimited data plan from AT&T.  Verizon isn’t getting a cent of my money after this debacle.

  26. Well I’m still buying this phone on Dec 8th whether it is avail or not and ‘Im paying $199 for it, even if it is $299 and I’m going to enjoy filling the 32gb of memory to the brim, even if it only has 16gb, screw whatever the facts may be, I am set to go on the rumors I like the most.

  27. Seriously???…. At this point why doesn’t the whole Android community
    show Google/Verizon how disappointed we are and just completely stop
    reporting on any Galaxy Nexus news?  Like we haven’t had enough “news”
    and “updates” since the first rumors of this phone first “leaked” as far
    back as April or May,..or whenever the hell it was….my god what a total
    debacle! HUGE FAIL!  At this point they will be lucky if anyone even
    wants this phone when ever they do decide to launch,…. oh not to
    mention the fact that they haven’t even hinted at when it will be
    available for T-Mobile/AT&T. 

    There are plenty of users who won’t
    buy it no matter how good it is just for the simple fact that it’s on
    Verizon,…  So seriously people — STOP reporting on this device,…I
    we can all agree it’s been beat to death already.  I wish I had a penny
    for every Galaxy Nexus article that has come out in the last year —
    I’d be RICH!!!  Never thought I’d say this but, this almost ranks up there with Duke Nukem Forever!

    LET’S MOVE ON!  I know I have,…and many other people have as well.  All I have
    to say is Good luck next year with the Nexus 4 because this year was a
    total disaster.  I bet two weeks from today this phone will still not be

    Hahahaha,…wow,…EPIC FAIL!

  28. for everyone blaming verizon for the delay, wasnt the phone delayed from the get go because i remember it was only couple weeks ago that they got approval from the fcc (or some governing agent)  to sell the phone in the states if i can recall?…u guys have to remember that things work differently here in the states than overseas, we have different standards and also remember that verizon lte version is not exactly the same as the gsm overseas version…keep that in mind. i want the phone too but im not ripping my shirt off bcuz of apparently a couple weeks delay now. sheesh

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