The Game of Life for Android Now Available


One of my favorite childhood board and video games for Android is now available for Android. It’s The Game of Life brought to us by EA. The game is pass and play only, unfortunately, meaning the only multiplayer you’ll be able to take part in is on your couch with family and friends.

I’m not trying to say that’s a bad thing, but I would have enjoyed online multiplayer to play against many other different people. Like the PS1 version that came out years ago, this one boasts “amazing 3D graphics” but the graphics are hardly amazing in this day and age. It should still give decent illustration of everything that happens in the game anyway. It’s about $5.38 in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. nice. boy this brings back memories

  2. Says I can’t download in my country (United States).

  3. The Android Market doesn’t have a version for the Droid X2 and it says I can’t download it in the US. The EA site has it and it’s cheaper too: $2.99 as opposed to $5.38 on the Android Market.

    UPDATE: STAY AWAY FROM THE EAMOBILE WEBSITE! It doesn’t work. I had to register with some scam company called Bango. I made my purchase and I NEVER received a download. I keep going back to and nothing. Just lost $2.99.

    EA sucks.

    Sames goes for on the Amazon app store as well: can’t download it and it’s $4.99.

    What gives? Is this for places outside of the US only?

  4. “this game is not available in your country ” I didn’t know that there was anything in the market that wasn’t available in the States

    1. It’s saying if you are not an American you can’t get a life, lol.

  5. He must not have actually clicked through to the android market from his market link. He linked to the Netherlands version of the game instead of the U.S. version.

    Correct link:

  6. Just kidding by the way…you know I got nothing but love for the land of Scots;-)

  7. demonoid…here i come.

  8. finally, my dreams of having triplets and being a plastic surgeon and retiring early can be realized.

  9. That’s expensive for pass and play.

  10. Droid 2 running Gingerbread and it says my device is not compatible. Odd.

  11. This post should be titled “EA’s Game of Life – UPDATED” not “Now Available”. It’s been available from EA for over a year.  It was created by EA but distro’d through Handmark only (no app store).  The graphics in this version are much nicer, it’s clearly a huge improvement, but it’s not a ‘new’ game.    If this link works, it’s the original 1.0 version:

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