Nov 30th, 2011

You may remember when we showed you the ASUS Eee Pad MeMo along side the Padfone back at trade show in China a few months back. Well, thanks to our friends at Netbooknews — who gave us the Transformer Prime launch date a few hours ago — we now know the ASUS Eee Pad MeMo is scheduled to hit market sometime in January.

The Eee Pad MeMo is a 7-inch tablet that will have Ice Cream Sandwich ready to boot at launch and an included Bluetooth “MeMic” remote/phone complete with a futuristic transparent glass display. The little mini phone can be used to makes calls, listen to music or control whatever media is on your tablet — all completely wire-free.

While I appreciate the lengths ASUS is going to innovate their Android tablets, I’m still unsure if the included Bluetooth mini-phone is a novelty or something that could be truly useful when paired with a tablet. What do you guys think? Does the MeMo hit the mark or miss it completely?

[Via NetbookNews]

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