Clearwire In Talks With Sprint To Acquire $1 Billion In Funding


If you thought (more or less hoping) Clearwire — Sprint’s current 4G WiMax provider — would just go away already it seems their demise may be put off a little bit longer. Reports are saying that Clearwire is close to securing even more funding from Sprint to the tune of $1 billion that, besides being used to help keep the 4G provider afloat, will help upgrade their WiMax network and coverage to more places than just that Chick-fil-A down the street.

It’s well known that Sprint is making the move to LTE next year but to keep from leaving existing 4G users high and dry, have extended their network sharing deal with Clearwire for an additional 3-5 years. Word is Clearwire is looking to make the jump to LTE and maybe this new funding from Sprint will help make that transition.

Keep in mind nothing is set in stone just yet but Clearwire is reportedly “optimistic” that a deal with Sprint will be made before the end of the year. Spend that money wisely, Sprint.

[Reuters via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Getting WiMax in my area on my brand new WiMax phone (Evo3D) is something Sprint SHOULD work towards. What they shouldn’t do is just ditch all of their WiMax customers who are still not getting 4G & people who were promised 4G in their area “soon” when purchasing their new “4G” phones.

    However, in saying that, Clearwire needs to put Sprints money where their mouth is and actually built the network out instead of wasting all their money & floundering the entire WiMax network. I’ll believe Clearwire’s promises when I see it. Right now I have ZERO confidence in them.

    1. Clearwire’s best option would be to create an actual 4G network (LTE) rather than pretend they do and expand that fake ‘4G’ network.

      1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to the ITU, there isn’t 4G yet. They are, as you call them, “fake 4G.” Real 4G is a good 3 to 5 years away.

        1. And watch that one be called 5g

          1. sadly, probably yes. Though when edge and 1xrtt were launched, they were advertised as 3g (which is correct). As newer tech came online, the carriers quietly droped the 3g name from it. so, who knows.

          2. i remember back in the day when i bought my second blackberry and it ran edge i was told it was 3g. edge did not compare at all to my evdo blackberry

        2. Actually, LTE Advanced will be 4G and happens to be what the second phase of network vision rollout will bring in 2013.

          1. Lte advanced is 4g. I missed that part. 100Mbit connection. Sweet mother of god! That will be awesome.

    2. Sprint just needs to stop hopping network technologies and go with HSPA+ why? because these new techs suck the battery out so fast its not even funny( main reason the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus has a bigger battery). Now what? They are still going to invest in wimax AND LTE?? I could only imagine both bands on one device sucking the battery down in an hour of regular use. 

  2. Man i wish i had a billion dollars i could just give to who ever, much less a sinking ship like clearwire. How it must be nice.

    EDIT: though doesn’t sprint own a good part of clearwire now? Which would explain why they would being “giving” money to them to keep them afloat. If not, then i don’t know what i am talking about and you can just ignore me.

    1. Yeah, your’e right. They own a majority stake in Clearwire. Guess it makes sense-ish. =p

      Still a blunder if you ask me =/

      1. In some way I agree.. but Sprint has to support the WiMax phones for another year or two (maybe three) untill they get their LTE up (sometime next year). 

      2. Yeah makes sense-ish like you said and agree seems like a blunder.

        Who will be doing sprints lte? Are they doing it them self, someone else, or will clearwire do it too? If clearwire, that could explain some of this as well.

        Also commenting on this site from my phone is a pain. Ugh

        1. Word is Sprint was in talks with Lightsquared for LTE =)

          1. ah thanks. Sucks for clearwire if you ask me lol.

            Though that makes this seem like that much more of a blunder for sprint.

          2. Still are. You don’t forget $15 billion/ $15,000,000,000.

            I want those zeros.

  3. one again sprint failing

    verizon/tmo here i come

  4. ey, i work for clearwire! 

    1. ohh interesting, anything interesting you can tell us about all this? =o lol

  5. This was a very trollish article, Chris

    1. You know me too well..

  6. so, lemme see if I understand the developing landscape so far. TMO is going with HSPA+, ATT and Verizon are going with LTE and Sprint is switching from WiMax to LTE correct(or is ATT going HSPA+ as well)?  if this is the case i’m cool with it, even though my Nexus S 4g is Wimax, my next phone would be LTE and theoretically compatible with other carriers. could we be on the eve of the end of “our phone our bandwidth our rules” here in the US?

  7. If Clearwire files for Bankruptcy Sprint could lose all of the spectrum it uses from Clearwire. The creditors come fist in BK and they can sell Clearwires assets to the highest bidder

    That would  NOT be good news for Sprint

  8. Lightsquared is have a lot of trouble with congress right now
    Sprint needs Clearwire

  9. As long as Sprint does this correctly, I’ll be happy. They need to keep going with rolling out WiMax, and also focus on their LTE network. Keep old AND new consumers happy with double the coverage. Much like AT&T with HSPA+ and LTE but a little more segregated. Sprint could come out on top if they do this right.

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