ASUS Eee Pad MeMo Launching In January – Ice Cream Sandwich and Included Phone Ready To Go


You may remember when we showed you the ASUS Eee Pad MeMo along side the Padfone back at trade show in China a few months back. Well, thanks to our friends at Netbooknews — who gave us the Transformer Prime launch date a few hours ago — we now know the ASUS Eee Pad MeMo is scheduled to hit market sometime in January.

The Eee Pad MeMo is a 7-inch tablet that will have Ice Cream Sandwich ready to boot at launch and an included Bluetooth “MeMic” remote/phone complete with a futuristic transparent glass display. The little mini phone can be used to makes calls, listen to music or control whatever media is on your tablet — all completely wire-free.

While I appreciate the lengths ASUS is going to innovate their Android tablets, I’m still unsure if the included Bluetooth mini-phone is a novelty or something that could be truly useful when paired with a tablet. What do you guys think? Does the MeMo hit the mark or miss it completely?

[Via NetbookNews]

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  1. I am confused..calls via google voice?
    Will a pad like the transformer prime be able to make calls via GV?

    1. I think either the tablet or the included phone will have a SIM card slot…. Too early to say. ASUS is weird =p

      1. But ASUS is a sexy weirdo. <3

      2. Very very interesting. So my Tmobile card would work to make calls but not data?

        1. depends on how/if the specs have changed since the initial announcement. You may beable to still get your HSPDA+ aswell.

    2. The Memo has quad band gsm and hsdpa+ support. Well, atleast when it was announced it did. The bluetooth phone accessory is so you don’t look like a complete tool holding a 7″ tablet to your face to make phone calls. ;) I do hope they bumped up the screen res tho. Initial specs said 1024×600

      1. Thanks.
        I work from home and could see working from that especially if I could also make calls.

  2. Innovation is Awesome.  I just hope they market it, and their other tablets as Apple has done so the usefulness of the device can be realized.  We NEED companies that are innovative to be successful so we are not stuck with dumb-downed (although amazing fluid) devices in the future. (I own one of these dumb-downed devices so I can talk about it, until my Asus Prime comes December 8th)

  3. btw….Been first a number of times, but tonight I’m going geek…FIRST…..How anticlimactic 

  4. I love my CM7 Nook, prefer the 7″ form factor, and desperate to replace my work provided iPhone 4. If the resolution is high (1280×800) and is running ICS, I might just forgo purchasing a new Transformer Prime to get one of these…assuming it has a SIM card for 3G

    1. Also it does have a sim slot. The original specs listed the Memo as quadband GSM and HSDPA+ capable. ;)
      I’m hoping the screen res was bumped to 1280×800 or atleast 1280×720. Initial specs say 1024×600 however.
      /crosses fingers

  5. Better buy it quick before Zenith enforces it’s patent on “a device that uses headphones and simultaneously receives wireless signals”. ;P

  6. I like this.  I am just wondering if they will actually offer the phonemote attachment as a separate piece similar to the keyboard/dock of the Transformer?  I would be happy with just the 7 inch tablet. 

  7. It’s NOT confirmed to be launching with ICS.  They said they “hope” to have it ready in time.

  8. It’s about damn time!!!!!!!! Been waiting what seems like forever for this. Now my buring question. This or the Padfone?
    I personally think 7″ is perfect for me as daily use tablet. So a 7″ tab that doubles as a phone is great. But then the Padfone is a 4″ phone which docks into a 10″ tab for when I would like a larger screen……… OHHhhh Decisions decisions……….

  9. No Tegra 3?

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