First Look at Republic Wireless’s LG Optimus One; Borrows Features From CyanogenMod? [Video]


Republic Wireless introduced their unique WiFi-driven network earlier this month and the first group of beta testers have begun receiving their devices. One tester was kind enough to put up a video unboxing and quick look at the device (which is an LG Optimus S, if you aren’t aware).

The device is identical to the Optimus S and runs  nearly-stock Android save for a couple of features we think they borrowed from CyanogenMod. First up, the lock screen is reminiscent to some options available for CyanogenMod. While it doesn’t look that much different from stock Android, it definitely isn’t stock.

They also implemented quick settings toggles in the notification bar and they look just like they do on CM. We’re not sure if you can customize the bar like on CM but we can’t imagine they didn’t pull some of the code from that trunk.

Other than that, it looks like a regular old Optimus One and has all of Android’s stock apps (including the Android market) alongside Republic’s application for connection to WiFi hotspots in order to facilitate WiFi calling.

If you don’t remember, Republic Wireless is offering a new $19 per month unlimited everything service that relies on WiFi calling and data usage to keep costs down. If you can’t get to a WiFi hotspot, they use Sprint’s network meaning you’ll get reliable service anywhere in the country. Be sure to check their website out if you’re interested. Watch the video above. [Thanks Jake]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. You’re welcome. :) I ordered one myself, so I was excited to see some tweaks to the OS that are actually beneficial. It’ll be even better once they offer some better hardware. Also, just an FYI, that’s not my video – it’s just the first one I saw posted.

  2. The quick settings in the pull down was also included on the T-Mobile variant, the Optimus T, but was visually different.  I agree that the tweaks do look like they were taken directly from CM… Curious if they just took the drawables or if they actually implemented CM code.

  3. Dear Dev, please port Republic Wireless soft to other Sprint Smartphone (such as SGSII, Nexus S and future Galaxy Nexus). I dont want to go back to the slow-ass phone RW is offering

  4. Yeah, that’s pretty much CM :) Looks like they ran their own CM build, replaced the launcher and removed some of the more obvious CM apps. Cute.

    1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Too bad they aren’t giving you guys credit or better yet royalty checks. I hope you take it as a compliment.

  5. It’s a cool service idea, I agree they need better phones, I don’t think I could use a phone that small, I’m spoiled.

    I wish it could be for me, I am a Wifi person, I have it on probably 75% of the time, yet I’m still too heavy of a user, I run through 2 – 4 gb a month of data lol. 
    But I’d sure love to pay $19 instead of $100 lol

    1. you can use 2-4GB easily if you are getting 75% of it from wifi. there’s no hard cap for data, txt or minutes. just just have to push 60% or more to wifi, or they ask you to leave, apparently w/out overage fees.
      @andreaserben: “I want to believe this, and I am taking a bet on it. But if one one hypothetically uses say 15GB traffic WiFi and 6GB cellular?” ( http://twitter.com/#!/andreaserben/status/135067980093603840 )@republicwrless: “Should be able to answer this question better once we are out of beta. As of right now, yes, that situation would be fine.” ( http://twitter.com/#!/republicwrless/status/135089734123917312 )

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