Dec 1st, 2011

Let’s add a bit more fuel to the raging Galaxy Nexus release date fire. The latest rumors have the handset pegged for a December 8th release, a date that has remained surprisingly stable after a gauntlet of potential launch days came and went with no Nexus in sight. So here comes Best Buy with some rain for our parade. A supposed shot from their inventory system is showing the Galaxy Nexus as arriving in stock on December 11th.

This doesn’t mean December 8th is no longer a possibility — it isn’t unprecedented for Verizon to release a phone a few days before third-party retailers. At worst the actual Verizon launch could happen on the 11th as well. What’s three more days of waiting at this point? Alas, neither the 8th or 11th has been confirmed as an official street date, and the Best Buy document makes no guarantee that the phone would even go on sale immediately upon its arrival at store warehouses. There are also some minor disagreements in product description where the phone is listed as 9.34mm thick and weighing in at 140g. Google’s official site shows the phone as 9.47mm thick and weighing a bit more at 150g.

[via Engadget]

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