Bridea Corp Bringing Renaissance Themed MMOFPS “DaVinci Online” To Tegra 3 Devices


Good ‘ol fashioned MMOFPS’s (massive multiplayer online first-person shooter) are hard to come by. Whether it’s for your console, PC or mobile device — it may be hard to think of one off the top of your head. Korean game developer, Bridea, has been hard at work making their own MMOFPS titled DaVinci Online. The game, formerly known as Project Renaissance (or Project R), is currently slated for an early 2012 release for the PC and it seems the Korean developer may have plans to bring their renaissance themed FPS to Android as well. More specifically, Nvidia Tegra 3 devices. Bridea’s VP and Executive Producer Kijong Kang was quoted in Nvidia’s Tegra 3 press release saying,

“Working with NVIDIA makes the impossible possible. Our Tegra 3 optimized game DaVinci THD will look brilliant when it comes out, with mind-blowing 3D graphics and intuitive touchscreen interface. DaVinci THD will leverage Tegra 3 for its multi-threading capabilities, so we can scale across all four CPU cores and deliver the ultimate console-quality performance. As a result, DaVinci THD will be more realistic, interactive and challenging than anything we’ve done before.”

Davinci Online is a fantasy based online first-person shooter powered by the Unreal 3 engine that takes place in a renaissance-ish time period with advanced steam-punk guns and melee weapons. Players will be able to battle it out player-vs-player style in different locales found in old Europe like Milan, Florence, Sicily, Istanbul and more. Davinci Online’s graphics are highly detailed and bring a unique art style to the normally drab FPS genre. While there aren’t too many videos of the game online, there was one we found to give you an idea of what to look forward to.

The only question that now remains is how much content from the PC version Bridea will be able to port over when DaVinci Online is released for Android. Let’s hope it’s a faithful port with the core-gameplay and graphics remaining mostly intact for the most part. I’m curious to see how the Tegra 3 processor will be able to be able to handle the load without melting the device it’s running on. What did you guys think? Excited for some good, renaissance, FPS gaming on your ASUS Transformer Prime?

[Nvidia via DroidGamers]

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  1. I’m already super excited for the Asus Transformer Prime coming out a few days after my birthday (late birthday present, hopefully). It’s games like these that make me wanna get it even more. >.>

  2. I only question how hard/easy it will be to play games like that on a tablet.  with FPSs, you can’t beat a keyboard/mouse or gamepad though I am sure the compatibility will be there which may kind of defeat the purpose.

    1. Could always use a PS3 controller via bluetooth….if the developer supports it.  And also the Transformer has a keyboard, could always use the “mouse pad” on it.

      1. Also, frrom Android 3.1 and up, every android device is a USB host, so they could make it support mouse and keyboard as well.

        I’ve tried to use my Logitech DiNovo Edge (connected via bluetooth) with my Samsung 10.1 tablet and that works great as well – there was even a little cursor arrow when I used the touchpad.

        So basically the developer could code the game to support mouse and keyboard and/or controller, as well as the touchscreen controls.

  3. looks fun

  4. So far the Asus transformer has more games made for tegra than psvita
    And which either free or cheap vs ps vita proce is 10 to 20x higher

    Give it time when more devs realize the openes of android and return on investment is way better than sony or nintendo and youll start seeing aaa title as well!

    Android ftw

  5. Classic unreal, but I can’t imagine playing this on a device with no buttons

    1. latest relases of android you’ll be able to connect usb devices, so you probably will be able to use a controller

  6. I like how they are calling classic online play fps games “MMOFPS”… likely due to the relatively recent MMO craze -_-

  7. Be able to be able to

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