Motorola Seeking Testers for New XOOM Software ‘Project’


The Motorola Feedback Network is once again making a call for testers of an upcoming software release. The new “project” is aimed at owners of the original Motorola XOOM , but little is known about it at this time. Motorola is requesting confidentiality, which, as you can see, has stopped no one from reporting the news to folks such as myself.

There is no given timeline for when we might see the first signs of this mysterious update (if it is even an update at all). Speculation will no doubt turn to Android 4.0, though we feel that might be a bit premature. More likely is a basic bug fix update, perhaps even a slightly newer version of Android Honeycomb.

[Thanks to those who sent this in!]

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  1. How can I join?

  2. most definitely not a new version of honeycomb, google said 3.2 was the last version of honeycomb until ics, it’s either bug fixes or ics, my money is on bug fixes.

  3. I would love to

  4. That would be awesome if it were ICS.  That would tell me that moto got the ball rolling right away and maybe my Atrix will be ugraded before next summer!

  5. i got the e-mail in question and signed up. i’m speculating it’s ICS. there’s no reason to push or work on a bug update when ICS was promised in 6 weeks or so

  6. I’m hoping that it is both. Well I have a Transformer, and might get a Xoom to test and develop, but any bug fixes to 3.2 would be welcomed. At the same time, ICS would be welcome as soon as possible provided that it works as close to properly and with as few bugs as possible.

  7. I hope it’s not a customized interface — Motoblur Honeycomb style.

    1. Highly doubtful considering Motorola stated the XOOM in the US was a pure Google experience device with no customization. 

  8. @jteply you need to register at the moto form and I believe when you register you can opt in to beta testing

  9. Except that in the US the Xoom is a GED, so anything OS related is tested by Google, not Motorola.  This has to be some kind of Software add-on, unless Motorola is finally thinking of those outside the US …

    1. you mean the 3.2 update? ;-)

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