Google Releases Easily-Flashable Factory Image for Galaxy Nexus


Google supports the modding and development community and have given us a great gift for our journeys. A flashable factory image for the Galaxy Nexus has been released that includes a flash-all script which will allow you to reflash all of the image’s components in one fell swoop (basically a “back-to-stock” script). It’s a great tool for developers to test ROMs as they can test knowing that any software issues can be easily wiped away. Grab your download here. [Google Groups via Android & Me]

[Update]: Yes, this is only available for HSPA+ and GSM versions. Other versions may get a similar file when those devices become available, but steer clear of this one if you’re not sure (even though this applies to every unit released to date so far).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Aaand, Verizon “bloatware”…no longer an issue :)

    So stoked for this phone!

    1. Totally an issue. This isn’t for the Verizon version. This is one of the reasons those of us who have been saying that a Verizon exclusive version could very well be “un-Nexus-like” and it looks like we’re starting to see that be true.

      1. Balls.  I noticed that right after I got excited and posted that comment :(  Hopefully they’ll put out an LTE version as well once it’s released.

        1. They will.

          1. I wouldn’t bet on it coming from Google if they do. It would most likely be a developer’s ROM. Google will most likely only issue the same image they put on the phone originally, which is the Verizon version.

  2. Man, if only this was like a Windows install CD. I’d love to be able to flash this on ANY Android phone.

    Fragmentation sucks.

    1. yeah, and if it were like windows you’d need 10GB of harddrive space for all of the drivers for the various stuff for it all to work.

      that’s why each hardware piece has it’s own image, different hardware needs different drivers, Google doesn’t make the install with every driver install available.

      so, in summation, this isn’t fragmentation, it’s hardware differences from vendor to vendor.

      1. Well, I do have 10+ GB of storage on my phone’s internal memory. Also, it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle to manually download a driver set for your specific phone and then place it on the root of your SD card for the install script to find. If the folder wasn’t there, then the installer wouldn’t run. Is that too much to ask?

        1. It actually is. Embedded systems like phones just aren’t the same as traditional computers. Trust me, they are not doing this just to mess with you. Every phone has so many specific requirements that the only way to make it work is to totally custom tailor the ROM for the device. Someone has to do that work and if the manufacturer won’t do it, its unlikely anyone else would. You are by necessity at their whim.

  3. Great….release everything EXCEPT the phone in US. 

    1. Blame the US carriers.

  4. and that is why I love Google! :D

  5. Now here are the real questions: does it not include the 2 Verizon apps?  And if you flashed this, would you still get OTA’s?

    1. Well, this exact file isn’t for the VZW variant, it’s for the worldwide variant that’s currently sold in Europe.

      Answering the second part of your question. flashing this would let you receive OTAs again, the phone is really back to its factory state.

  6. alright… gonna download this file… and gonna flash this on my… oh wait.

  7. Hopefully they release the cdma version as this is for the GSM phone. But this is one of many reason why I am waiting for this phone.

  8. This is great news for people who want to play around with their phones a little. Nice move, Google!

  9. For what it’s worth it does say, “We’ve just made the factory image for Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPA+ available…”

    This may be an issue for the VZW phones.

    1. Too bad that most people have no idea what CDMA and GSM means.

  10. It says the file is only for the GSM/HSPA+ version, If Verizon doesn’t give us the option to pre-order in the next few days, I say we camp out in front of their headquarters OCW style!

  11. Everything but the phone

  12. The article title should really reflect that this is the GSM version only. Y’all got my hopes up :-(

  13. Now I can root my Nexus freely. Yes… I am one of the crazy people who couldn’t wait so I bought it from expansys. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

  14. Seriously???…. At this point why doesn’t the whole Android community
    show Google/Verizon how disappointed we are and just completely stop
    reporting on any Galaxy Nexus news?  Like we haven’t had enough “news”
    and “updates” since the first rumors of this phone first “leaked” as far
    back as April or May,..or whenever the hell it was….my god what total
    debacle! HUGE FAIL!  At this point they will be lucky if anyone even
    wants this phone when ever they do decide to launch,…. oh not to
    mention the fact that they haven’t even hinted at when it will be
    available for T-Mobile/AT&T. 

    There are plenty of users who won’t
    buy it no matter how good it is just for the simple fact that it’s on
    Verizon,…  So seriously people — STOP reporting on this device,…I
    think we can all agree it’s been beat to death already.  I wish I had a penny for every Galaxy Nexus article that has come out in the last year — I’d be RICH!!!  Never thought I’d say this but, this almost
    ranks up there with Duke Nukem Forever!

    ON!  I know I have,…and many other people have as well.  All I have
    to say is Good luck next year with the Nexus 4 because this year was a
    total disaster.  I bet two weeks from today this phone will still not be
    out!  Hahahaha,…wow,…EPIC FAIL!

  15. When do we get ICS for Nexus S!

  16. Ooo sweeeeeet, I’m gonna download it right away for my imaginary phone … *sigh*

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