Motorola DROID Patch In Testing, Offers Security Updates


If you’ve been contacted to test an upgrade for the Motorola DROID and you happened to jump up and down for joy in hopes of an official Gingerbread update or – as silly as it may sound – Ice Cream Sandwich, you can calm down.

The device is receiving a series of OTA upgrades but they offer little more than security patches. It will be “invisible” to users meaning they won’t notice any of the changes whatsoever. Sweet! Just though we should let you guys know. Carry on. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow, weird seeing my ol’Droid in the news again.  Thought I had a flashback to early 2010 or something =p.  It’s amazing it’s still the only vanilla Android phone w/ unlocked bootloader (Xperia Play might be an exception to this) on Verizon.  That means, after 2 whole years, the Galaxy Nexus is the only phone able to replace it for me..

    1. Still rocking my OG Droid…it is a bit sluggish, but a beast. And I agree – I am officially eligible as of this week for an upgrade after two years and the Galaxay Nexus is the first phone I have considered a worthy replacement for the next two years…now we just need that release date. :)

  2. I thought my browser had a cache issue. Hit refresh.

  3. I was hoping to see official GB love for the OG Droid but oh well. I was hoping to run the D1 until the Galaxy Nexus came out but my forgetfulness of leaving my D1 on top of my car in a rainstorm last week kind of quashed those plans. Still not bad for a phone that had been dropped,kicked, thrown, ground into pavement and chewed on for just shy of 2 years. 

    Oh and for the record, even after getting rained on for 12 hours the phone still works. It was retired because it went unstable after about 3 hours. 

    1. OG Droid was solid as a brick. I only replaced mine on Tuesday.

  4. That was a great phone. I pre-ordered and got mine on launch day! The hype I had for my first android experience was amazing. Now having a thunderbolt to replace it, I can say the excitement was not there when I go it. I miss gorilla glass and will probably search for phones with it from now on. I never had screen scratches with the D1 and only a few months with the thunderbolt its scratched :( 

    1. Was?  Is – I’m still rocking that bad boy.  It’s got MIUI on it, but still kicking around like a champ.  Albeit, like Rocky in the last movie – a bit slow, a bit tired, and loses out to the younger guy in the end.

  5. Awesome the Droid is getting an ota update! So when is the Galaxy Nexus going to be released?

  6. Thanks for telling me about this droid. I’ve been debating getting one of these bad boys.

  7. CM7 is better than any Gingerbread Verizon would give us.

    1. gpa19 is solid too, and 2.3.7

  8. Still have mine, but on the second digitizer. Can’t figure out what to get or if I should jump ship to the 4s.

  9. Still kicking along with a OG Droid 1 .

  10. i miss my droid 1

  11. if only they made a new OG droid with vanilla android like this!

    1. we need to start sending hardware to peter alfonso for some widespread vanilla support ;-) maybe our fav android news hubs will start sending him the test units…(wink wink;-)

  12. I love my Droid 1st generation. It’s a solid, heavy-duty work horse.
    However, after almost 2 yrs.its sluggish and temperamental of late. The wall charger no longer works and now am reduced to using the auto charger. The battery runs down way too fast , but I do still love my Droid.
    Now that I’m at the end of my 2 year contract I’m faced with the choice of something new and faster. Looking towards the Droid Bionic.
    However I think the Droid3 would be perfect for my husband. He’s got an HTC and its at the end of its life2. So they’ll still be an original Droid in our house.
    I’m so glad that I went Droid for my first smartphone. Now its the only phones I look at for an upgrade.
    Long live the Droid.

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