Latest Galaxy S II Ad Depicts iPhone Customers Disappointed by Lack of 4G


Samsung’s released a second Galaxy S II ad. It features the same concept of the first one – make fun of people who stand in lines for iPhones. This time, the infamous “why don’t you all get 4G phones” girl walks up to the same crowd of people who instantly become disappointed when they see that her phone is a Samsung and has 4G. Upon learning that the iPhone doesn’t (unless you want to count HSPA+) everyone mumbles and grumbles as if the lack of 4G will threaten the iPhone’s very existence. Eh, it’s a fun quickie. Take a look above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. GS2 is NOT 4g

    1. In the US it is….

      1. correction (and @tati) – the sgs 2 skyrocket is faux-G

        1. correction… the SGS II Skyrocket does support LTE bands for AT&T- whether or not you can take advantage of those radios is another issue

      1. But faster than HSPA 14Mbps

    2. it is 21 Mbps
      The iPhone is 14 Mbps

      The number of “Gs” that you associate to each one is irrelevant

      1. My SGS Stratosphere (that would be SGS 1, not 2) gets closer to 30mbps on Verizon’s LTE.

      2. Doesn’t really matter when at&t doesn’t even gives speeds that support its hspa+

        1. the world isn’t the US

  2. But as my fanboy friends constantly remind me, a slower iPhone is way better than a faster any other kind of phone… ;)

    1. Do you constantly tell them they are wrong too?

  3. LTE is not 4g??

    1. iPhone can’t get LTE.

      1. I responded to the wrong person, this was meant for Tati…

  4. Sure it is.It’s just not Lte

    1. This is a joke….right?

  5. You dip shit GS2 is 4g, sky rocket is 4g aswell you apple nut hugger.

    1. Who is this in response to? I don’t see anyone who has said otherwise…

  6. As pointed out in another post somewhere the powers that be have said that certain not 4G tech (HSPA+) can be considered 4G if fast enough. However, the iPhone 4S doesn’t fall under that as it is only 14 mbps. T-Mob with their 42 mbps service though I THINK falls under those guide lines. Don’t quote this, but you can wiki it. 

  7.  “why don’t you all girl 4G phones”
    I think you accidentally a word. 

  8. I wish I had 4g/LTE/whatever in my area to begin with let alone a phone that can do it. Sheesh, nice phone but that certainly isn’t a selling point for me. 

  9. Hehehe. Made my morning.

  10. Smart advertising by Samsung. Many people think iphone 4S has 4G.

    1. The ATT iPhone does have 4G capabilities

      1. Which one? I get confused by the fact there are so many models to choose from.

  11. These are really good ads. They’re drawing attention to differentiating features and appealing to particular group of consumers: those who want a really nice phone but find the cult-like Apple worship offputting. And I believe that’s not a small group of people. I’ve spoken to iPhone owners who really like these ads.

    I love the actors, especially the snarky blonde. “That’s a Sam-sung.”

  12. Nuthin’ but a G-Thang Baaayyybaaaaayyy

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