World of Goo Now Available in Android Market, $2.99 through Dec. 5


The popular puzzler World of Goo has slimed its way into the Android Market. The award-winning title, named as the “Wii Game of the Year” by IGN, has users deploying globs of ooze in various ways to complete brain teasers. The concept is simple enough but the execution is plain beautiful. If you didn’t have an opporunity to discover World of Goo when it first took the casual gaming world by storm, now is your chance. Until December 5th the game will be available for 40 percent off, priced at $2.99. A free demo version can also be found in the Android Market.

Android Market Link: World of Goo

[via 2DBoy]

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  1. Have this on pc…tempting to purchase for android as well.

    1. Do it. We need to keep showing devs that Android is a profitable platform.

  2. Most dramatic and dark music for such a bright visual game, almost makes me want the game and i know nothing about it

  3. This game was awesome!!!!

  4. I bought this on both PC and Wii, and now Android as well.  Incredible game.  Can’t wait to get a Transformer Prime to play it on.

  5. I’m having a problem with it, though.  I bought it for my Girlfriend’s Acer A500 (that uses my Google Account), but now it’s making me re-purchase it for my Droid 2 Global.  Why can’t I just re-download it like I normally do?

  6. This was one of my favorite games on the PC from about 3 years ago. I sent tons of emails asking the developers to port this to android and got no response. What a surprise! Buying it now!

  7. Have on PC and Wii.

    WANT on Android. I have a Nexus One but I’m getting “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” :(

  8. Not compatible with my Eris.  What a sucky phone.  Glad I just ordered a Dinc2. 

  9. Looks intense.

  10. Angry Birds will be angry :)

  11. it doesn’t exist on the market, this is a phishing site. I did a search on the market for world of goo and got nothing. If you try to copy and paste the link in IE8 on Windows it is blocked as a phishing site that is what made me try to find it on the market without using this link. Doesn’t exist that I can find. be very careful using this and especially using a credit card.

    1. It’s there and it works. Get your facts right before flaming an article!

    2. WARNING: Reading the above post could make you stupid.

  12. My link phone whatever works perfectly, but is this game exactly the same as previous versions??

  13. I played this on iphone. It’s kind of boring.

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