Google Updates Galaxy Nexus Page AGAIN – This Time Relisted At 32GB Storage


Alright, this is beginning to make me dizzy. On Friday, we told you guys how Google updated their Galaxy Nexus page to show the Verizon version of the device only packing 16GB vs. the “16/32GB” they had listed initially. Well, many of readers voiced their opinions and needless to say, most weren’t too happy with the changes. Now, here we are today where we get a Phantip from a reader letting us know the internal storage has been updated once again, this time showing only the 32GB option.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on at either Samsung, Verizon or Google but this is becoming maddening. Now, more than every, you can expect the pricing of the phone will reflect that higher internal storage. You guys happy its set back to 32GB?

Thanks, Michael!


Chris Chavez
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  1. I don’t think we need another 364 comments on this article…this one should be all we need…


  2. I’d rather they sold both, similar to the iPhone. Maybe $250/$300

    That would be awesome.

  3. I want an 8GB option!!!!  HHAHAHHAHAHHA.  So sick of waiting. No more cell phones, no more internet, no more cable tv.  I’m out.  

  4. I’ll be happy if this unicorn gets released

    1. unicorn is absolutely correct!

  5. After seeing reviews by CNET and realizing the phone itself is unremarkable aside from ICS I think I will wait for I c s to come to my sensation. too bad google doesn’t give a shit and want to put I c s on a nice phone.
    it rather entertaining to watch google completely fuck up and drop the ball everytime d release a major o s upgrade

    1. If you believe what you read in CNet reviews about Android fones, I’ve got a bridge to sell you …

      1. Can you point out something untrue?
        I mean you made the claim.

        1. Watch/Read The Verge reviews. They are the most amazing  I’ve ever read. Watch about Galaxy Nexus. Sense will never get better. It always slows down the phone, no matter how much you like it. And also the Sensations touch responsiveness is as slow as a deformed kitten. Even with a stock Android ROM on the sensation, the horrible screen along with the slow response of the screen kills the phone for me. The experience is usually uniform across all HTC devices. I’m sticking with Google’s official line/experience. Either this, or an iPhone, and I’m not getting an iPhone! Just my take on all of that :D

  6. I was just going to send this in. Great job on staying up to date guys

  7. I just hope the version Verizon has doesnt have the volume problem that the other Galaxies are having.

    1. Word is, Verizon is doing some crazy testing with the device. Could be that’s what’s even causing the delay..

      1. from other reads, volume problem was with phones running on the 2g networks across the pond…

  8. Fuck this. I’m sticking with my crappy G2x.

  9. Other than ics this phone is queer, hell I’m keeping my play and goin to wait a year now. Ima get the rezound..

  10. Good news for sure, but by the time they get this phone into the stores, the hardware may no longer be attractive. Sure, I’m going to get it anyway because it will probably be the only available stock android device until this time next year, but I wish they could get the nexus devices out quicker. Spring or summer actually seems like a better time to release a phone since it always seems that the rumors of hardware improvements come after Christmas.

  11. I couldn’t care less. 16 gigs would have been fine, but obviously more is better.

  12. Seriously u said it its becoming maddening. RELEASE THE DAMN PHONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Google and/or Verizon.  Stop jerking me around and release the damn phone!  Time is money friend.

  14. Sounds like head games are being played. Like a pregnant women.  No one wants to hear about the labor pains they just want to see the baby.

  15. two words. cluster. fuck. 

  16. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    1. Verizon haven’t gotten one Nexus phone yet, calm down. AT&T&T-Mobile don’t deserve this beast, their GSM network sucks a$$.

      1. Verizon cheats to get ahead and charges customers for services that should be free and adds these services to the bills of people who never asked to subscribe. Verizon’s customers deserve a better company.

        Btw, Verizon did get an aosp dev device, the moto droid.

        Coming from someone who used to be on AT&T and left, their network has improved so much since I left that my sister can consistently max out the speed of her hspa modem on her phone (7.2mbps) even in rural areas. AT&T is switching all current edge areas to high quality hspa+. Today, it’s a matter of battery life vs. speed between hspa+ and lte. So no, GSM networks don’t suck ass.

        1. Although other people may have had problems, I never once have been charged for anything I didn’t ask for. In fact, every time I walk into Verizon I get what I want. Water damaged phones replaced at no cost, phones to test out with no restocking fee, etc. I guess its really a customer by customer basis.

          I still have yet to see any of my friends phones beat my LTE modem, however. I’m glad to hear their network is improving though. They need it.

    2. hahah must be a t-moron.

  17. Give the moron at Google who updates their spec page a couple of days and it will read 8GB.

  18. the volume bug are going to delay it further more haha 

    1. The bug only applies in Europe…. but you might be right, doubt they would still risk releasing the phone with that catastrophic problem lol

  19. “now more than every” 

    fail lol

    1. “happy its set back”

      Second fail.

  20. this will be a dud.. Razr/Rezound are the only 2 worth it at this point.  Converse.

  21. Go ahead and keep playing games with this phone Google/Samsung/Verizon…The longer it’s NOT in people’s hands the closer the Note and quad-cores are to being released.

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