Samsung Fascinate Gingerbread Update Ready to Roll


Pinch me, I’m dreaming. Yesterday Samsung and Verizon managed to get Gingerbread rolling out to the Droid Charge after months of waiting, and now a phone whose owners have waited even longer is getting a piece of its own. The Samsung Fascinate on Verizon has had its support page updated with documentation for software build EH03, which happens to be the most recently leaked version of Android 2.3 for the handset. Plenty of changes are to be expected, mostly those relating to the transition from Froyo to Gingerbread. A few individuals have reportedly received the update already. ‘Tis the season, I suppose.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. Sweet…

  2. lol.  A year too late!  I just installed ICS on my fascinate the other day.

    1. problem with that is, ICS on the Fascinate isn’t very stable yet.
      I do agree though, it’s about time!

      1. Ics has been as stable as stock 2.2 was for me. Sure some things dont work, but some things also didnt work in stock 2.2.

  3. Mother. Fucker.  Samsung Vibrant here.  Still on Froyo… :/

  4. Nice, outdated within two weeks. haha.

  5. Damn, even its CDMA twin the Mesmerize on US Cellular has had GB for a couple months already.

  6. I’ve had EH03 on my phone for a few days now… its pretty good overall. I hope the source code comes out soon so I can go back to MIUI that is fully functional. I like it better than Sammy’s TW.

    1. How is MIUI on a phone?  I had to remove it from my original Tab because of constant force closes after I started loading my apps onto it.  Prior to that it was great, loved the themes, just couldn’t keep it running.

      1. It is pretty awesome overall… better than the CM7 build. However, it still had some FCs, poor Wifi performance, and an odd bug that deleted your picture if you uploaded it to facebook.

        When I saw a superclean3d version of this EH03 build, I figured I go with that until the gnex comes out and I upgraded as these builds are always more stable. Hit up rootzwiki or xda if you’re interested. I will go back to MIUI if this source comes out and they can fix the few issues, given gnex is not out yet.

        1. Thanks for the feedback, downloading 1.11.27 right now from XDA.  

  7. I’m running CM7 2.3.7, with a glitch kernel. I like the setup, but HATE my battery life. Will this update help with that all? 

  8. plz be careful with the update… it bricked my and a few others phone.i tried the update today and now im out of a phone with verizon telling me theres nothing they can do. Im pretty bummed seeing as i cant afford a new phone(especailly with christmas around the corner). from what i read on the verizon forums it looks like all of us have no way of fixing it atm. just try to warn anyone i can  as I come to this site everyday for new info


    1. Mine bricked, but I was able to use odin and a stock verizon ed05 image to rebuild my phone

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