Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Will Have Bloatware… Barely


If you were worried that Verizon might put all their usual software on the Galaxy Nexus – V Cast, VZ Navigator and the like – here is some news for you. Recent screenshots have suggested that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will come with two preinstalled applications. VZ Backup Assistant and My Verizon Mobile. Doesn’t seem too bad, right?

We imagine the applications won’t harm the first Verizon Nexus experience too much, and most rooters will likely get rid of it the moment they can. And even then, you can just hide it from your app tray in Android 4.0. Let’s just hope things don’t change by the time this actually makes it to retail, whenever that is. [via Droid-Life, thanks JDog!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Could be a lot worse…so as much as I hate vzw & their bloatware, I’ll deal with it

    1. Give an inch and they’ll take a mile. Expect a full suite of bloatware, skinning and bootloader locking with the next Nexus.

      1. we’ll see

      2. Give an inch and people not knowing anything try to run a marathon. 

        1. Yeah I know, it didn’t work. Still gasping for air at the half-mile marker.

      3. How else are they going to improve the customer experience?

        1. Tiered data and reducing plan choices to simplify their plan structure (get rid of cheaper plans and raise prices)

  2. Damn your fast Quentyn. ^_^

  3. First it was made exclusive, then it was branded, now it has bloatware. Why google Why? Are you too much of a pussy to tell Verizon to back off, are you guys in on it too? I thought the Nexus brand meant something, clearly I was wrong. This may be the most disgusting and disappointing Nexus release ever.

    Soon we’ll be seeing Nexus branded devices with Carrier IQ and manufacturer skins. Get your act together google.

    1. If Google did not compromise, we won’t even have a Nexus on the Verizon network. The world is full of compromises. Google did what they needed to do to push the Nexus brand into the largest 4G LTE network.

      1. There are 3 other national carriers and a great number of local carriers that would be happy to support this phone.  I’ve been waiting for this phone for months and the longer they wait the more turned off I’m getting.  Then to hear that they’ve compromised to big red about something this large?  It’s troubling.

        1. It is troubling, to say the least. But it’s either they miss out on the 4G LTE speeds that Verizon is offering (and its millions of subscribers), or they say yes to Verizon’s terms, but also bring their own terms on the table. 

          Let’s not forget, this is Verizon, and seeing ONLY TWO VZW branded app on this phone is nothing short of a grand accomplishment for Google.

          I, as a satisfied Verizon customer (there, my bias is out lol), am happy that we are finally getting a taste of the Nexus on our network. I am an OG Droid owner, and so the transition is very appropriate.

          1. But are we really getting a taste or is it just in name only? If updates are delayed it’s not the Nexus we all know. I definitely need an answer before I’ll purchase as this may of just became a downgrade from my Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

          2. You’re only getting the name. If it has carrier bloat, you can bet it will take weeks or months longer to get the updates over the Nexus S. I mean at least you’ll get a vanilla interface on a phone for once, but I wouldn’t be suprised if this thing has a locked bootloader too when it gets to verizon.

          3. If the Galaxy Nexus has a locked bootloader, verizon will NEVER get a Nexus device again, because no one would buy it. 

        2. Agreed

      2. Id prefer no Nexus on Verizon. Verizon tends to represent locked down phones with 8 months to 2 year delays on OS updates.

  4. Old news and it can be wiped off any way.

  5. i’m sure that’s just the beginning of what VZW is putting on there

    1. Ya, i’m placing bets on locked bootloader

  6. Lame. 1) One more hoop for future versions of android in the Google -> My Device process and 2) As minimal as this is, if it is not in the Google source, and IS in the Device, this is NOT a Nexus device anymore… by definition.

    1. Fanatic.

      1. Troll.

        1. Clearly you dont know PimpStrong

          1. Other than the fact that he’s trolling me, no… I do not.

    2. If google says it’s a Nexus device, then it is.   There’s nothing you can do to change that, Scooter.   It’s their branding, not yours.  End of story.

    3. The nexus one came with AmazonMP3 and Facebook. This isn’t unprecedented. 

      1. Fair enough, but the question is, were those installed by the manufacturer or by the carrier? Given the fact that neither are carrier-specific, I would bet HTC put them on there… and they already need to “touch” the software to get the firmware in there.

        You really don’t have any concerns in regards to VZW getting a “foot in the door” in regards to having carrier-specific apps on what was originally intended to be a carrier/manufacturer-customization agnostic product line?

        1. Not since ICS by default gives the user the power to remove unwanted apps.  Honestly, Backup assistant is probably used my many, many casual Verizon users, so its almost necessary that its there if someone is upgrading and needs to restore data they saved to backup Assistant on a previous Droid phone. 

          1. I could care less about the apps being there… the problem I have is the potential of delay to future updates to the now VZW flavor of ICS. One of the things I loved the most about my N1 was getting the latest OS several months before any other phone… and Verizon has a history of dragging their feet with updates.

          2. I understand your concern, believe me I do.  However, apps generally don’t get in the way of updates.  Now, I’m hoping that Verizon insisted on these apps ONLY for the convenience of customers who used backup assistant on previous Android phones, and nothing more.  This doesn’t mean Verizon gets their dirty paws on every update, although time will tell if thats (hopefully and probably not) the case.  

      2. Amazon MP3 and Facebook are on the market though, and therefore don’t factor into the update cycle on those phones. VZ Navigate is purely a Verizon app, and therefore you’ll likely end up waiting on Verizon to update their software before they allow you to get your OTA

        1. VZ Navigate isn’t on the phone.  The two apps that ARE on the phone are also on the market, meaning Verizon can update the apps through the market.

  7. Ugh. You’re killing me.  I almost wish there would be no Galaxy Nexus news until we have a release date!

  8. Fine with me as long as I can uninstall it.

  9. I thought with ICS you could delete any app on your phone which includes any preinstalled apps. Anyone else remember hearing this??

    1. I don’t think you can actually uninstall. I think it just hides it so it doesn’t show up in your app tray anymore.

  10. Maybe they put those apps there just so you could try out the disable app feature.

    1. I was just thinking we could just let Scooter Thompson keep whining about it and maybe, just maybe, VZW will remove it.

      1. Haha… apparently contrary to your belief, some people use comment threads to share their personal opinions on a topic of interest and exchange intelligent thoughts, without any expectation of changing anything…

        Other people feel the need to berate complete strangers without ever making a single intelligible stance, or even referencing the topic at hand, for reasons best left to a psychologist.

        Guess which one you are! :)

      2. You forgot to say “end of story”…

  11. That’s not bloatware. Smh. Those are able to come off. Its like the carrier apps under Verizon in the market. One of those are very useful as it syncs contacts. You know how carriers have their suggested apps in the market.

    1. It is not useful.  I don’t want the backup assistant wasting my time whenever I do a full wipe of my phone.  Keep it in the Verizon app section of the market, which is still a waste of space to me but at least I can try to ignore that.

      It is a nexus phone, if you aren’t using GMail fully why not get the Rezound or Razr instead.

      Edit: The even bigger concern is that Verizon has their hands on the rom, and possible the updates. I don’t want them holding back updates for “testing”.

    2. Actually no, you likely won’t be able to remove VZ Navigate. VZ hopes and prays you’ll use it so you can pay 100s a year for an app you could use for free with Google Navigate… it will most definitely delay OS updates.

      How is syncing contacts useful? Android already does this by default through your gmail account. Its redudant, unnecessary software.. which is by definition bloatware.

  12. Really guys? That isn’t even really bloat! Those are two actually useful things to have with a tiny footprint. Quit being purists for the sake of being purists. Have some common sense. Good Lord…..

    1. Missing the point of the Nexus device… Nexus software should involve only 2 parties, Google and the manufacturer for firmware accommodations… so OS gets Google software -> Samsung firmware -> My device. Now, apparently it goes Google -> Samsung -> Verizon -> device… Guess what that means? It means now that door is open for future software releases, and Verizon has some reason to “stall” OS updates as they have already done in the past,to promote their newer models.

      1. Missing the point.  It ends up on carriers who help subsidize therefore are allowed to put their junk on the phone.   End of story, troll.

        1. Like they do on the iPhone? Cool story bro.

          1. If you call the iPhone a subsidized price. Then you’re one rich muthatrucka.

        2. Troll?  He makes a very good point.

        3. And if I am not subsidizing?

        4. So if I pay full price can i expect them to remove the bloatware. Saying VZ navigator is anything but bloatware is a joke. It’s a pathetic piece of software that runs in the background no matter what unless you root.

  13. tmobile has my account on the nexus one, it’s not that bad

    1. I think you’re talking about the wrong phone. It isn’t on my phone and I’ve got the Tmo version.

      1. i could be wrong, and it could be uninstallable, but it’s clearly on my phone which is defnitely a nexus one

        1. that’s because you downloaded it. i have the nexus one on T-Mobile and downloaded the application from the market.

    2. No, they dont. Did you ever own one? Obviously not.

  14. So…interesting post on Mashable today (posted 4 hours ago) that has this line: “Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone with the latest Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, will be reaching the hands of customers today”

    He uses the future tense in a place he should be using the past tense if he is referring to the UK launch. It’s not possible Mashable has inside info on this, is it? I’m thinking it’s a grammar mistake, but it’d be great if they some how were right on that.


    1. The guy on mashable who did the review also said he was using a unit supplied by google that was running on tmo’s network… :)


      1. All test units that have been reviewed were on HSPA+. Just read his review, they really do pander to the lowest common denominator.

  15. Uninstalled Immediately upon buying;  infact, I will oem unlock, root, and uninstall immediately, then enjoy my stock experience.

    1. who does jesus call?

      1. He’s calling you, repent and answer.

    2. Can you uninstall it?  Every phone I had, you could not uninstall pre-installed apps.

      Rooting and installing a custom rom in my book does not count.

  16. This does not bother me in the least. 

    VZ Backup is useful when your booting up a new phone – though I can’t imagine not using a Google account to sync your contacts (soooo easy). 

    And what is VZ Navigator anyway?  Why not use the Google Maps Navigator app (little blue arrow).  That is all I ever use. 

    Bottom line….this is not enough bloat to concern me.  Sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz….those concern me but this is free of all of those.  Just need a release date now!

    1. It isn’t vz navigator it is my verizon which is good for people who did not get grandfathered in and want to watch closely about their account and can pay the bill right from their phone. (thankfully I am grandfathered in)

      1. My Verizon could ahve been downloaded through the market. Forcing it on the phone just creates problems int he future.

    2. The problem with any bit of bloat no matter how seemingly insignificant is that it gives the carrier an excuse to delay the delivery of updates from google. These apps insert the carrier into the os update process where they can now say something like “we will need a month to test our apps on you new version of android before you can deliver it to the customer. Oh, and by the way, we are to busy right now with the development of other bloat ware to begin the work so you (google) will have to wait until we can find some time to begin testing. “

    3. VZ Navigator is bloatware that runs in the background even when you turn it off. It’s enough bloatware to delay OS updates as well… Quick OS updates is what buying a Nexus is all about. If they don’t ahve that, then why get it.

  17. If that’s it, I couldn’t care less. I would have downloaded them anyway. Regardless, a screenshot is no proof that they will be loaded on the device out of the box. They could have easily been loaded on their after the fact, for another tutorial video we haven’t seen yet.

  18. If Verizon approval is necessary to make an android update available, then these apps are probably going to be used as an excuse for Verizon to hold back android updates. Even if they have every intention of not getting in the way, they will change their tune when they find that an app is broken by an update. What is the process for android updates on the nexus line anyway? Does google deliver the updates directly or does the carrier have to sign off first?

    1. The carrier’s approval is always needed, regardless of the phone.  The carrier must test to the phone to make sure it works on their network before any update rolls out.  Verizon’s testing is always the last testing phase.

      1. Carrier testing of basic phone functions are fine with me, BUT once they start adding their own user facing applications, things get a little more complicated leading to more delays.

      2. Bzzzzt! Try again.

  19. Oh no the world is coming to an end./s Come on people these two apps do not take anything away from the google experience. Not to mention with ics you can disable and hide these apps or root if you are that bothered by it.

    1. Except you shouldn’t have to with a nexus 

  20. Well It could be worse but still a little disappointing. I NEED A RELEASE DATE!

  21. Tmobile had the same kind of stuff with the original Nexus One. Calm down, Chicken Littles.

    1. scooter timson refuses to calm down!!!!

      1. Scooter Timpson’s right not to.  This sets a pretty poor precedent.  Can you imagine Apple allowing networks to install stuff on the iPhone?

        Also, are Verizon going to delay Jelly Con Carne (or whatever it’s going to be called) so they have time to stuff their stuff in it?

        1. Yes, they are. I guarantee it.

          And all the Verizon customers will be back here whining about it, failing to realize that they chose to be on the most proprietary, controlling network in the world and that there are consequences to that choice.

    2. Hey man but it’s like corporations like tyring to control us and like keep us as servants man and like they report to their government overlords.

    3. Uh no they don’t. I have a Tmobile Nexus One and the only Tmoblie app I have on my phone I downloaded myself.

    4. No they did not no t-mobile nexus had any form of branding or apps for t-mobile.

    5. You’re wrong on that, my N1 doesn’t have TeleNav and my tmobile account, or some stupid video game that you can play 1 level of before you have to pay for it… this is nothing like the n1

  22. Verizon should send a welcome email that invites users to try the apps that they have available in the android market instead of preinstalling. How difficult is it to install an app from the market anyway. The email will give them a chance to talk up the apps anyway.

  23. Not bad, most Verizon Wireless customer keep the MyVerizon App. The back up assistant is junk, but they are both small and nothing that I would care about.

    I just look forward to removing the bloat from my Beautiful Rezound….

  24. I want my NFL Mobile…

    1. Then download it from the Market…

  25. II would have download the myverizon app anyway, so I’m not offended.

  26. As you posted this article I hope you proclaimed, “and I open the floodgates for complaints!”

    I for one dont mind. This is expected on verizon phones. If google wants to release on the nations largest and fastest carrier they need to make compromises. Verizon knows they need a vanilla device in their lineups to appease the OG Droid users and get them to sign a new 2 year.

  27. It’s Friday and still no word on this phone. This is getting ridiculous.

  28. So many people miss the point. Defining those two apps as bloatware or not is not the issue. What they represent is what concerns me. If you download the AOSP from the GIT servers and compile it, you will not have these two applications. Those two applications as has been confirmed on XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1350883&page=9) are installed in the system folder. The only way they got into the system folder is if a modified version of what’s out there for the AOSP on the GIT servers was compiled to include those two applications. Now on to my real concern…this *requires* that all new versions of android be filtered through VERIZON which means that all of us would be “Nexus” owners will not be able to receive android updates directly from Google. Is this a concern for everyone, obviously not judging by the wide variety of responses. Does it concern and upset me, Yes! I will hold of on any judgments unit the phone is officially announced and then subsequently released, but if my concerns become a reality, I will definitely switch to a GSM provider and will be purchasing a true Nexus phone from over the pond. I chose to not support this move by Verizon AND Google.

    1. Are you sure that Verizon will lock out Google updates that don’t include these apps? 

      1. The concern is that Verizon won’t push the updates through THEIR servers until they have added their apps to each of the future Google updates.

        1. That would suck, of course.  

          Does this mean that T-Mobile’s servers are involved in updates to my Nexus S?  I thought the updates came directly from Google.

          1. The nexus s isn’t tmobile branded, the gaaxy nexus IS verizon branded

    2. all updates have to go through Verizon anyways.  Same with T-mobile, Att or Sprint.  Your updates always come from the carrier because they have to be tested and approved before they allow the software to operate on their network.

      1. Nonsense. I bought my Nexus One directly from Google. They had no idea who my carrier was. Representatives from my carrier insisted that they don’t even support the phone, though of course it worked fine when I dropped a SIM into it.

        I bought my Nexus S from my current carrier, but that’s a second-tier Canadian carrier getting completely vanilla units. Until they opened the box and put a SIM in it, the phone was no different from one that could have been used on any other AWS network.

        In both cases, the updates have all come directly from Google — no carrier interference at all. There is nothing special about either phone that would dictate where to get updates from.

        1. Weird, because when I put my SIM card in my Nexus 1, my Tmo Account knew I had a Nexus 1 device. It didn’t list it as an Unknown device.

          And for me to get an OTA update? I’m getting my data through Tmo, so before that update can travel to me, it went to Tmo.

          Think about it. You’re using Tmo’s SIM card, and Tmo knows what’s going to your phone. So when they see an update coming, they test it first.

      2. I have a Nexus One running on AT&T. I can guarantee you that AT&T does not give updates to my Nexus One.

    3. AOSP also doesn’t include gmail, google+, etc… The existence of those two verizon apps doesn’t mean Google isn’t the one controlling the updates. Nexus devices included preinstalled apps that were neither from Google nor in AOSP before (Nexus One included Amazon MP3, for example).

      Oh, and FYI, but *none* of the Nexus or Google Experience devices run an AOSP build, they all run a Google-internal build.

  29. Their probably there for people who are coming from a non smartphone
    To transfer their # and my vzw for data management and bill pay
    Chill the fuck out these actually help no hurt the device… If you don’t want them disable them with that non talked about feature in ICS

    1. Yeah, because they have those on iPhones too, right?

  30. I’ll keep posting this till most of you bozos start acknowledging I am right…

    Google continues to show they are the carrier’s bitch.

    1. Now its actually true. Before, that wasn’t the case.

      1. Always been true.

        Google never made updates for the Nexus 1 and Nexus S available for download from their website. They always let T-Mobile do it OTA. Again, giving carriers the power for no good reason. They don’t have the respect of the carriers. 

        1. The reason carriers have control over the updates is because they are the ones doing the support.. If the OS update fails nobody is calling Samsung and Google are they ?… If every update went smoothly your download idea would be great, but as history has shown ,some updates have had to be stopped so that  unforeseen problems could be fixed.. Support costs.., walking a customer through resetting their phone back to a workable state, or paying a store worker to do it in store costs money. That’s why the carriers have the control they do.

          1. … Yet Apple lets all their users download their update immediately from them without the use of the carrier. 

            Just because Google doesn’t have the balls or support system to do it, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

          2. Just because Apple doesn’t have the balls to release their OS to all handset manufacturers or the support system to do it, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

          3. “Just because Apple doesn’t have the balls to release their OS to all handset manufacturers or the support system to do it, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.”

            LOLOLOLOLOL what a fucking terrible comeback. Dear world, the above quote is an insight into the brain of a typical Android user. Adjust your mobile Google ads accordingly.

          4. That was actually a great comeback, yours on the other hand was just sad.

        2. Google’s OTA updates do not involve the carriers at all. Try this at home: turn of the mobile data connection on your Nexus One or Nexus S. You will still get OTA updates via wifi.

          At least until now, all Nexus updates come from the same place: Google. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

          1. Then why have they never made it available to download from a website?

            I do know what I am talking about. I own a Nexus S.

          2. Because they don’t want people passing the images all over the place? They do include proprietary Google apps, after all.

            Are you claiming that your Nexus S can’t download updates over wifi?

            Are you claiming that people who bought Nexus phones directly from Google or from a non-carrier-affiliated retailer don’t get updates?

          3. If you hunt a bit, there’s usually a download link for the os update. You just have to track it down. I downloaded almost all of my N1 OS updates over the internet b/c I was too impatient to wait my turn.

          4. just because it comes down from wifi doesn’t mean it’s not coming from the carrier. That update could easily be downloading from a carrier server. Have you checked?

  31. @lynyrd65 I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  32. The only pre installed apps that would be welcome from Verizon is LTE (4g) toggle widget and visual voicemail! Those are the only things I miss on my Nexus S 4g

  33. I was going to add MyVerizon to my Galaxy Nexus.  BUT the problem is by the Galaxy Nexus coming with any Verizon pre-installed apps gives Verizon a say in when the phone will get OS updates; making the Galxy Nexus a non-Nexus phone.

    When I hear “Nexus”, I think of a phone who’s OS update timetable is controled only by Google.  By pre-installing carrier apps, make the Galaxy Nexus a non-Nexus phone because it gives Verizon a say into when the phone will get OS update!!

    I’m planning on moving from the Droid Incredible to the Galaxy Nexus and the #1 reason was that it was a Nexus phone and Verizon had not say on when the OS get updated.

    Now I have to really have to think about my move, because better speced phones will be released next year.  Timely OS updates have moved down my list and specs have moved up.  ex: I was giving up a quad-core phone for timely OS updates.

    I always keep my phones for 2-years.

  34. Don’t. care. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 

  35. The original Tmobile Nexus one had the same kind of “bloat” just tmobile branded. I had one the first day it came out.

    1. Like many have already said, and I’ll restate, my Nexus One had NO T-Mobile apps on it, ever, I didn’t install any carrier crap on my phone

  36. If Android is to remain “open”, it should remain open to the end user- the consumer. Meaning, the consumer of any Android device should have the ability to remove any softwareware from the phone that they want. This should be something that is enforced by Google to the manufacturers and the retailers. Fine, put Sense, Touchwiz, and as much bloat as you want. But the consumer can choose to get rid of it all the way down to stock if they want.

    But, I agree- the Nexus line should not give up their stance on a PURE Android experience right out of the box.

    Come on Google, openness for the consumer too.

    1. IMO, I don’t even consider this a true nexus device just based off the name itself. Galaxy Nexus. If it was named Droid nexus these guys would be crying. Nexus EVOlution sounds better, but the whole point is to keep carriers and oems from crapping on Googles phone. Oh well. Google had to sign off on it, so if this is the direction they want this to go, so be it.

    2. Google is not, and will never be, in a position to impose their will on all manufacturers and carriers. They have obviously done their darndest to put out pure Android experience phones.

      Now it’s up to consumers to make their choices. If you want to see Android open to the end user, then you’d better buy real Nexus devices (not compromise carrier-branded Nexus devices resulting from Verizon’s strong-arming). Google’s still putting them out there, we just have to chose them.

      1. You can tell its not a real Nexus by the Galaxy name being first, and the Verizon label written all over the back. This phone represents Google bending over, taking it in the @$$ from Verizon and Samsung, and destroying the Nexus name. Now where will we turn for an unlocked, bloatfree, vanilla android device… basically no where. If another version of the Nexus isn’t released on other carriers without all this bloatware, I might be at the end of my Android buying cycle. 

  37. IMO the worst piece of VZW bloatware is backup assistant. For unsuspecting foke who don’t know any better and click to set it up during activation it completely takes over. Even worse the only way to shut it off and keep it from f’ING up your contacts is to factory reset your phone. This shit should be against the law. Consumers need to speak out louder on carriers forcing product on us we don’t want or ask for. It’s one thing to put it there to promote it bit denying us the ability and choice to uninstall it from a device WE BOUGHT WITH OUR OWN MONEY should be criminal.

  38. Everyone screaming for a release date, but can’t figure out why its taking so long. Those logos on the phone, and Verizon apps just don’t install overnight. Barely bloat is like being barely pregnant. You either have it or not. The pure Google experience brought to you by My Verizon. What a joke. Hopefully the other carriers keep their nexus devices like the current ones are. You know, with no bloat. Not one app, or two. None. Google can keep pushing their updates directly while Verizon fanboys can bitch about update delays. Nice exclusive. Not even to mention Google caving in on the Galaxy part of the name. Knew that was stupid from the beginning. My dad has a Google Nexus S 4g. No Sprint apps or logo. That’s a “pure” Google experience.

  39. Google sold out and bent over for Verizon. Smh.

  40. I am so confused by all the complaining. So there are verizon apps installed on the phones in the videos, that doesn’t necessarily mean the released phones will have them installed…No one actually knows what the phone will be like, because we don’t even have a release date yet from verizon.

  41. For all their faults – ya still don’t see any carrier software on an apple product do you?  Nope just that nice little logo on the back –  Don’t know what service you use when you tote that thing around.

  42. I’ll just leave this here to express my impression: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31g0YE61PLQ

  43. Don’t care.

    fastboot oem unlock

  44. I guess that’s what’s been delaying the launch? To get that stuff on them?

    1. Preeetty much. I knew VZ wouldn’t go without locking this thing down. Next press release (Verizon Galaxy Nexus has a locked bootloader)

  45. The only one probably necessary on the phone would be the My Verizon app, but even that can be downloaded from the market.  Hopefully this is just for this commercial, and not actually shipped with the final product.  Remember, they are using internal testing devices for that commercial, so those could have just been on that particular phone.  I am hoping that it won’t  have either of them on there.

  46. whose to say that these apps are even in the /system folder to begin with?
    For all we know these apps can easily be removed by going to app,management>uninstall just like ATT did with their bloatware on the Vivid.
    Your all making assumptions and raging over a screenshot of an unreleased device. For all you know, someone installed the apps from the mp….

    1. Read the story again

  47. Google: Verizon want’s to add bloatware? You get only 16GB version. Let’s see you get customers now. Verizon want’s to lock bootloader? That’s fine. But you will never see a Nexus Device compatible with your service ever again.

    You people are crazy. Google is cleverly hurting Verizon since Verizon want’s their apps on the phone. If the apps aren’t uninstallable, then it’s bloatware. The problem isn’t the apps being on the phone, it’s that the apps aren’t uninstallable.

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