Google Gets Patent For Pattern Unlock Screen, Other Yet-to-be-Implemented Lockscreen Features


Google has been awarded a couple of patents you may like. First is the pattern-based unlock screen where users can draw a custom pattern to get to their homescreen. This light security feature has been in Android for a long time and it’s good to see that Google is protecting it.

More interesting than that are patents for the same idea but with extended functionality. Imagine drawing a custom gesture on the lockscreen that would bring up a certain lockscreen widget if successful. The use case Google uses in their original patent filing suggest a schedule of your calendar events, though many other things could be possible too.

That feature isn’t in Ice Cream Sandwich and we’re not sure if it every will be, but it’s nice to see that Google has both the idea and the patent. And honestly, we can’t imagine this sort of feature won’t come at some point down the line. Take a look at the description of the patents Google won below. [via 9to5 Google, thanks Dean!]

General lockscreen unlocking

A lock screen view is displayed on the mobile device to prevent unauthorized and inadvertent access to the mobile device’s data. While the mobile device is locked, a touch gesture having a pre-defined shape is detected on a touch screen of the mobile device independently of the initial position of the touch gesture on the touch screen.

New lockscreen gesture actions

In response to detection of the touch gesture, a particular action is executed on the mobile device while the mobile device stays locked. The particular action determined according to the pre-defined shape. In this way, detection of the touch gesture causes the particular action to execute while keeping the mobile device locked.

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  1. What about a patent for face unlock??

    1. They didnt invent face unlock, its been used on laptops for years.

      1. They could probably make a case for face unlock… on mobile! Yea, the patent system sucks.

      2. The sad fact is that Google doesn’t have to invent the face unlock as long as they filed the patent first.

    2. Face unlock existed on PC before Google started to use it in ICS. Not sure they can get a patent for something that’s already “common”. Altough they might be able to get a patent for using it on a phone.

      1. Apple gets patents for stuff they didn’t invent so I suppose it is still possible.

  2. “It’s good to see that Google is protecting it”??? Good for whom? Maybe for Google. Not for the user.  Whether for so-called “defensive” reasons or not.

    1. What non android phone uses a pattern unlock anyway? I can’t think of any.

      1. That’s the point. Nobody else can.

  3. Good to see Google is protecting themselves and partners. One less thing apple can patent.

    1. You obviously haven’t seen the patents being awarded. The group of retarded monkeys at the patent office are approving everything from Cuppertino. There’s an incredible amount of overlap. As a matter of fact, Apple was just awarded a patent for a “Bump” type data transfer. Which has been used for years.

      1. You clearly can’t read. I said this is one less thing apple can patent which is still the case.

        1. I wasn’t really arguing with you. I was saying that unfortunately the Patent office will disagree with you. They have no problem awarding multiple patents for the same thing. So untwist your undergarments. I understood what you were saying just fine. Apparently you missed what I said, though.

          1. The patent office needs reformed. I mean atleast prior art still means something with all these lame ass patents.

          2. If by reformed you mean abolished, then I agree completely.

  4. Looks more like the gesture unlock found in CM, its great that they are taking the great stuff from CM. Here’s hoping CM ends up being the manufacturers go to guy rather than sitting on their asses for months / year!

    1. When you say “go to guy” if you are referring to Cyanogen himself, he was hired by Samsung a few months ago. If you are referring to Cyanogenmod, I believe that some members of the team helped to develop ICS, if I recall correctly.

      1. lol I’m quite aware of Steve Kondik being hired by Samsung but is still deeply involved with the project. Also helping develop ICS I believe was a random post just for kicks in a way, I mean ICS has taken a few bits from them but I don’t think they were involved the way you made it sound like. Go to guy, as in here’s hoping the go to guys are the CM people then their in-house engineers or whoever responsible for work on the latest release outed by Google.

  5. What? Google is getting patents now? They should have done this before Apple copied from them. Like the Notification Bar, etc…

    1. I believe they can still sue. they made it 1st. Ppl sue all the time for bull shit

      1. not anymore buddy…patent law is changed now…from first to invent to first to file..

        1. Well android better get to filling lol

        2. Previous art is still present. They can ask to ban the patent if previous art was present before the filling. So Google can not patent if Apple file first, but can ban the patent process if they provided the feature before other vendor filling, so none can get a patent but all can use it.

  6. It’s funny to see the fanboys getting all frothed up over apple..per usual.
    Apple and Microsoft are simply playing within the rules of the game and protecting their products and innovations.
    I think some of you idiots think that it was ONLY Jobs and only he benefited. It’s like some of you idiots watch too much South Park and view one too many conspiracy theory video.
    These companies Google included build immense wealth and priority for many many people.
    Google setting up android so the cell phone manufacturers are hung out to dry is so noble

    1. Well, I’m glad we have such an unbiased voice such as yourself to set us straight.

      1. What part of what I posted are you debating?
        I have 3 android phones, 2 google apps work accounts, and I recently stop using outlook and switched entirely to gmail. I have never owned an apple product but nice try though.

        1. Probably the part where you say 

          “Ya and so has google as well as hanging out the cell phone manufacturers to dry.” 

          and their are no “facts” to back up that statement.  Google is doing everything it can, while trying hard not to become a patent troll them selves, to help the manufactures.

          1. I’m sorry are carriers and manufacturers the same?
            do I really need to explain how google has left cell phone manufacturers out to dry?

        2. obviously you ate all the crayons,you.hole pumper.maybe a wide reciever..stick that apple in ya huh?to bad a bus didnt hit ya.

          1. Sorry it’s painful to decipher your horrible English. I am married though but I am ok with the homos. I hope you find someone to love

        3. right

          1. Are you into the man flute?

    2. half the stuff apple patented was stolen from others and Job’s even admitted it. Dumb ass troll. smh

      1. Ya and so has google as well as hanging out the cell phone manufacturers to dry.
        I guess unethical behavior is much cooler with google does it.
        please stop with the troll comment boo hoo hoo you can’t handle disagreements

        1. How has google left the cell carriers out to dry? Seeing android is on pretty much every carrier guess that is hanging them out to dry. I can handle disagreements it is just funny how clueless you really are.

          1. I am clueless and apparently you lack reading comprehension skills

          2. I guess so because I couldn’t read your comment or anything. If you hate android and google so much go get an iphone or wp7 not that hard.

          3. chris I am beginning to think I need crayons and a whiteboard to explain things to you.
            I think I made it clear that I don’t own an apple product and I use google for 100 percent of my work related functions. I think I made it clear also by stating I dont use outlook. why would I get a windows 7 phone? I feel like I’m talking to someone who needs to put things together with big giant puzzle pieces

          4. and basically you are the most comprehensive guy out there?..ahahhahaa..your an idiot and a troll..if he is from a ghetto,whats your point you fruitcup.board in your azz..scum of the earth.

          5. riffwaffle,
            My brain imploded at your horrific use of English below.
            Are you asking if I like to stick a board of fruit up my ass?
            You are one twisted kinky person.

          6. once you get your foot out of your mouth maybe you’ll figure out your blunder. n you have the nerve to call me clueless sheesh

          7. Maybe when you quit bitching about google and realize how to write a full sentence then maybe what you say will be understandable. Boo hoo google sucks boo hoo then go get something else fool. smh at your dumbass.

          8. chris I’m so pleased to see you can get internet connection in the ghetto

  7. ” oh gee Google is so generous to give out Android for free…gee they are so perfect unlike that mean old greedy Apple and Microsoft”
    Gee SHOCKING that a company who makes a majority of their money on advertising would want to get out a product that would increase their advertising dollar?

    1. You’re a troll, but you’re not very good at it. While the gist of what you are saying here is completely uncontroversial, the way in which you have said it displays an utter lack of understanding of people’s concerns with the actions of Apple and Microsoft.

  8. Honestly I don’t care who is patenting it whether it’s Apple, Google, or Microsoft.  Crap like this shouldn’t be patentable. 

    Getting and enforcing a patent on simple things like gestures on a touch screen stifles innovation plain and simple.

  9. So Apple got a pattern on ‘tunring’ a door knob… now google got one for  adding a key to the door knob… This is getting lame. These should NOT be pattenable ideas, and we should b able to do these very simple things without somebody suing

    1. I agree. Some patents are just inhibiting innovation but if companies don’t have any they get in trouble from those that do. 

      1. If by “some patents” you mean in excess of 90 %, which is still “some”, then I agree.


  11. Unless those lock screen figures are some secret code telling us of the GNex release date, I could care less.

  12. what would be funny would be if a manufacturer released a phone called the idroid, and watch how whiny apple gets. because they invented a letter that has been around for thousands of years. lmao

  13. Here we go, loop-hole motha fuckas.

    Lock screen.
    0 0 0
    0 0 0

    use the bottom 3 dots and make a line…..
    “swipe to unlock”

  14. is that a iphone?

  15. Google applies for patents?

  16. Patent the notification system make apple pay for every new iphone made. that’s alto of money

  17. How about patenting the Android pull down notification bar.  f-ck Apple

  18. All this patent stuff with apple Google Samsung etc makes me want to puke, this whole system needs revamping to ensure innovation is not stifled by fat cat company’s BS. Wharton was there to protect is now being badly perverted, it’s very sad.

  19. I don’t see how Google is screwing everybody else over. Its not like they’re going to sue Samsung/Motorola/HTC/etc for having it on their phones when their phones run Android… Now if someone added that to one of their Windows phones, I see the problem. All Google is doing is protecting themselves like they should be. Apple and Microsoft are way to sue happy these days. As long as they don’t start sueing everyone, I don’t see the problem.

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