Nov 16th, 2011

A bombshell has been dropped over at One of our gracious members, drandrew18, has somehow gotten his hands on a Galaxy Nexus device before it’s set to ship as early as tomorrow. He was kind enough to make a video “unboxing” for it.

The reason we put that in quotations is because it’s not an actual unboxing. More like an “unenveloping,” perhaps. I’m positive this isn’t how the retail packaging will be, but since it’s prerelease we understand why it was delivered to him this way.

He got it for being a Samsung Mobiler, a program that affords participants a free phone for using it and blogging (vlogging, too) about it to their audience. Check out the quick two minute video above, and keep an eye on his Twitter account and this thread at as he has stated he will be posting new photos and videos of the thing after he has had some time with it!

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