Verizon Galaxy Nexus Pictured In The Wild [Update: Now With Video]


We just received a Phantip from one lucky user who has been getting intimate with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and was even nice enough to provide us with a few quick pics of the device in the wild. As you can see from the nice side-shot of the device, the LTE version of the device is noticeably thicker than its GSM counterpart but it shouldn’t take away anything from the phone.

The main attraction here has always been Ice Cream Sandwich and the tipster did let us know that the typical Verizon apps were pre-installed on the the device like My Verizon Mobile, VZ Backup Assistant, etc..

Soon, we’ll have a video to show you guys of our tipster giving us a walkthrough of the VZW GNex so until then, feast on the above pics.

UPDATE: As promised, here is a short video just showing off the boot animation and going through the app drawer. Not sure if it’s the shooter’s camera or if the Galaxy Nexus changes changes color. Looks almost black. Enjoy.

Thanks, Anon!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Nice…I wish I could get one but sadly was an early adopter of the Bionic…oh well

    1. I wish all you lucky bastards who have real phones would STFU. I’m 9 months into a contract with an LG Vortex – and gess what? The friggin HTC HT2 is more powerful. The OG droid runs rings around it. I’ve rooted and OC’d this thing, which helps a little, but i would kill for a REAL smartphone. But that’s not gonna happen until my contract’s up, unless i win a contest or something, too poor to buy anything right now, saving up for a new phone once my contract’s up. All you people who say “oh my dual core LTE phone is so last week” make me want to shoot you in the head.

      1. Topic’s not complaining about the Bionic, but about the fact that they decided to upgrade before the Nexus came out.

      2. boo hoo. 
        Open another line and get something else.

      3. Ok well then Oh my dual core wimax Gs2 is so last week. Do I get a pass?

  2. Same here. But you could always eat th price of a new phone sans upgrade discounr

    1. Well I wouldn’t mind except I’m not really liking the idea of spending over $650 for a Galaxy Nexus out of contract. I guess I should just hope I win one of the contest here or I’m stuck with the Bionic.

  3. mmmm sexy, want it in my hands too

    1. i won’t mind the extra bulge in my pants

  4. This post is nothing without a damn release date! screw you VZW!

    1. I’ve made up my mind, if they don’t release it before the Transformer Prime comes out, I’ll just get that instead.  I won’t have to renew my contract, I’ll have ICS after a while, and I always sorta wanted a tablet.

      …my OG droid isn’t all that bad anyway.

  5. They can’t advertise that as “Pure Google” with that Verizon logo on the back and those crapware Verizon apps on there… shame.

    1. Stock Android = Pure Google. 2 apps do not change that. There are some crapware Google apps as well. So, stfu you whining baby.

      1. Plus it’s not like we won’t be able to remove those apps in some way or another.

      2. Judging from the sheer amount of comments on this thread by you, It’s clear you’re the one that needs to stfu… you got too much time on your hands.

        Take a deep breath, go outside, watch some birds and relax.

      3. God do you ever shut up! Can’t read the comments without seeing your stupid avatar. STFU!

      4. Yea, that’s what they said about the LG g2x, and man, that POS is the furthest thing from “Stock Android”. 

    2. just two apps and they seem to be standard apps one of them is too log into your verizon billing acct and to make you sleep better google nexus does allow you to delete them.

      1. You’re missing the point, though… it’s a matter of principle. I have a Nexus S and before that I had a Nexus One… both of which had no carrier markings or carrier interference as far as the “pure” ROM goes. What that translates to is faster updates from Google… whenever you add bloatware crap that a carrier puts in, you then have the added time factor of any added bloatware going through its own certification, etc. Granted, there’s only two Verizon apps on there and ICS let’s you disable them (not remove)… it still boils down to principle. If Apple can have their phone on V’s network and have no carrier markings or added bloatware, Google should have done the same and kept the tradition of what the Nexus really means pure.

        1. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp

  6. Will be interesting to see if Verizon’s flavor of Nexus gets blessed with Carrier IQ…

    1. Breaking news this morning: it doesn’t!  Woohoo!  All the more reason to love me some Nexus!

  7. Finally now we can all stfu bout this phone.

    1. Not really… No not till it is released in America and on carriers other than verizon maybe an HSPA+ version unlocked through bestbuy

  8. I think it’s funny that there is no “with google” written anywhere on the device. For a Google experience phone, it’s puzzling.

    1. maybe twas a trade for the oem

    2. Why should it read that wen its not pure google? Sure it runs 4.0 but with bloatware sorta like the G2 did.

      1. The My Verizon app really isn’t bloatware. Maybe you don’t use it but I know I do. I just don’t see how two USEFULL (okay maybe back up assistant isn’t use for all of us) Verizon apps are considered bloatware when I could consider something like Google latitude bloatware. I never use that.

        1. Difference is Google made Latitude… VZW makes bloatware. That’s all the distinction needed. And if VZ Navigate shows up on the device, that’s more bloatware than anyone needs.

      2. Right, but even my DINC has “Google” on it.  Regardless… I’m just not digging a Nexus device with carrier crap all over it.  It’ll be my next phone, yes, but still.  

        1. My htc sense device say with htc sense not with Google

          1. The Droid Incredible says “with Google” on the back of it.  I’m not taking crazy pills, people.


            Enough said.

      3. Since when does “with google” mean pure google? Bloated sense phones, hero and eris, say “with google” You seem confused.

        1. They also say “WITH HTC SENSE” under it… so you’re the one who’s confused. Take a look at the Nexus One and Nexus S, zomg it says “With Google”

    3. The hero and eris with bloated sense, say with google. I think you are confused.

      1. I’m not saying “with Google” means pure Google.  I’m just pointing out that phones loaded with OEM overlays (ie the phones you mentioned AND the DINC etc) have it written on the phone somewhere, but a Nexus device doesn’t.  That’s it.  And no I am not confused.

    4. Its not a Google Experience on VZW. Its a VZW experience, and you will only experience the parts of Google they approve of.

  9. rooted > titianium BU > freeze app

    what bloatware? i dont see any. 

    1. ICS can do that natively.

      1. Sweet, so you already used ICS too? A VZW employee and a person getting ICS before everyone else… you’re a miracle man!

  10. And one last final annoucement from verizon

    “Bootloader is locked… you mad bro?”

    1. Oh, and we also installed Carrier IQ

  11. The wait for this phone has sucked so bad on so many levels. I’ve been waiting to upgrade since April and I been using a Eris and a G1 before that. This phone has taken so long to come out that I have friends and family ask me if “my phone” has come out yet… It’s not waiting any longer for a release that worries me, about this nexus. It’s if this phone is going to get updated from google like all the other Nexus’s considering it will have Verizon bloatware on it. 

    1. I’m the exact same way… My Eris died and I’m using my old LG Dare… Yeah.

    2. Do you really see 2 apps as bloatware? Do you think Google cares about 2 measley apps? STFU

      1. No, but VZW does… and they’ll delay OS updates until they can update their crapware.

  12. If those are the only two pieces of bloat on there then I will be ok with it.  I actually use My Verizon to check on my usage so I would probably download that anyway.  I just really hope that it doesn’t have VZ Navigator, City ID, Verizon App Store, and crappy demos

    1. No need. ICS comes with data usage built in so for Verizon to add that is redundant.

      1. But you can also check minutes, texts, and easily pay your bill.  It’s the only VZW app I use, but it’s handy to have around.

  13. Ewwwww get that junk off my carrier.

    1. You must be truly mentally challenged.

  14. *Heads up guys* I spoke with an actually down to earth, VZ rep that is a
    fan of phandroid on *611. We got to talking and he’s pissed as much as
    we are, because apparently when a new device is about to launch,
    typically 5-7 days prior, it shows up on his list. Now he said, they
    have placed and taken it down from his list twice already, and at this
    moment he thinks it won’t show until mid to late December. This guy was a
    realist and super pissed at how his company has been handling this
    launch. He says that the presumed Dec 8th launch was unlikely. I guess its time to get the razr to hold me over till then.

    1. Reps do not get any info on unannounced devices…I used to be one of those reps.

      1. Ahh, so you did work for VZW. Now I understand why you’re defending their decisions to add bloat. Sweet, disregarding all your comments now.

  15. Im in love

  16. Wait, I thought the battery wasn’t going to be removable?

    1. Actually, I think that there is no removable storage on the Nexus, but it does have a removable battery.  The RAZR, on the other hand, lacks a removable battery (though it has a micro sd card slot).

  17. That bootup seems slow…also it’s visually really loud. Wonder if we can get the bionic boot animation on that.

    1. Slow??? 28 seconds is not slow.

    2. I always thought it looked like crap but assumed it was just getting washed out by the camera. I have it on my Incredible and nope, it looks like crap.

  18. Yea u got the bionic…..and u realy think ics nexus will really be so much better? ….same shit.. Poor battery life and poor sam sunsung build quality….better off….now u can wait till ur 20 mo when lte devices may actualy support a reasonable battery life w/o having to use extended batteries, portable battery packs yada yada yada…same shit.

    1. while i don’t know about the verizion nexus, the unlocked Gnex has a reported 28 hours of usage time…. so…. yeah

  19. Looks as fat as my Droid Charge. Im still getting it though……

    1. It’s not. It’s less than mm diff from gsm version.

  20. Forget this phone. Between the lack of sd card slot and carrier bloatware I have no desire for this phone at all. I want my Google branded Nexus Prime. Screw Samsung! 

  21. How bout the next generation nexus: the nexus alpha with a 4.4 inch touch screen , ultra amoled screen with HD display and dual or quad core processor and slide out keyboard made by HTC . Or the nexus omega with 4.7 inch ultra amoled touch screen with a ultra slim size of .30 inches. Both sporting 64 gb of memory built in with a micro SD slot that supports sdxc up to 64 gb and an option to have a webtop like Motorola, 16 megapixel back camera with advanced zoom and flash, front camera with 8 megapixel and flash for video chat in the dark.

    1. Those are very high standards you have there.. why don’t you wait until 2014 for that ‘next generation’ phone you’re imagining there.

  22. the sooner VZW releases this the sooner i get ICS on my nexus s. 

  23. I hope the T-Mobile version, if there is one, isn’t as thick but still works as well.

    1. As thick? There’s less than a mm difference!

      1. It’s 8.94 mm vs 9.47 mm. For some people that makes them go up in arms. For people like me it is still thinner than most phones on the market.

        1. No, that’s half a mm, not cm.

      2. I don’t care what the google.com/nexus specs say. That VZW nexus looks a lot thicker than the GSM version. We’ll have to wait and see it in person. Maybe its just the new color that makes it look bigger?

  24. Test

  25. Mind as will wait for GS3 The nexus going to be outdated when it gets launched by some other android that comes out every month

    1. That happens anyway. Stop whining.

  26. I’m sorry, but not having just Google and Samsung on the outside like the over seas version its not pure Google. I’m sure most will be OK with just two apps pre installed but unless those were developed by Google then its not pure Google.
    Why is Google letting Verizon pushing them around with their own phone? I thought Google didn’t want carriers and manufacturers playing with their “PURE” Google experience?

    1. It’s a freaking logo. Get over it already. It is a Verizon phone. It is a Galaxy Nexus. Notice Nexus is the second word. Stop obsessing over a god damn logo. You people need to get a life.

      1. But! What will people think of me if they see a Verizon logo under my hand or in my pocket! OH NOES!

      2. Do you work for VZW? You sure seem to defend them quite a bit. This is the one phone I can understand people getting bent out of shape. Other Nexus devices didn’t have carrier logos and worst, carrier bloatware plastered all over it, so why does VZW have to? As far as i’m concerned until the Nexus is out on other carriers, bloat-free, this is just another phone. It will end up being delayed on OS updates longer than the EU counterparts because of VZW’s bloatware, and just because its VZW.

  27. To you whiners out there: Stock Android = Pure Google. 2 apps do not change that. The htc hero has google etched on it…it is far from pure google. So, quit whining about logos. Ugggh you people will not kill my buzz.

    1. I think you let these people get to you.  You should have just let them be idiots on their own.  If they don’t like the device because of 2 bloatware apps or because they think not having a Google logo is bad, then let them think that.  It will be their loss when they don’t have the phone or try to pay more to import the “true” version.

    2. Yes it does dumbass! this means you will have to wait for Verizon to push updates to you. A pure google experience phone recieves update from Google therefore no its not “Pure Google”. I’m tired of seeing your bullshit comments STFU! 

    3. Woow, you have posted this like 20 times now in this thread. Stock Google does not = Pure Google. Pure Google is when Google is the one that wrote all the software on the phone, without carrier additions. Such as the Nexus One, which features no carrier bloatware (Has some google bloatware, but they chose to put it there, not the carrier). When compared to the G2 for instance, you’ll notice you get a phone that has carrier bloatware, and takes an extra 6 – 10 months to get OS updates, if they ever get it.. making it stock android yes, but pure google, no. G2x was another good example of Stock Android being loaded with bloat, definitely taking away from the “Pure Google” experience. For instance, a “Stock Android” phone that isn’t “pure google” on T-mobile will open Telenav GPS every time you click a link for a map, even though you have it set to go to Google Maps by default. Eating up ram and making the phone run poorly.

      VZ should thank you for helping with PR… then again you’re being a dick, so I don’t know if that’s the attitude they’re going for or what.

  28. Boy, it truely is a big phone lol. Good for us big hands and long finger guys.

  29. look dont worry about what Verizon put on there worry about when it comes out and thats its ics and its going to be the best dam people if your not happy go to a iphone  or a window phone hit me up if you have some thing to say i like android and thats it im doing this from my google tv and i have a android phone dx 

    1. Hey Rodney, ever hear of punctuation? Reading your post was like reading a different language.

      1. Get a life!!

      2. yawn..p.s.shut up azzwipe

  30. For such a slim phone, It looks so thick in that picture.

  31. I thought ICS was all hardware accelerated? When he plays with the lock screen after boot, the circle lags a little behind his finger.  I’ll wait until I see more videos, but I was hoping ICS would be as snappy and responsive on the touchscreen as iOS and WP7 are…

    1. I didn’t see that much lag, I wont complain. But ill assume its because it just booted.

    2. Are you serious that’s not lag, its a sort of bouncy effect. Have you messed with the sense 3.0 lockscreen the ring does the same thing. You are scrutinizing way to hard bud. 

  32. Dear Phandroid and/or “Anon”,

    Can you please tell me how much storage this LTE Nexus has?
    32GB? 16GB?


    1. He answered that question in the comments section of the YT video…

      Oh, and I agree with the angry @TIM242…2 apps do not = bloatware. Most VZW customers find those apps useful. Though I do wish the phone had the Google branding on the outside, it is still more google than my Droid Inc.

      1. Perfect! Great to hear.
        Can’t watch videos at work…

  33. VZW is pulling the same crap with this phone as they did with the Bionic.  Would have been my phone if not for months and months of delays.  As its going now if the GS3 sees light of day rumors any time soon I will likely pass over the Nexus in favor of that or one of the other quad-core beasties that are supposedly coming up….hell, I’m still kind of hoping the Note makes its way to VZW.

    1. But by the time the GS3 comes to the states, rumors will have already started about the Nexus Quad… and the cycle continues. 

      1. Yeah I know, I gotta go with something at some point, but I want to reward a nice quick and painless release cycle.  Yeah we can make excuses for VZW saying that “well, they never did officially announce it”, but the fact that this thing has been released overseas negates that argument.  This is just another case of VZW f’ing around again.

        1. Oh no doubt.  There’s no excuse for the lack of a release date and the only only reason they can get away with it is because they are the ONLY one’s who will carry it anytime soon.  Fuckers.

  34. I’m tellin you VZW waited to release it to get all the bugs worked out.  4.0.2 tells me that its been back to the shop.

  35. It is pathetic how much people will whine about 2 measly apps. They are helpful apps. They aren’t trying to sell us something (City ID or Blockbuster) or get us to pay $10 a month for something our phones already do for free (VZ Navigator I’m taking to you). One lets you monitor your Verizon account and usage. The other lets you back up your phone in case something happens to it and you need to trade it in. These are not bloatware IMO. Please stop the whining. This phone will be amazing. Just be patient.

  36. ” My Verizon Mobile, VZ Backup Assistant, etc..”

    There is no need for the etc when it is just those two apps on it. Before I saw the video I had thought that they added more than just those two.

    As a side note I don’t have a problem with My Verizon Mobile being on it, backup assistant on the other hand is stupid, but I plan on rooting it and running custom ROMs anyway so I don’t really care.

  37. I cant believe how many whiny B!@#$%^ are on this site!!!!! So dont get the phone!! WE dont want to hear all the B!@#$%^& and CRYING!!

  38. Just left Verizon and they had Galaxy Nexus accessories out. What a tease!!

    1. i went to my local store and they had nothing but they were happy to show me the razr..  i said whatever!!

  39. Yes! Let’s complain more about things that may or may not be on the phone because so far every single rumor has been 100% accurate!

  40. TWO apps from Verizon preinstalled, TWO.  Why would you put “.etc” after naming My Verizon and Backup Assistant?  Very misleading.

  41. I could careless about the thickness of a phone you baby hand cry baby bitches. Drop the phone Verizon so I can have it and stop reading every report on it and seeing all these cry babies!!

  42. i was kind of hoping that verizon was taking this long to add a micro SD card, this would of redeem them.  i can dream right LOL

  43. December 11 is Verizon’s roll out date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I live outside the Toledo area and usually go to a smaller town Wal-Mart. I went to their wireless store tonight and asked to purchase the Nexus, already knowing it wasn’t out yet, but hoping the worker wouldn’t know any better. After not being able to find one (duh) he preceded to look it up on his computer. He then told me December 11 is when Verizon is releasing the phone but that Wal-Mart probably wouldn’t get the phone for a couple of weeks later and that they would only get a few phones. I hope he’s right on the date!

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