T-Mobile Android Lineup vs iPhone Offering Could Surprise Holiday Shoppers



Want an iPhone? You won’t find it at T-Mobile. You’ll find plenty at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but T-Mobile is standing strong with a rock solid lineup of Android Phones, 4G coverage, and affordable voice and data plans. If you’re an Android OG you may remember that T-Mobile USA was the first carrier in the ENTIRE WORLD to launch an Android phone – the T-Mobile G1 – and staying true to Android has paid off. This holiday season, we’d like to share a few reasons you’ll want to consider the Original Android Carrier for your latest gadget and contract.

The most sexy discussion to have is about devices, devices, devices. It’s one of the main reasons I love Android so much. It’s an incredibly powerful operating system but perhaps best of all, you can choose from a wide array of devices that have the features, size, bells, whistles, looks, hardware, and performance that meet your particular priorities. There are T-Mobile Android Phones that have specs just as good (if not better) than the iPhone: 8 megapixel cameras, dual core processors, 4G speeds and the whole 9 yards. There are simpler phones for the first-timer, too. And every combination in between.

Here are some of my favorite current T-Mobile offerings:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II – Samsung has rocked the world with their Galaxy S series of phones and round 2 is extremely impressive. High end hardware, 4G connectivity, super sleek/slim/sexy design, amazing camera that records in HD, dual core processor, and the list goes on. If T-Mobile were selling pizza phones, the Galaxy S II would be “The Works”- it’s got everything.
  • HTC Amaze 4G & HTC Sensation 4G are two more high-end Androids with great specs, beautiful designs, and 4G connectivity that will fit the bill
  • myTouch 4G Slide & T-Mobile Sidekick – want a phone with a full QWERTY Keyboard? Choose from the high end myTouch or awesomely mainstream Sidekick.
  • AFFORDABLE PHONES: While the above phones are high end, T-Mobile has an outrageously long list of moderately priced but still powerful Android phones of different types. Take a look at the T-Mobile G2x, CLIQ 2, and Exhibit 4G
  • FREE PHONES: T-Mobile even has Android Smartphones that you can get for FREE on contract. Try their web deals to get the Samsung Gravity Smart, HTC Wildfire S, or Samsung Dart for free. That’s an unbeatable price for an Android device.

Can you get an iPhone with a keyboard? No Sir. Can you get an iPhone free on contract? Good luck. How about an iPhone with different sizes, shapes, and colors? Didn’t think so. How about with 4G connectivity? Nope, not really, although I guess it depends who you ask.

When it comes to Android it’s all about having a wide variety of quality products and when you add T-Mobile’s affordability into the equation, it keeps many Magenta customers happy. Take a look at the most recent offering comparison they shared with us:

Sounds like an awfully amazing deal to me!

Whether to get an iPhone or Android Phone is a big question facing a lot of consumers this holiday season. Before you make that decision or suggestion to family/friends, I suggest you consider a couple things. When you choose Android, you’re opening the door to a complete world of options and preferences to pick a phone perfect for you. When you choose T-Mobile, you’re choosing the most affordable option wireless carriers have to offer. Now do you understand why this whole Android & T-Mobile thing has worked out so well from the beginning?

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  1. I’m on T-Mobile’s Walmart 4G plan which includes 5GB of 4G data, and 100 minutes for $30 flat. 

    I’m using VOIP for calling over data, and I’m very happy with this plan!

    1. I heard about that, but the clerk lady told me I HAD to use a prepaid phone and I couldn’t use my old Tmo phone so that’s why I didn’t get it.

      Can’t you just put the Walmart SIM card in and have the network work?

      1. I’m 90% sure that your can!

        1. I’m 100% sure :)

  2. I’m so jumping ship from T-Mobile. Their service gets worse every year. 3G coverage used to be fine but is horrible now. My wife is already on Verizon. I’m just waiting for the Nexus to launch before finally being rid of T-Mobile’s crappy service. 

    1. dont let the door hit u on the way out ….bye !!

    2. Me too. I get 3G in a very small, limited area. And I seriously doubt my area will ever see 4G from Tmo. The SGSII is a nice phone, but I have no reason to buy a HSPA+ handset if I can never take advantage of the network. As soon as the Nexus is released, I’m going for it.

  3. Yeah, what are those phones’ IQ score?

  4. G2x…. *shudders*

    1. Seriously… it’s amusing to see how quick it moved into the “Affordable” line up.

      1. wasn’t the G2X Thee Hi-End flagship Android phone earlier this year…smh   even with the half bake Gingerbread update my phone still rebbots and freezes  once in a while….    I guess thats why it got moved down to the bargain basement 

  5. I have the Mytouch 4g slide, and I love it. It is a shame that more people don’t know about it.  It got overshadowed by the Sensation, and both phones have the same guts. The difference is the Sensation has a bigger screen and no keyboard….People automatically think that the mt4gs is a low end phone just because of the screen size, but it is the same specs as the Sensation.  I love having a physical keyboard. 

    1. yea, i NEED to have a physical KB or i wont be happy also lol

  6. I’m on Tmo and have had Android with them since the G1 but I can’t say that their current offering excites me at all. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers for the GSM GN w/o the import rape fee. Until then, N1 seems to be it for now for me.

    1. Ha, I could have written this word for word. I’m in the same boat, holding on to my Nexus One until T-Mobile gets the GNex or an equally awesome device that comes with Ice Cream.

      1. I actually went for the Sensation from my Nexus One, which I had since the G1. I can say that the Sensation is a fantastic device, but I do miss the Nexus at times. The trackball, just the build of the phone is amazing.

        1. I agree…..they should do a remake of the nexus one for old times sake, but with bumped up specs, dual core, better camera, screen, the works, but keep the design and trackball…It’d be the perfect phone

          1. Agree 100%. That was the perfect form factor for a phone.

          2. That would be awesome! The build of my N1 makes even my iPhone loving friends take notice.

    2. Same here!

    3. same!  I’m on my N1 for TMo awaiting another nexus device, there’s not a chance I’m ever “waiting” for my carrier to upgrade my phone’s OS, that’s ludicrous.

  7. I am on tmobile still because my parents syill pay my bill. It is nice since I am a broke college student. However their service has been good to me. I wish I waited for the galaxy s2 before buying the sensation, but life goes on. I will probably buy the galaxy nexus unlocked or by that time it could be on T-Mobile.

  8. I don’t care what phones they have. I do care that they don’t have the Galaxy Nexus. Ugh!

    1. Problem with the Galaxy Nexus is that it’s a Samsung.

  9. This may be. BUT if I bought one of the awesome phones, which they are, they would be bricks in my neighborhood since there is ZERO signal. And the T-Mo tech’s have no eta’s when that will change. Sorry T-Mo!

  10. Sprints plan isnt $99 a line…

  11. Wait.. Is this for real? This blatent advertising? You make some good points, but you’re stretching the truth. T mobile’s coverage isn’t quite as extensive as other carriers. T mobile throttles your data. And your price comparison with sprint? At least try to hide your bias. You know the everything data plan would be a better comparison. Just when I thought phandroid couldn’t write more crap articles..

    1. Shut-up…!!!!
      If u dont like post why read it..?
      I for one like T-mobile great work Rob…

    2. Tmo is faster and cheaper than sprint with incomparable customer service. STFU

  12. Tmo always did have a good phone selection, the only thing is that their coverage is spotty at best. I wish it was better in my area and then I would be with them..

  13. Lol too bad they haven’t announced the T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus yet, that’s probably the best phone that you can get on T-Mobile since Motorola really makes their best phones for Verizon. Although the GSII is awesome, and HTC has solid phones.

  14. @dyl
    Sprint has clearwire as there 4g service which the highest I used to get was 4mbps and 1.2 upload tmobile 4g I get 11mbps and 7.8 upload. I pay 59.70 on tmobile with unlimited internet 5gigs unlimited texts Nd 700 mins sprint I used to pay 79.30 a month for the same thing

  15. I know that Tmo unlimited data is lyk 200Mb of 4G. -_-

    You have to pay about $80 for 5GB of data up to 4G, then you get capped. I don’t mind that, but when you get capped it’s just… slow.

    1. I pay $20 for 5 gigs of data. Stuh fuuuu

  16. I wish this article mentioned WiFi Calling. They are the only national carrier to implement it. Anywhere there is WiFi you get better reception and better battery life. Plus it doesn’t use minutes on a non unlimited plan. This along with their fast data speeds makes Tmobile the best carrier out there IMO

    1. This! Wifi calling is such a killer feature

    2. I think it does use your minutes…. Pretty sure homie.

  17. “sponsered by T-mobile”… i didnt read an article, i just read an ad…

  18. Was gonna get tmo but they didn’t approve me. Verizon did. Go figure..

    1. rofl!

  19. DO NOT GET THE G2X! I still have random reboot and freeze issues. Gingerbread didn’t fix shit.

    1. True that the Gingerbread update from LG didn’t quite resolve all the problems. I experienced them as well. However, I replaced the stock firmware with CyanogenMod 7.1, and the phone has been great since then.  I would recommend to ALL G2x owners to do the same if they’re experiencing any problems with the stock GB firmware.  Furthermore, there will be Ice Cream Sandwich build available in not too distant future in form of CyanogenMod 9. Considering that it’s very iffy whether T-Mobile will even update the phone to ICS, there’s absolutely no reason *not* to switch to CM, where the future is much brighter.  The G2x is a great phone which was let down by poor software quality out of the factory.

  20. “T-Mobile USA was the first carrier in the ENTIRE WORLD to launch an Android phone – the T-Mobile G1 – and staying true to Android has paid off” … paid off how exactly? I mean you would think T-mobile should get preferential treatmeant for being the first company in the world to give google and the g1 a shot, but instead it’s always thought of as an after thought by google… i mean when ever a hot new phone comes out its always out last on tmobile… While for what ever reason Verizon gets a freaking exclusive to the Galaxy Nexus… I mean come on!

  21. Last year, 332 billion coupons were offered. Use of digital coupons taken from websites like coupons and Printapons is increasing but only 10% most of the coupons are surprisingly from sunday paper

  22. Nice T-Mobile ad.

  23. If T-Mobile wanted to help me make the most of their service with Android, they would offer more flexible data options. https://plus.google.com/u/0/114518142425505141415/posts/GBb7thbcgJR

  24. This post sound like an ad for tmobile but the fact is, the iPhone is the #1 selling phone on all 3 of the major US carriers. While these Android phones can replicate some of the iPhones features they will always be knock offs and years behind the iPhone. This is what comes from following instead of leading innovation.

    It has to be an embarrassment for tmobile to be the only major US carrier to not have the best selling phone in the world on their network. I predict tmobile will lose subscribers in record numbers this quarter. The iPhone 4S is one of the hottest selling items for Christmas and now there are multiple other carriers to choose from.

    What tmobile isn’t saying is this mismanagement came from their reluctance to pay the high subsidy for the iPhone. They are now left trying to give away Android phones and give deep discounts to retain customers.

  25. I was an early adopter of the N1.  Loved that phone.  EXCEPT:  the usb plug was damaged and it would hold a usb cable only with exceptional care and much fiddling of the cable, often to no avail.  So, very reluctantly, I used the Insurance Option.  That was a bad option.  They offered ONLY the Samsung Vibrant as a ‘replacement’ phone.  What a piece of junk it turned out to be.  The only reason I took the Insurance Option was that T Mobile WOULD NOT replace my phone with something new, and even taking whatever P.O.S. phone they were offering, they insisted I HAD to renew my contract for 2 more years to do so.  Which was not an option to me.  I wanted TRUE 4G, not this HSPA+ wannabe 4G.  I wanted LTE.  And so, I took the Insurance Option to get A phone, without HAVING to renew the contract for another 2 years.  In exchange I got the Vibrant P.O.S. that at least charged itself without problems.  Sigh.  I am currently waiting for the Tegra 3 + ICS Superphone (Google: HTC Edge).  It’s coming folks.  And I will have it, with LTE please.  March or April I’m told.  So, lately, I’m pondering doing the CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread (or even ICS) mod.  Vibrant is stuck at Froyo 2.2, by the way.  Bleh.  Stupid Phone Insurance.

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