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Want an iPhone? You won’t find it at T-Mobile. You’ll find plenty at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but T-Mobile is standing strong with a rock solid lineup of Android Phones, 4G coverage, and affordable voice and data plans. If you’re an Android OG you may remember that T-Mobile USA was the first carrier in the ENTIRE WORLD to launch an Android phone – the T-Mobile G1 – and staying true to Android has paid off. This holiday season, we’d like to share a few reasons you’ll want to consider the Original Android Carrier for your latest gadget and contract.

The most sexy discussion to have is about devices, devices, devices. It’s one of the main reasons I love Android so much. It’s an incredibly powerful operating system but perhaps best of all, you can choose from a wide array of devices that have the features, size, bells, whistles, looks, hardware, and performance that meet your particular priorities. There are T-Mobile Android Phones that have specs just as good (if not better) than the iPhone: 8 megapixel cameras, dual core processors, 4G speeds and the whole 9 yards. There are simpler phones for the first-timer, too. And every combination in between.

Here are some of my favorite current T-Mobile offerings:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II – Samsung has rocked the world with their Galaxy S series of phones and round 2 is extremely impressive. High end hardware, 4G connectivity, super sleek/slim/sexy design, amazing camera that records in HD, dual core processor, and the list goes on. If T-Mobile were selling pizza phones, the Galaxy S II would be “The Works”- it’s got everything.
  • HTC Amaze 4G & HTC Sensation 4G are two more high-end Androids with great specs, beautiful designs, and 4G connectivity that will fit the bill
  • myTouch 4G Slide & T-Mobile Sidekick – want a phone with a full QWERTY Keyboard? Choose from the high end myTouch or awesomely mainstream Sidekick.
  • AFFORDABLE PHONES: While the above phones are high end, T-Mobile has an outrageously long list of moderately priced but still powerful Android phones of different types. Take a look at the T-Mobile G2x, CLIQ 2, and Exhibit 4G
  • FREE PHONES: T-Mobile even has Android Smartphones that you can get for FREE on contract. Try their web deals to get the Samsung Gravity Smart, HTC Wildfire S, or Samsung Dart for free. That’s an unbeatable price for an Android device.

Can you get an iPhone with a keyboard? No Sir. Can you get an iPhone free on contract? Good luck. How about an iPhone with different sizes, shapes, and colors? Didn’t think so. How about with 4G connectivity? Nope, not really, although I guess it depends who you ask.

When it comes to Android it’s all about having a wide variety of quality products and when you add T-Mobile’s affordability into the equation, it keeps many Magenta customers happy. Take a look at the most recent offering comparison they shared with us:

Sounds like an awfully amazing deal to me!

Whether to get an iPhone or Android Phone is a big question facing a lot of consumers this holiday season. Before you make that decision or suggestion to family/friends, I suggest you consider a couple things. When you choose Android, you’re opening the door to a complete world of options and preferences to pick a phone perfect for you. When you choose T-Mobile, you’re choosing the most affordable option wireless carriers have to offer. Now do you understand why this whole Android & T-Mobile thing has worked out so well from the beginning?

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