BeyondPod Only $2 for Thanksgiving


BeyondPod for Android, a premier podcast management and listening application, is getting into the holiday shopping frenzy as it will be offered for just $2 over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a discount of $5 from its usual $7 price, but given the functionality we wouldn’t even mind paying $10 for it.

You can download individual podcasts from a feed or download the entire catalog from that feed at once, listen to podcasts right within the application and more.

It really is one of the most impressive podcast applications I’ve seen and for $2 it may certainly be the best one to commit to. The sale will supposedly begin today and conclude Friday night.

The sale price is not yet shown in the Android market but we imagine it should be there by noon. For the time being, you can check out a free 7 day full featured trial so you really don’t have to wait! [via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If you’re looking for an EXCELLENT podcatcher, this is the one to buy.  I bought this for the $7 price and after using it for a year would have gladly paid $15 for it.  It even syncs with Google Reader if you’re somewhat OCD like me.  

    1. I concur.  It is worth every penny.  The fact that you can choose a queue order for podcasts, and it will auto-sort them for you based on that, then auto delete when you’re done listening make this very very valuable.

  2. Serious question: How is this better than Pocket Cast? I’m currently using that, and am somewhat satisfied.

    Guess I’ll go loko and see if there’s a demo on the market…

  3. Any reason this is better than Google Listen?

    1. i hate this!!! google really needs to pay it some attentions.

  4. I am curious.  How does BeyondPod compare to Doggcatcher?

    1. could be my settings but i hate this also!!! doesnt delete the songs or update properly. trying beyondpod today! also…how can phandroid promote podcast apps and havent made a podcast in weeks!! /rant

  5. I use Pocket Casts and it works great, all for the low low price of free.

  6. I have a hunch that all your favorite podcasts should be available in Google Music soon… Google Listen works well enough for me I guess, but I do hope GM makes them available soon.

  7. i dont even know what is a podcast…. is it a radio or something?

    1. It’s usually a talk show that’s available for download to your mobile device or computer to listen to (or watch) at your leisure. It’s kind of like a radio show or TV show (usually by less polished producers than the TV or Radio industry). They host all sorts of subjects, depending on the podcaster, and  are almost always free.

      The name came from the fact that podcasts were first made popular on iPods.

  8. I use BeyondPod and it’s awesome.

    I don’t know how it currently compares to other apps, but I did check out most of them when I was looking for one, and I thought BP was the best hands down.  Paid 7 bucks for it, which I think ain’t too bad for something I use every day.  I used to use it several hours a day.  I’ve gotten my money’s worth many times over.  I’d say $2 is a steal.

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