Nov 30th, 2011

Never one to stay behind the curve as far as technology is concerned, China is all set to receive their own taste of Ice Cream Sandwich with thanks to this mysterious tablet running Android 4.0.1. The 10-inch tab — which is apparently a Xoom knockoff (I don’t see it) — runs Android 4.0 surprisingly well, thanks mostly in part to its (can we start calling it last generation yet?) Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. The rest of the hardware isn’t too shabby either with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a pair of cameras, GPS, HMDMI and a 3G SIM card slot. Pretty much the whole shibang.

The tablet doesn’t come equipped with the usual Google apps and the company showing off the tablet has yet to release pricing or availability but the source did say it would be “not so expensive.” I think it’s pretty neat to see how much better Ice Cream Sandwich will make the world — even for cheaper “kockoff” devices like this. If you want to see it in action (and the tablet form of Ice Cream Sandwich), check out the video below.

[Micdigi via TechCrunch]